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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton July 3rd 2019

The flight to Perth was, thankfully, again, a relatively painless experience. We arrived at about midnight local time. Senan had been accosted by sleep on the plane about 2 hours previous, but sadly Qantas didn't get the concept of the need for a buggy at the plane door as we were curtly informed that it was 'available at oversized luggage'. In fairness it wasn't a huge walk, but the buggy would have been welcome rather than carrying the dead weight of a sleeping child through the queues at immigration. Fortunately, despite a few protests, he accepted being transferred into the sling and carried on sleeping as I carried him on my back all the way out of the airport. We quickly checked in at the Aurum Airport Apartments where we scored some breakfast bags for the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton June 4th 2018

Saturday afternoon in the first week of June. A recent storm, last week, washed up tonnes of seagrass, as deep as 2.5 meters. This soon to rot seagrass, will cause hydrogen sulphide emissions with the buildup causing stench and environmental havoc, on the normally idyllic holiday beach. Storm patterns vary every Winter and deliver different outcomes of this seagrass issue dumped along the Geograph Bay and millions per year have been spent to clear thousands of cubic meters of this weed. Unfortunately this year the seagrass has been washed up on the main tourist beach and restaurant vista of Busselton Jetty location. Locals said they hope the next expected storms, may help wash away some of this problem...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton January 25th 2016

I realised that I have only done 1 blog this time and as I have just arrived home decided to remedy this. I think I was having such a chilled out time slipping into Ozzie life that there wasn't the need to write about it too much. But I went on a fab cultural Aborigine trip to see how tools and fire were made and we went into the Ngligli cave and the guide played his didgeridoo and told the creation story - very atmospheric. He told us a lot about the Aborigine life years ago. Did anyone know there are 6 seasons not 4?? No me neither. I planned a jaunt south to Margaret River and Augusta but very unseasonably there was so much rain ( Yes I know should have been 30+ degrees) for ... read more
My lovely girl...
Westernmost point- rain,wind!!
My best friend in Perth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton January 10th 2016

After a few glitches over Christmas and New Year we made it to quiet Busselton - it's like a place where time is standing still. Everything closes at 1pm on a Saturday so no relaxing shopping sessions. However it has such charm and where we are is so close to the beach that any time of day is like paradise - not tropical paradise just a quietness with so few people around that often I walk the beach and there is perhaps one man and his dog sharing the space with me. Yesterday I walked alongside a sting ray feeding in the shallows. It's really a place to relax and slow down. I am so slowed down that little is done each day except swim, eat and read. Magic. On New Year's Day we all went ... read more
A gift for 2016
Effects of bushfire
The beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton May 17th 2015

Simmo's Delicious Dilemma's 17/05/2015 Is it the end of an era I wondered as we sat outside Simmo's drinking coffee and having a cheeky ice cream this morning, well we were celebrating our lotto win! Yesterday did not lend itself to doing an awful lot so we made the most of our downtime and as the weather was pulling in again for another rough evening, we couldn't be too bothered to get dressed up and go out for dinner so our best bet was to grab a takeaway pizza in town and head back to camp. Before I had even got back in Roobie, Andy had a glass of Riesling poured for me, a bottle of beer for himself open and on the table sat next to the two pizza boxes. The wind was gently buffeting ... read more
Simmo's Delicious Dilemma's
Simmo's Delicious Dilemma's
Simmo's Delicious Dilemma's

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton May 16th 2015

In-Da-Hood-16-05-2015 What happened at 1.15 am? I was fast asleep then I heard something and I shot out of bed. Caroline reminded me this morning that there was some sort of noise outside she said it was like a knock on the door, but I seem to remember a single bang that I reacted to and she remembers me instantly getting out of bed, slipping my fleece and training shoes on and bolting out the door. I walked around Roobie and everything seemed ok, so I was quite satisfied we were in good shape, maybe I had thought a limb of a tree had crashed on top of Roobs, but we didn’t park under a tree, we are always aware of that. As I was getting back in Roobie I could feel the light drizzle of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton May 15th 2015

Sneaking Off for the weekend. "Not a good weekend to choose to go away Caroline!" the words of a colleague are reverberating in my head as we head South on the freeway. Earlier in the week Andy and I decided that we would go away for the weekend, for a change on our own, no friends, no socialising with our 4 wheel drive club, just us for a bit of down time. I wanted to go to Busselton, we have driven right past it once and we always seem to manage around the Bunbury area, but never made it to Busselton. I have a few colleagues familiar with this area so throughout the week, we chuckled about the weather forecast which predicted a shocking amount of rain and a possible thunderstorm to come through, but I ... read more
Roobie all set up for the night
Drilled down Image

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton January 8th 2015

I thought only Milton Keynes had pointless cow sculptures but driving to Margaret River the other day we went through town called Cowaramup and what did we see but concrete cows all over the main street. Some were still decorated for Christmas. It s become quite a tourist attraction so of course we stopped to take photos. Was wondering if this is the place for mk to be twinned with?????? Margaret River is nice little town but the beaches are stunningly beautiful. We watched a kite surfer actually surf an enormous wave. I do think this is God s country. Every beach I ve been to has had clear, clean sea.I love it. Went to last working lighthouse on Cape Naturaliste where we were marooned for a while as a snake had got in and we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton April 27th 2014

Thursday 24th April - had stopped for the night in a rest area at Tunney so up and away early to Busselton. The sun was shining so we headed for the beachfront, parked up, and had a coffee in Goose a very nice beachside cafe before embarking on the 1 mile long jetty. Before setting off noticed some activity just off the beach and it was a large pod of dolphins so hung around and took some photos. The jetty is amazing, has been refurbished and repaired since a fire in 1998 destroyed a 50 metre section. Lots of fishermen along the jetty, the water is incredibly clear and we could see a eagle ray, loads of smaller fish which Clive and Aidy could identify for us plus a couple of larger ones. On our way ... read more
Kangaroos for Molly & Ellie
Anzac Day at Margaret River
Redgate Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Busselton October 19th 2013

Early start. Drove back to Perth, stopping at the Winery 28.... read more
Feeding the ducks
Feeding the magpies

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