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Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island April 1st 2014

Bula from Fiji!! I was a little worried before I got to Fiji as I had read there was a cyclone arriving the day after I arrived. I emailed my airline to check on my flight and they assured me my flight would still be going ahead. I arrived rain! Phew! The other side of the island, however, had been affected quite badly where some people had to be evacuated. Fiji is a beautiful, friendly, relaxed place. The Fiji experience started at the airport where I was welcomed by people playing music, friendly smiles, people shaking my hand asking my much different from when I left New Zealand where the security person checking my passport shouted at me for not moving quickly enough. Why on earth people that work at airports think it is ... read more
Mana Island
Laura and Steph´s class
Teaching times tables!

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island June 2nd 2012

Sun, sea, hammocks, scuba diving, drinking games and card games of shithead... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island March 19th 2012

Well, where to start with Fiji! Literally one of the best times of our lives! We were greeted in Fiji by the extreme heat and traditional Fijian music being played as we stepped off the plane and beautiful scenery of course, it was paradise. Spent the first night in Nadi then headed over to Mana the next day at supposidly 9am, however we hadnt quite got the grips of 'fiji time' so didnt actually leave until gone 11. The mana flyer was a tiny little boat which we were all crammed into, there was no jetty so we had to carry our rucksacks in thigh high water in order to get onto the boat which was rather a challenge. Ratu Kini (the best hostel ever) was located right on the beach front of a small island, ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island January 22nd 2012

Bula from Fiji! We arrived safe and sound on Thursday morning, stayed on the main land in Nadi for one night visiting the mud pools during the day but then an early night ready for the Yasaw Flyer to the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on friday morning which is on Nacula Island, the furthest island of the Yasawa group. We arrived just in time for lunch to an amazing Fijian welcome. This place can only be described as paradise - the beach was so beautiful, the staff were so friendly and not busy which was perfect. Yesterday we visited some limestone caves, the first of which was open so the sun shone through, the second was closed and you had to swim under water for 10 seconds to get into it! And once you were, you ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island September 18th 2011

Hello Everybody, I’m going to start this blog with a few shout outs to various people who I know have been reading. So Hi Dad, Mum and Nan, looking forward to seeing you all. Nan I saw a boat the other day called ‘Frisky Freda’ in Fiji, haha made me laugh. Uncle Clive and Keith, not sure if you are still reading but if you are a big hello. Warnay, hope your good, not heard much from you but trust all is well. Get in touch! Last but by no means least, hello Sanchez, Megan and Sanchez are getting married in 3 weeks, going to be the best day ever and the highlight of 2011. Hope all is well my son, I’ve just woke up to find out Arsenal got beat 4-3 by Blackburn, so you ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island September 16th 2011

After a stressful last 24 hours in the UK realising we need visas for a 7 hour stopover in the US, trying desperately to decide how many bikinis to take and what factor suncream, we made it to the airport and on that plane for our big trip. About 3 days later (approx, who knows!) we landed in Nadi and get ourselves on the first boat of the day to an island, Mana being our first stop. We had to let go of our organised laywer selves and embraced 'Fiji Time', where any time could be +/- a few hours. We were initially excited by our 'private boat' to the island but this soon diminished when we all turned various shades of green. Okay, imagine a holiday brochure with perfectly clear turquoise waters and white sand ... read more
Sunset Beach
I'm on a beach!
Sunset #1

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island January 5th 2011

Today we began our Island hopping - first stop Mana Island! On the boat journey we went past some amazing islands that you could probably walk across in 5 minutes before hopping off at the stunning Mana island, surrounded by crystal clear waters! On the pier we were welcomed by the traditional singing and when we went to get our bags we were told they would be taken for us - luxury! We were given a tour of the resort which rather exceeded our expectations as it was very luxurious considering we had booked the cheapest hostel! But during the welcome drinks we were soon crashed back to ground when our accommodation voucher informed the staff that it was in fact too good to be true!! We were asked to identify our luggage leave immediately having ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island August 13th 2010

I dag har vi kommet i land fra Mana Island Resort. Det var virkelig med vemod vi dro derifra. For en nydelig plass, for et nydelig folk, det kan virkelig ikke bli mer perfekt! Å skal jeg være ærli så felte jeg en tåre eller to når båten gikk, her kunne jeg vært lenge, lenge!! Vi hart de siste dagene kost oss med fantastisk vær, varme tempraturer både til land og til vann og ikke minst nydelig drikke og mat! Vi har truffet masse herlige, fantastiske mennesker som sier BULA og smiler uansett hvilken tid det er på døgnet. Jeg kan aldri minnes å ha truffet så herlige mennesker, noen gang!! Jeg har den siste uken verken sjekket nyheter eller mail, derfor har det også blitt lite bloggen. En skulle tro at jeg har gått rett ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island August 9th 2010

Bula!! =) Vi e i Fiji og leve livets glade dager med bading, soling og herlige paraplydrinker. Vi bor på Mana Island resort, et nyydelig hotell ut på Mana Island, øyen ligger en og en halv timers båttur unna hovedøyen Nadi. Mana er virkelig paradis! Når vi ligger ved bassenget ser vi rett ut i havet, og det hele ser ut som et postkort, det kan virkelig ikke bli vakrere enn dette, jeg vet jeg sa det samme om Whitheaven beach og om sanibel island i fjor, men nå er det virkelig sant! Alt er fantastisk med Fiji, folkene her er så gjestfri som ingen andre kan vær. De bærer bagasjen vår uansett hvor vi skal, alle hilser, spørs om det går bra med oss, eller om vi trenger hjelp til noe. I går når vi ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island March 31st 2010

(Day 726 on the road)Ah - Feejee... 333 sun-drenched islands, two-thirds of them uninhabited. World-famous honeymoon destination. Reliable tropical climate. Main South Pacific tourism destination with 500.000 annual tourists. British colony until 1970. Located over 2000 km away from New Zealand or Australia. 850.000 inhabitants, 57% ethnic Fijians, 37% Fiji-Indians, 6% other. But also: Half the population living below the poverty line. Regular political coups (four since 1987, latest one 2006). Unstable political climate, resulting in profits not being reinvested in the country. Over-dependence on the sugar industry, with sugar prices at all times low. Racial tensions - Fijians from Indian origin ("Fiji-Indians") are forbidden by law to call themselves Fijians, or buy freehold land. Rapid depletion of fish stocks due to illegal longline fishing. Wide-spread domestic violence. ... read more
Mana Island from above
Local girl in need of a wash
Not all is well on Mana Island - rubbish everywhere

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