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January 5th 2011
Published: January 5th 2011
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This morning was an early start for Camilla who was going diving! She set off leaving Elin and Becky at breakfast to join dive master Cookie and her fellow divers! On the beach the game fishers had returned with a massive 8ft Marlin so big that it took 4 people to hold it up!! Underwater however the coral was really amazing as it changed colour when you touched it but she did however make friends with a rather annoying suckerfish which attached itself to her leg for most of the dive!! Meanwhile whilst Camilla was with Nemo Becky and Elin decided to go for a snorkel however the tide was not in their favour and so they ended up washed up on top of the coral deciding that for the sake of their skin it was better to abort and return to shore!! Reunited once again we had lunch and then Camilla chilled by the pool while Becky and Elin returned to the village for the craft market and yet more Kava!! Pleased with their purchases they returned to Octopus and we relaxed once more before getting ready for dinner and enjoying some delicious cocktails in the sunset! After a seafood dinner which included some of the massive Marlin we took part in the international crab racing! This was slightly traumatic as we had to pick up our crabs to get them registered but once we had squealed and thrown the crabs down we were ready to cheer them on.....unfortunately we seemed to have worn them out beforehand and we didn't even make it through the first round!!! Better luck next time!!!


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