Oceans Collide

Published: March 14th 2018
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This trip is about seeing Australia through the eyes of locals. With few exceptions, there are no hotels, no taxis, no organized tour groups or guides holding umbrellas while trying to herd souvenir hungry tourists in my plans. I really don’t know what this trip is going to offer, but for my part I am saying yes. Simple as that. Hey Brendan do you want to drive 1000km in 2 days? Yes. Do you want to share a bed with someone you have only met yesterday? Sure, sounds good to me. Feel like tagging along on a business meeting with me? Yup! And you know what? It has been awesome so far. This is easy, laid back and pure Australia.

Cindy came to pick me up in the morning after I had an amazing night’s sleep and off we headed down to Margaret River and Southwest Australia. About an hour out of Perth we stopped at a roadside service center where they had several different restaurants and shops in a central court. I was like a kid in a candy store and came walking out with my bounty of chick pea curry with rice, a watermelon blast smoothie, black licorice and nacho cheese tortilla chips. As we drove, I stuffed my mouth while Cindy told me stories of where we were going, not only relating to history, but to what these places meant to her. She lived here, dived there, hung out there. I was content to enjoy most of my food, the curry was not something anyone would have enjoyed, watch the scenery and listen to stories. The whole drive was less than 4 hours, but then and again, in vacation mode time and what day of the week it is mean little to me, so it could have been a little longer or shorter. We made a pitstop at a shop called Cowtown Candy. Let that rattle around in your mind. Not 5 sentences ago I said I was just like a kid in a candy store so imagine how I must have acted in a true candy store where they were making peaches and cream fudge in the kitchen. Yeah, it was like that.

Not long after the candy-palooza we pulled into a charming, historic guest house where we were going to spend the night. This building had at one point been the lobby of the hotel and retained the carved woodwork from front desk with the key cubbies. Now it serves as a common lounge for the two rooms in the building. We sprawled on historic leather couches from the original Parliament house. The longest couch was curved so that the men making important decisions could see each other as they discussed and voted. Today they are merely overly comfortable couches in a room that Cindy and I claimed as our own.

After jettisoning our luggage, we headed to the Indian Ocean so I could meet it. The spot where we went held special memories for Cindy, so I know she is enjoying this trip too. We walked down to the beach, over the most beautiful rocks to a place where we could stop and take our shoes off for a quick soak in the Ocean. The water was a special color of blue normally found only in movies. It was cold, only slightly agitated where we were, but full of rip currents and sharks not too far out. This was a special moment sharing this with Cindy. This is *her* beach and that she would share it with me was something special. As we stood with our feet in the indigo, salty water we didn’t really need to talk. It was all about the ocean and our private thoughts. We were the only two people on the beach, so could linger as long as we wanted. And that we did. Sadly, we needed to dry off and head back to the car and return to our Victorian room.

I know we were both relaxed and feeling Zen from our time at the beach, but I don’t think that had anything to do with what happened next. As we were driving along at 100 Km per hour, Cindy exclaimed “censored, we are being overtaken by a school bus. A *censored* school bus. Censored, censored, censored.” And sure enough we were. This thing went whipping around us and left us in the dust. Far ahead we could see it slow down to let some kids off. I am not sure that it really stopped. I feel that it was more of a duck and roll type ejection from the bus. Sitting where you are reading this, it may not seem that funny, but in
Amazing RocksAmazing RocksAmazing Rocks

Look at the swirls in the round one.
the moment, we were howling. It was just one of those things.

The next morning, we hit the road early to go see where the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean meet. This is at a place called Cape Leeuwin. On the edge of the continent we stood in blustery winds watching the oceans fight each other. It was a spectacular show. Cindy has sailed around this Cape many times and as we talked, she told me that she couldn’t remember seeing the lighthouse on the bluff from the land side in years. For her the lighthouse was either the time to buckle down because the sailing was about to get real, or the time to breathe a sigh of relief that home was coming up soon. From Cape Leeuwin we went to Canals on the Coast a place where the pounding waves have created groups of rocky islands and canals. Once again, I was overwhelmed with the intensity of the colors of the ocean.

After taking in more beauty than one should legally be allowed to see, we drove through the forests of eucalyptus trees, peppermint trees and all other vegetation in the bush. At one point we
Cindy Holding onto the Edge of the ContinentCindy Holding onto the Edge of the ContinentCindy Holding onto the Edge of the Continent

She was trying to adjust it a bit.
stopped to take pictures and simply enjoy the clean, menthol smell from the trees. I was amazed at how strong the aroma was. We did hit up a winery for some tastings and then worked our way on to lunch at a local bakery. I had a beef and mushroom pie that was amazing and a sausage roll that was not. Hey, part of traveling is trying new things and I know that not all are going to be eye rolling amazing. It is part of the experience.

Our next stop was back to Perth. Cindy dropped me off at her sisters and went home for a nap. Deanna, her sister and I sat up on a patio in the shade and talked for hours. She is a foodie, so we had lots to discuss. Little did she know that she would end up having to cook dinner for me. Truthfully, it was very good and the fact that she had to cook for a chef with no warning and did such a good job is a testament to her being a foodie. It was nice to have a quiet evening to relax.

Our next adventure was a trip to Rottnest Island to visit the famous Quokkas. These are small marsupials that are only found on this island. The Dutch explorers thought they were large rats, hence the name for the island. We drove to Freemantle where we caught, and I mean just barely, caught a ferry to Rotto as it is called. It was a beautiful day with the same intense colors that I have found to be the norm here. Lunch was a treat. We at ceviche with flatbread, chili mussels with charred crusty bread for soaking up the spicy sauce, hand cut chips and I had a beer. Sitting outside looking at the ocean while eating this feast is what I call “roll your eyes and moan” good. Seriously. Even now I am looking back while writing this and I am making uncontrolled Mmmm sounds. Fortunately, I have my headphones on so I can’t hear myself and I am pretty much alone, so it is all good.

After this sensory experience, we decided to take a walk and find some quokkas. Our first one was a threadbare guy who, although very friendly, didn’t have the star quality I needed. Across the road we found several others, along with a baby. We sat in the shade while this little guy licked our hands. They have these expressive faces and are too darn cute for words. A couple of them were sleeping. When they sleep, they put their tail between their legs, so it sticks out front, then they drop their head down on it and sleep. We sat with our furry friends for a good half hour or so. That was the point of today. Food, quokkas and sun. So that we didn’t fall asleep, we walked around looking over the ocean while feeling a warm breeze. Add some sweet cubed watermelon and it was yet another special day

Rather than go out for dinner, Cindy stopped off at the store to pick up a leg of lamb, potatoes and some vegetables for dinner. She made me the most wonderful homecooked dinner Slices of potatoes and a yam were roasted in the pan with the lamb, soaking up the juices. She cut corn off the cob and sautéed it in butter, while the green beans were served al dente and au natural. I did take a picture of my plate, but I promised her I wouldn’t post it on the internet. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although when she asked me to carve the roast I didn’t know what it was. Our leg of lamb is shaped vastly different from this version. It caused quite a lively conversation. For my last day in Western Australia I don’t think I could have chosen a better way to spend it. Tomorrow I catch the Indian Pacific Railway across the continent. I will let you know how that goes; however, I am more than confident that it will be another amazing leg of this trip.

Additional photos below
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Guest HouseGuest House
Guest House

These are from the original Parliament House
Cape LeeuwinCape Leeuwin
Cape Leeuwin

Loving the colors of the water
Cape LeeuwinCape Leeuwin
Cape Leeuwin

This is my new screen saver.

14th March 2018

Nothing beats a good old road trip
Especially when it involves good friends, great food and wine - and plenty of exploring. Sounds as though Cindy has been an awesome guide!
14th March 2018

Road trips are awesome
And you are so right, with the right friends and some food and wine mixed in they are what memories are made of. Cindy was not only an awesome guide, but just a heck of a lot of fun.
14th March 2018

Great trip
Hi B, sounds like you are having an awesome trip so far! I can't believe that you are really down under. Have enjoyed the posts as usual and can't believe you where able to work the word indigo into it. I will have to admit that at one point I thought you were having the baby like your hands. LOL Have fun and keep the posts coming.
14th March 2018

I can't either
I can't believe I am down here either. Glad you are enjoying the stories. Indigo huh? Look at me being all descriptive. lol
14th March 2018

Junk food junkie does Australia
Oh yeah... Cindy has your number! What a guide. Cape Leeuwin sounds fantastic. Wish we'd known about it when we visited.I wish we'd known Cindy back then. Cooking for you is intimidating but I know you love it when you get to sample other peoples cooking. The lamb sounded great. Eager to hear about riding the rails. MJ
14th March 2018

Food of all sorts
Yes, she really was a great guide. I am happy with almost any type of food, so having someone cook for me is a huge treat.
14th March 2018

I smile
What a trip...what a delight...Cindy certainly did everything to make your visit to the West of Oz just right. The Indian Pacific will carry you East through areas uninhabitable in Central Australia...discovering how vast our country truly is. What awaits you? Only time will tell.
14th March 2018

I await
This country certainly is vast. I am enjoying each section of it I have encountered. I have Uluru to experience, and then back to Sydney to see what in coming next. Can't wait.
14th March 2018

The ocean and beach are beautiful. I'd ask you to bring some some of those cool looking rocks....but that might put your bag over the weight limit! lol ;)
15th March 2018

Hi Brendan. Enjoying your blog entries. I love that your blog is like listening to you talk. Oceans Collide is pretty fantastic - so see two oceans merging and being beautiful must be an out of this world experience. Love your description of the color of the water. Being on the deep ocean one time ages ago I remember thinking the color was ultramarine. I had an epiphany of why it was named so. The photos are all so expressive and beautiful! Glad you are including your fine self in some of them!
17th March 2018

Wow B! It's sounds like so far your trip has been one great adventure after another. The pictures are amazing and they really help one imagine the wonderful places you are visiting. I can't help but laugh every time I think about that school bus and how it must have looked. I picture a scene from a cartoon. Cant wait to hear more. ;0)
17th March 2018

Power Traveler
Hey Jason, thanks for following along and for your comments. Yes, this trip has been one adventure after another with more to follow. I am what you would call a Power Traveler and will need a vacation to rest up from this one.
18th March 2018

Amazing Views and Colours
Gosh, a very inspiring read - it seems like Australia has so much to offer, reading only about this very small corner of it. Beautiful vistas, nature, colours, and the food looks amazing too! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Australia.
19th March 2018

It really is
Thank you Alex, this country truly has amazing colors and views. I am enjoying myself immensely. I hope you enjoy the rest of the blogs.
19th March 2018

Margaret River
Hi Brendan, I'm glad to see you visited my favourite place in Australia! I meant to ask whether you made it to Margaret River when I met you on Sunday. My brother and his family live nearby (well, 3 hours away, but distance is relative in WA) so I have been there a couple of times and will be going back many more times, I'm sure. Margaret River is home to my favourite wines (better than France, in my opinion!), I hope you were able to enjoy a few. I look forward to reading more of your travels. Take care. David
21st March 2018

Thanks David
I am glad I visited your favorite place in Australia too. What a wonderful place. I enjoyed quite a few wines during my trip and enjoyed all of them, although some more than others. Loved seeing this amazing country. Meeting you was such a treat. I hope you enjoyed the lunch and am very glad that you were able to make it. More blogs to come.
1st April 2018

Food and oceans
Just catching up with your blog now Brendan . You are certainly enjoying the wonderful variety of food available there in Oz. I can’t wait to sample it again at the end of the year when I am planning to have a few months there. When I stood at Cape Leeuwin I thought of all the sailors and explorers who had passed that point including my dad who was in the Merchant Navy . The colours of the sea are unbelievable.
3rd April 2018

Cape Leeuwin
I love that you were thinking of your Dad when you were there. That certainly adds another dimension to an already incredible site. I am looking forward to your blogs from Australia. Thanks for following mine.

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