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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River September 27th 2019

I left Norseman early on Friday morning for the long drive to Denmark. First stop was just over two hours drive away, in Esperance. I’ve been to Esperance before and would be stopping there on the way back, so I had no desire to look around. I picked up some breakfast at a bakery, and found a nice spot overlooking the beach to eat it. The weather wasn’t into that though, and the rain forced me to finish it off in my car. With that done, I proceeded on to Albany. Again, I’ve done the drive between Esperance and Albany before so there was not much for me to see. On the way back, I plan to go via Fitzgerald River National Park, but on this trip my plan was just to get to Albany while ... read more
Me at Survers Cove
Sugarloaf Rock
On the Three Bears Track

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River December 14th 2018

Wednesday ended with a trip to too more wineries this time with paid for tastings. This region is famous for its Chardonnay's and Cab Sauv. The Voyager estate was particularly inpressive with lovely gardens and an impressive tasting room. I managed to sneak into anothe place at 16:55 (5 minutes before closing) but they were happy to let me stay on and taste a few.... I ended up buyting a bottle..... In appreciation and instead of paying the tasting fee of $10 . A nice way to end an exhilerating and tiring day. (I'm passing over a distinctly average dinner that night).... read more
Tasting room
Oak barrels
Voyager estate

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River December 13th 2018

Tuesday started with an early brilliant breakfast in Freo.... Truffled eggs with bacon! Then I hit the grit and drove several hours with a cxouple of stops down to Margaret River. The later stages of that driveincluded a visit to Cape Naturaliste where I managed a 30 minute coastal walk around the heathland. Itwould have been a nice walk but the 5 million flies that constantly landed on my face, tried to crawl into my ears (and nose) and were a complete pain, drove me away. Not good. Then I drove down the "Caves Road" (more on caves in the next blog) and headed to Margaret River, past dozens of wineries, in rather disappointing weather- dull and cloudy. These looked very inviting but I pressed on and got to Margart River in the afternoon. Had look ... read more
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
The view from the top - along the West Coast
Steve at the top

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River December 13th 2018

After the Lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, I worked my way up the Southern half of Caves Road which is very scenic 120 kms drive in all, with amazingly varied landscapes and fauna. The vegetaion changes every few kms. Heathland here, massive trees trees creating sun dappled avenues there, and then the many vinyards. All delightful on a glorious sunny day as it was. But my main focus was on the caves. There are 120 in all along this coast but I managed two of the larger more popular examples. Jewel cave first with a series of the massive chambers, each with many marvellous calcite foramtions. I'll spare you a geology lesson, but the limestones is very young in geological terms (1.5 million years). That's still enough time for the caves to be created by water dissoving ... read more
Jewel cave
Many unusal calcite formations
Lake cave entrance

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River August 27th 2018

R: So this is our penultimate post about this summer's trip. We arrived about 6pm into Margaret River into a really amazing AirBnb right in the centre of town. It was two bedrooms, two bathrooms, is very smart and the host had thought of everything. We were planning on doing very little that evening, and our friends Gareth and Fi had already visited the large supermarket over the road and picked up ingredients for Fajitas. They had just come across from Sydney but had had a day in Fremantle to get used to Western Australia (WA). After a bit of a catch up, Dave had organised some impromptu drinks in the Settler's Tavern in town that evening, so we headed down and realised it was even colder in Margaret River than it was in Perth. It ... read more
Mammoth Cave
Hamelin Bay
More Mammoth Cave

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River August 27th 2018

R: We had just two more days to this trip. The first of which we packed up and said goodbye to Gareth and Fi who were heading up to Perth for some more time in WA. I had to return a suit to Dave and Shannon, who had just surfaced from their cottage in the woods. Then we were off. We started with a venison farm - more tasters, and ended up buying 200g of sliced meat as a road trip snack. While it was delicious, it wasn't a particularly convenient roadside eat, being quite oily and oozy. Then we started the wine. First was Vasse Felix, who did a very nice selection of Shiraz, though they were mainly known for their Cab Sauvs. They also had some Chardonnay that Cate was semi-interested in, but they ... read more
Eagle Bay Brewery tasters
Me at Meelup
Nightime Bimbles in Freo

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River March 10th 2018

This trip is about seeing Australia through the eyes of locals. With few exceptions, there are no hotels, no taxis, no organized tour groups or guides holding umbrellas while trying to herd souvenir hungry tourists in my plans. I really don’t know what this trip is going to offer, but for my part I am saying yes. Simple as that. Hey Brendan do you want to drive 1000km in 2 days? Yes. Do you want to share a bed with someone you have only met yesterday? Sure, sounds good to me. Feel like tagging along on a business meeting with me? Yup! And you know what? It has been awesome so far. This is easy, laid back and pure Australia. Cindy came to pick me up in the morning after I had an amazing night’s sleep ... read more
Travel Bloggers Meet
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River December 1st 2017

We were very impressed by the Stay Hotel in Margaret River, that was the Quality Inn until two days ago. Very clean and friendly, but what surprised us most was the detail at which the room was presented. Every little bit of comfort, like slippers and plenty of toiletries, FREE mini bar including two beer, six soft drinks, two OJs, jelly beans, chocolate bars, bottled water, nuts, crackers, and off course free coffee and tea. In the morning, we spent a lot of time shopping here, some of "us" like that. We still wanted the fish and chip we missed out on last night, so on our way out of town we stopped in again at the Sea Garden Café for lunch, Ferdy had the shark and Marion the hake. Very nice indeed. Although we took ... read more
Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River April 23rd 2017

So after the excitement at Ningaloo, it was a more leisurely stay at Margaret River. Our flight from Exmouth back to Perth took a couple of hours and then our drive in a rental car down south to Margaret River took another 4 hours, including a brief stop for dinner. We didn't actually stay in Margaret River itself, but at a very comfortable Airbnb beach house at Gnarabup (I never did find out if the 'G' is silent or not!), which is about a 10 minute drive from the township but very close to the key surfing beach of Prevelly. Margaret River is best known for its craft breweries, boutiques and surrounding wineries. Beaches and surf breaks line the nearby coast, whose waters host migratory whales during the second half of the year, unfortunately too late ... read more
Canopy of karri trees
Beach & coastline at Prevelly
Leeuwin Estate Winery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River February 26th 2017

We left Bali during the middle of yet another 'celebration'. There appears to be one more or less every day. This day was a celebration of all things metal! I know! Apparently it was a day to be thankful for all thins metal which were of service to our lives. Cars, scooters et were emblazoned with beautiful leaf offerings. I was informed by a local that one should also dig out guns or weapons and dress them up too! So on to Denpasar Airport. Strangely, we had been unable to print out our boarding passes. The document we received mentioned something about a 'document check'. On arrival at the check in counter, we were met by a charming young lady who asked us if we had a visa to visit Australia! 'Visa? Certainly not! We don't ... read more
Skeleton Trees
Decked out Logia
The Bride and Groom

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