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6th March 2019
Salmon Ravioli

Oh my
That looks tasty.
From Blog: Minor Melt Down
6th March 2019
Banner Tree 3

Nice trees
Looks like an adventure to the end of the world.
6th March 2019

Fighting the cold
You had all the right clothes! I like the sounds of the Train to the end of the world.
6th March 2019

Beautiful waters
Sorry to hear about the photo chip but no loss so that is great.
6th March 2019

I'm beginning to like the sounds of Brazil. Always stick the with green curry chicken soup.
6th March 2019

Oh Lola
Sing on sweet friend. Everything wonderful is up stairs. Glad you are in good shape.
6th March 2019

Rio and more....
I'm rereading your S.A. blogs today and am shocked to see no comment from me. What the heck. Laughed and held my breath through the money story as I was hoping it would turn out well. Loved Ted's comment below!! Time to rest and reset.
From Blog: Rolling into Rio
11th February 2019
Tomb Painting

What animal is represented
Interesting to see a possible Scarf around the animals neck , was it not always hot those days ? I wonder if you felt a little like Indiana Jones while in the tombs? Thank you for yet another interesting & educational trip that you have shared!
5th February 2019
Coffee Break

A great break
Fabulous little coffee shop.
5th February 2019
Coffee Break

Different from the normal Starbucks for sure
Out of nowhere, we came upon this little dome. Was fun and quirky.
4th February 2019

Enjoyed re-reading this one!
You had me at Dulce de Leche and Chocolate orange... We love to ride funiculars. You are doing some nice wandering. Scallops are one of my favorites and it sounds like those were cooked perfectly.
5th February 2019

A foodie day for sure
This was such a fun day. I hope you have a chance to enjoy some of these.
10th June 2018

Here's to many more!
I knew it would be a fun special trip - but wow! Whenever, wherever - can't wait to catch up with you again and for more TB family adventures.
10th June 2018

Jo, I can't think of anything to say other than Ditto!! I feel the same. Can't wait to see where we run into each other next.
10th June 2018

More magic memories
Yes I would have loved to have been down on the beach, but was pleased to see you guys having so much fun. Barefoot is the only way to walk on a beach! What a magical sunset on the other side, and the company just made it even more special. I just wish I hadn't been laughing so much at your Day Two Chair Folding Challenge, otherwise there would have been photos - I was trying to get my camera out but couldn't manage that and still stay upright on the crutches :-D
10th June 2018

Argh, that stupid chair
That sunset on the beach was a very special evening. It was worth the chair aerobics in the end. Although I am glad you weren't able to get the camera out. No one should have to see that slapstick routine.
1st June 2018

I wish we could bottle these TB meetups
Now you know why my flights were booked within minutes. I'm glad you arrived after I was out of hospital, as I would seriously have considered self discharging to be there!! Always a safe bet leaving yourself in the hands of the Dancing One :-)
3rd June 2018

So True
I couldn't agree more about bottling the TB meetups. What a eclectic group of people with the same traveling passion. Each has a story to tell. Having you with us was such a sweet addition to the trip. I would have supported you in breaking out of the hospital.
1st June 2018

Sometimes you just do what you gotta do.....
Tourist v traveller, like everyone has said - sometimes you just do what you gotta do to get somewhere. I'm glad in a way that I'm playing catchup on these blog entries of yours having now met you in person. Love the sense of humour, and now they are almost like audible books because I hear the voice and personality behind the words :-)
3rd June 2018

The Best Compliment
Thank you Jo. To hear that you can hear my voice is the best compliment because I try to write these as if I were telling a story. I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories.
17th May 2018

This still makes me laugh.....
" It was time for a star talk. I was super excited to hear what the Kardashians and Beyonce were up to, but as it turns out it was a talk about actual stars in the night sky. Yeah, I guess that makes sense in retrospect. " :-D :-D
17th May 2018

Bridge Brendan
I can just imagine you waving to the crowds in your space suit :-D And that photo with the sunset in the background, way better than any greenscreen background! Definitely worth the hit-n-run stopover.
17th May 2018

I still enjoy it too
I'm glad you still enjoy that quote. It is one of my favorites and sums up my true dorkiness. Thanks for the comments.
17th May 2018

Thanks Jo
I agree about the sunset pic. This was definitely worth the hit and run. I'm glad I had a chance to do it.

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