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Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea April 8th 2020

Let me give you a tip, never ask your wife where she would like to go for your 40th Wedding Anniversary ! Her answer, "Always wanted to go to Tahiti" So in March 2019, I booked for us to travel with Air Tahiti Nui, from Sydney, via Auckland to Papeete. This was a really good flight and also gave us the opportunity to fly onwards to Los Angeles to visit our daughter and me the opportunity for another trek. But thats for another story. So, when planning, my wife had decided that she didnt want to island hop, but stay for a week on one island and chill. She chose Moorea Island, a short distance form Papeete. After arriving in Papeete, we stayed at a hotel close to the airport and figured we would catch the ... read more
Moorea Island
Moorea Island
Moorea Island

Oceania » French Polynesia December 15th 2019

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Oceania » French Polynesia » Bora Bora November 11th 2019

From the moment the plane touches down on a small outer island that plays host to the airport of Bora Bora, travellers know they've arrived at a special destination. This place is famous throughout the world, and the first glimpse of the magic of Bora Bora after exiting the airport building is completely off the charts. In order to get to the settlement of Vaitape on the main island, we were required to take a shuttle, but in this case the airport transfer certainly doesn't have the usual connotations. In fact, passengers on arrival are treated to a stunning ferry ride through brilliant blue waters with tropical fish swimming right up to the jetty. This is a one of a kind introduction to a tropical paradise, and rest assured things only get better from here! The ... read more
Bora Bora airport
Lovely beach
Coastal views

Oceania » French Polynesia » Raiatea November 4th 2019

I would never have imagined there's a backpacker trail of sorts through the islands of French Polynesia, but the multi-island flight packages offered by Air Tahiti ensure travellers continue to bump in to each other. For me this has always encapsulated the magic of travel, and to see friends you have a genuine connection with in multiple locations helps solidify the special bond that only comes from getting out and exploring the world. I have to admit it was with a degree of sadness I prepared to bid goodbye to my travel friends in Moorea after our unforgettable adventures together, however after some preliminary discussions we began to realise this is a special crew. So it was off to Air Tahiti, and before you could say voila we rearranged itineraries for a second week of island ... read more
Town in Huahine
Flags in Huahine
Restaurants by the harbour

Oceania » French Polynesia » Moorea October 27th 2019

I would suggest it's almost every traveller's dream to visit French Polynesia. The stunning images of five star resorts perched on pylons over the water with private aquariums underfoot teeming with marine life fulfills our wildest dreams ... and hopes for that perfect honeymoon! For as long as I can remember I've shared in the dream of visiting this polynesian paradise, and after many years exploring other travel destinations I have to pinch myself to realise I'm finally here! I hope all has been well with you, dear reader, and that you will enjoy the next three weeks of adventures in French Polynesia. The islands are famous for their pristine marine environment, and it's a genuine pleasure to embark on this once in a lifetime trip! From Sydney it's three hours flight time across the ditch ... read more
Resorts on the water
Amazing viewpoint
Beach life

Oceania » French Polynesia October 15th 2019

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Oceania » French Polynesia October 1st 2019

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Oceania » French Polynesia » Rangiroa August 14th 2019

If you are a serious diver, you will have heard of the famous Tiputa Pass....if not, I guess Rangiroa will never be on your wish list! Here we are, second stop in the Tuamutus after a short flight from Fakarava and a little stop on an even smaller atoll with our little propeller. Yes, I did dive this place 6 years ago in June, and yes it is on my top five list for dive sites in the world...even if at the end of the day, the diving at home tend to be better! Last time I dived with Franck. He is still on the island, but left for his annual holidays. Good news, he moved in with great I spent 9 dives with Raie Manta club own by Yves Lefevre and dived also with ... read more
Our little paradise for 5 nights...
Great time diving with Yves and Matin!
Baby dolphin nursing...

Oceania » French Polynesia » Fakarava August 9th 2019

Here we are on the slow way to Fakarava, one of these end of the world very special place. We first had the 2 hours 45 minutes twice a week propeller from Rarotonga to Papeete. I have to admit, the ATR42 is wonderful for 60 minutes flight, but clearly not for over two hours.....but it was this or going back to NZ! We arrived in Papeete at 7pm, just behind the new United flight...and welcome back to France, they had only two agents to manage the queue...these are tourists paying big bucks to the local economy....could be wise to give them a first positive impression....but as I say, welcome to France! We are staying for one night at the airport motel. Not a bad deal in a place that is nothing short of expensive. Next day, ... read more
They call this a wall of sharks!
Life the simple way...

Oceania » French Polynesia » Nuku Hiva May 7th 2019

‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ – Gustave Flaubert Another day at sea before our final port of call. At about mid-day the Captain announced that we were about to pass the Islands of Great Disappointment. Back in the 18th century an expedition team had spent months at sea before landing on these islands in order to replenish supplies. They were greatly disappointed as they couldn’t even find suitable drinking water and so were named this group of islands!! Like most places that have a bad reputation, a publicist is employed and shortly thereafter a make-over ensues. This would usually include a name change to sound more appealing. Perhaps change the islands name from the Islands of Great Disappointment to the islands of Great Surprise. The surprise ... read more
The bay of Taiohae
Nuku Hiva piping our arrival on to the island
A Nuku Hivan dog too thirsty to worry about our arrival

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