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Destination South Pacific

Visiting French Polynesia , 02 of 08. Been there Done that? Pray tell; need first hand info to help plan this adventure.
17 years ago, March 29th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #12343  
New to travel blog forum, new to blogs of any kind. Spellings awful and sticking to the point can be too. Patients, well it's greatly appreciated. That being said. Seeking help in planning our next big adventure. Have traveled and dove, Bonair, Belize, Akumal Mexico and visited Paris France. French Polynesia is said to have more fish more color and more thrill. I like photography need I say I'm a rookie at that too. I love caputring for others what they may never see, and I may never see again. The people the culture the relationships are what make the diving adventures experiences that live on and on.
We are considering 4 nights on Morrea. Catch our breath unwind, take in Tahiti and get acquainted with diving the South Pacific. Off to Huahine for 9 nights. Have read it's very relaxed great snorkeling, some diving and soaking up the sun. What about shore dives/ diving on ones own offers less stress and greater photo opps. With a buddy of course. Any motu's/ islands/ sights within a day trip's distance? Last 10 nights, Rangiroa. Mixed feelings about lodging/food and mosquitos. What about the drinking water? What about the diving? Thrills for some, awsome beauty up close and personal for me. If experience is a great teacher and being forwarned is being forarmed then shared knowledge must be a really good thing.
Your experience my teacher!
Dive Dog
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