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Elin, Becky & Camilla

We've escaped uni to travel the world so here's a blog to keep you posted!!

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 6th 2011

Our final day and final blog and here we are in some poxy little internet cafe sweating like pigs and stuffing our faces with raisin bread dreading the mammoth journey home ahead! Thinking about the past 4 months we have met so many amazing people and had THE best time ever!!! Although we're exited to be seeing everyone at home we're so sad it's over. It's been a blast!! p.s. we may have missed a few days as we're only on 108! but you get the gist!! ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 6th 2011

Our final day in Octopus we were very sad to say goodbye and so after stocking up on breakfast we waved farewell and joined our crew friends on the boat to sail back to the main island! That evening feeling a little sad we showered and headed out to dinner where we stumbled across a cute little restaurant. We made friends with the lovely owner and enjoyed a delicious dinner before heading back for our final nights sleep in a bed together! (not literally!!)... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 6th 2011

It was Penblwydd Hapus to Elin this morning who received a delightful birthday card/post card before heading to yet another mammoth breakfast complete with candles in her muffin!! After breakfast we sunbathed by the pool before having yet another amazing lunch! After lunch we took part in traditional Fijian weaving, Elin and Becky crafting some bracelets and Camilla a book mark! More lounging then took place before we set off into the sunset to catch some fish!! After 2 hours lying on the boat with our hand lines not tempting any fish we headed back to shore where we quickly showered for dinner and lots of cocktails......some enjoying more than others!!! Tonights even was shots for shots volleyball which saw us receiving a few more shots of rum punch than most considering our rather questionable volleyball ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 5th 2011

This morning was an early start for Camilla who was going diving! She set off leaving Elin and Becky at breakfast to join dive master Cookie and her fellow divers! On the beach the game fishers had returned with a massive 8ft Marlin so big that it took 4 people to hold it up!! Underwater however the coral was really amazing as it changed colour when you touched it but she did however make friends with a rather annoying suckerfish which attached itself to her leg for most of the dive!! Meanwhile whilst Camilla was with Nemo Becky and Elin decided to go for a snorkel however the tide was not in their favour and so they ended up washed up on top of the coral deciding that for the sake of their skin it was ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 5th 2011

This morning we ate like kings before heading up across the mountain to the other side of the island to the little of village of Nalauwaki for Sunday morning church! The beach in front of the village was dominated by the stunning mountain peaks and so after walking through the little village we got into the church where we sat with the locals. The singing was beautiful but the preacher was rather forceful in his delivery and so after 15 minutes of him shouting at the congregation we decided to head back to the resort where we basked in sun before lunch! After lunch and a little more lounging we headed to the sea where we snorkelled over the reef in the clearest water we'd ever seen! The fish were amazing and the coral was so ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands January 5th 2011

New Years morning we were feeling ever so slightly delicate but after a massive breakfast things were looking up until we boarded the boat and discovered that the seas were rather rough!! Lying on the deck feeling like we were about to die the motion got too much for some and Elin had to make use of the sick bags that were being distributed very frequently!! 2 hours later having made friends with the ship crew we arrived at Octopus resort on Waya Island! If we thought the other islands were pretty this was something else,and so we were very excited to be spending the next 4 hours in paradise!!!! The resort was amazing and the food even more so and so we spent the afternoon recovering by the pool before yet another Kava ceremony followed ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Beachcomber January 5th 2011

Unfortunately the sun at breakfast didn't last and so we began our NYE drinking with our new friends from the US of A in the rain! Later that afternoon we boarded the ferry and waved goodbye to Mana and set off to the party island of Fiji - Beachcomber!!! The island has a capacity of just 250 people but tonight this tiny island was packed and we soon got into the festivities! Later in the night there was some excitement over some famous people who we had no recollection of whatsoever but we decided to get in on the action anyway and ended up sitting with the stars of Australian Rugby League!! We ended up spending most of the night with them in between visits to the spa on the beach, the cute little church (randomly!!) ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Mamanuca Islands » Mana Island January 5th 2011

Today we began our Island hopping - first stop Mana Island! On the boat journey we went past some amazing islands that you could probably walk across in 5 minutes before hopping off at the stunning Mana island, surrounded by crystal clear waters! On the pier we were welcomed by the traditional singing and when we went to get our bags we were told they would be taken for us - luxury! We were given a tour of the resort which rather exceeded our expectations as it was very luxurious considering we had booked the cheapest hostel! But during the welcome drinks we were soon crashed back to ground when our accommodation voucher informed the staff that it was in fact too good to be true!! We were asked to identify our luggage leave immediately having ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 5th 2011

For our only day on the main island we decided to see as much as possible and so hired a driver for the day who took us round to see the sights!! First stop was a mountain in the shape of a sleeping giant (or buddah for Elin who thought she was back in Thailand!!) followed by a visit to a cultural centre and then a typical local town where we shopped and had lunch in a local Indian canteen which shouldn't be judged by appearances! The curry was amazing!! Next we headed to a look our point for more photos before arriving at an absolutely stunning beach! Blown away by the views and amazingly sunshine!! we were then approached by the most gorgeous 14 year old boy who offered us horse rides along the beach! ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland January 5th 2011

This morning we packed our bags once again ready to leave our friends and the Bay of Islands behind to head back to Auckland one last time! The next morning we were up and ready for the airport to catch our flight to our final destination- FIJI!!! The flight to Nadi was ever so slightly bumpy and the runway a little slippy but when we finally arrived to a singing welcome we were very excited for our last 10 days away!... read more

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