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18th February 2016

Finding your own beat
Nothing like a mad dash to get the adrenaline pumping, but yours sounded like a mad mile. And you made it. Gotta be a good sign. You couldn't have better travel companions...Dangerous Dave and the Lovely MJ...but I reckon you know that. You have known them for a while but...did you know Dave is Dangerous now? Wonderful you have been to the Egyptian Museum together. Wow. Gotta be on every traveler's Wish List. The stars seem to be aligning for one hell of a good time.
18th February 2016
Welcoming Breakfast

I am running beside you through the airport, marveling at the museum and tasting all the delicious food. I feel as though I am right beside you, in awe of the whole experience. Thank you Brendan!! I am enjoying the trip so far!
18th February 2016
Welcoming Breakfast

Thank you Lisa
I am very happy to have you along on this trip. I enjoy writing these blogs, and try to tell the stories as if we were sitting together talking. Hang onto your hat, because we have just begun.
18th February 2016

I would never say ANYTHING!
I am sooooooooooooo glad you are having a great time. Thanks for letting me be a part of your trip, especially knowing how concerned I was for your safety!! Love you and have a great trip!
18th February 2016

Nope, not a peep
I am always glad to have you on my trips and love the fact that you are concerned. Thanks for the comment.
18th February 2016

That was some run through the airport and you made it .. Well done. All the troubles in Egypt and Middle East tend to make me disinclined to visit ... Especially on my own. But great to see you and the Binkleys meeting up and exploring . I am hoping to meet them in London or Sussex when they arrive in the UK. Lynne
18th February 2016

Running for the gold
Thank you for the comment. I remember when you met D and MJ in California. I hope you are able to see them this time. I don't think I would have done this trip right now if I was traveling alone. I am seeing that it wouldn't have been an issue, but didn't know that at the time. Luckily I have friends who love to travel.
11th February 2015

Photo of Condor
Mr. Vermillion (what a great last name): I saw your photo of a condor in the featured photos, and I wanted to tell you how extraordinary it is. It really captures the majesty of the bird. I hope that you get to take your next trip soon--as for me, I'm off to Hawaii tomorrow for the first time Best, Monique
15th February 2015

Thank you very much
Your comment made my day Monique. I really appreciate it and to be honest, I went back and looked through my pictures on that blog. I hope you are having a great time in Hawaii.
15th July 2014

Travel bloggers
I like reading this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog.
28th May 2014

I was only half being serious, but good on you!!
28th May 2014

Few Advantages to Being a Chef
This is one time where it does help to be a chef. Heck I have used the gazpacho that I learned in Spain for several VIP events at work and have another one coming up in August. I was wondering if you were kidding, but thought I would reply. I am glad you followed along on the trip.
26th May 2014

Any chance you'd be able to claim this as a work expense? ;-) Great finish to the trip, have enjoyed belatedly catching up with your adventures!
28th May 2014

I am glad you enjoyed it
Actually, yes. I am able to take the class and some lodging and travel expenses off as work research. Since I do use many of the things I see and eat on a trip in my work, it is considered ok.
24th May 2014

Oxtail soup Instead
Because of my heritage, I also wanted to someday see the physical remains of the hell on earth construct devised to annihilate a race, a culture, a sect. I could not reconcile that this was possible growing up - wasn't mankind civil - forward thinking- only one would sacrifice for the many - how is it - that many could sacrafice for the many? Not possible I think. But, my traveling companion would have none of it. We stopped, at my request, at a small hotel restaurant in a town not far from Auschwitz. We had the most amazing oxtail soup - I never knew. No amount of negotiation would get me the recipe. But I remember it vividly as I remember the cold, rainy day that I was not to see the horrors of mankind. Sometimes you have to accept juxtaposition instead. That day - that amazing, over the top - best soup I ever had - let me know I had escaped reality. Soup is the best thing for the soul.
14th May 2014

Valparaiso streets.....
....looks like a great place for street photography. First in best dressed with the changing of the guards, fair enough you keep your place at the front!
11th May 2014

Good old Karma
I turn the page to the very next blog entry, and Karma turns up with a free walking tour! Was a bit disappointed when the protest turned out not to be for real, you could've got away with that one...... Nice 'happy once again' photo!!
12th May 2014

Karma isn't always bad
That walking tour really was a great find. You are the only person who really picked up on the carefully worded protest section. I wanted readers to feel that I truly was involved in something edgy like a real protest. It was a fun experience and honestly fun writing it like that. Thank you for your comments and keep Karma smiling.
11th May 2014

Didn't realise it was that expensive to enter Bolivia! Good on ya for helping out those other travellers, I trust karma will repay as you deserve. Was that bagel as big as it looks in your photo? This time I wish TB had smell uploads, but then I'd just have to go and make one myself! :-P
12th May 2014

Ouch Indeed
It is a fairly standard fee for Americans to enter countries in SA. I was surprised that we had to pay to get out of the country though. I believe in karma and really try to help when I can. As for the bagel, it was a good size, but loaded with the smoked salmon and such. It was just what I needed that morning. Smell uploads, now there is a thought.....
9th May 2014

What else could you ask for?
Great company, trying new food, exploring new places - sounds like a pretty good time to me. And wonderful you and Tara are able to catch up in all these different locations :-)
10th May 2014

This is what it is all about
Meeting a friend like Tara while traveling is such an added bonus. I love traveling alone; however, meeting a friend to talk with, eat with and just be with is amazing. I am so fortunate.
8th May 2014

Like they were meant to
"....the stars were able to shine like they were meant to shine." I love how you've worded this. Reminds me of when I was on Pitt Island (NZ), the stars were so bright and seemed so close as though I could almost have just reached out and touched them. Would have made a perfect ceiling for a hot spring!
9th May 2014

Thank you so much Jo. Living in a big city, I forget how stars shine when there is not so much light around. It was a very special feeling to really be able to enjoy them. I am so glad you have been able to appreciate them in their full brightness as well.

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