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May 16th 2015
Published: May 16th 2015
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In-Da-Hood In-Da-Hood In-Da-Hood

The Weather map, that showed the incoming storm

What happened at 1.15 am? I was fast asleep then I heard something and I shot out of bed.

Caroline reminded me this morning that there was some sort of noise outside she said it was like a knock on the door, but I seem to remember a single bang that I reacted to and she remembers me instantly getting out of bed, slipping my fleece and training shoes on and bolting out the door.

I walked around Roobie and everything seemed ok, so I was quite satisfied we were in good shape, maybe I had thought a limb of a tree had crashed on top of Roobs, but we didn’t park under a tree, we are always aware of that.

As I was getting back in Roobie I could feel the light drizzle of rain, we were aware that there was a storm warning for the area, so I knew it was nearly here.

Back inside I disrobed and slid back in to bed, my sleep stats say I was awake at 1.15am and back to sleep at 1.21am until 06.24 am.

In my restless state throughout the night

Caroline off for a shower
the wind gently rocked Roobie and rain was hammering on the roof, a sound that I do love when I am under the doona all toasty and warm. On our fantastic travels when we were on our first adventure there were times we dreaded that sound of rain as we knew we were going to get wet, I also remember times when we went to sleep in a damp bed literally!

That all changed though and was one of the reasons why we brought Gyspy, to get away from canvas, don’t get me wrong canvas is great when the weather is good, it’s just a pain in the arse when the weather is bad.

Caroline was up first this morning, I put my lazy button on snooze and had an extra 10 minutes and for the first time in ages was actually handed a coffee by Caroline, we sat and listened to the rain and commented how good it was to hear, Western Australia needed it.

I honestly could not remember the last time it really rained, Caroline assured me it did last year when we were in the house sit in Greenfields, so possibly this time

Caroline wearing the hood to her Jacket
last year, different from the temperature in Perth on Friday when I picked Caroline up, a gorgeous 26 degrees and we are only two weeks away from winter.

At 7.45 I did an HF radio sked and heard the last 5 minutes of the Derby login amazingly Derby is over 2500 Kilometres from here which is amazing, the signal was pretty low down but it was still audible.

I listen in and hear radio calls from people in far flung corners of Western Australia, some guy calls in and I hear him say to the operator that where he is it is a warm 31 degree’s, I look out the wind screen on Jack and rain is bouncing off the bonnet, but I know we need this rain, so I didn’t feel so bad.

Because we checked on the long range weather forecast we packed for this weather, so we are not really bothered, I did know that we would be going out for breakfast this morning.

At 7.45 I radioed in to Meekatharra and told them we were A OK and we were in Busselton and would be here until Sunday, I logged our coordinates

My sleep stats
and signed off.

Back inside Roobie I was drinking my coffee when Caroline said she was going for here shower and slipped her jacket on and pulled the hood over her head, I nearly fell off my chair in hysterical laughter as the hood just covered most of her face.

Out in to the driving rain, I asked her to be careful and off she went, I sat and looked at my e-mail and read the morning news on line.

Caroline came back all shiny and new and we started to put a plan together of what we were going to do today, obviously all dependant on the weather.

Caroline asked me if I had brought my club jacket with me,I had not, and said she thought that she had got the hoods mixed up as the one she had on her jacket seemed to big, (personally, I couldn’t agree with her more) so I looked under the seat and she was right, there was her hood, she had my hood on her jacket.

I got her to put her hood on and you can see from the pictures it’s such a better fit.

Caroline in Da Hood

We drive out in to Busselton looking for breakfast and find a bistro called the Goose, we ran from the truck as it was still throwing it down and went inside it was really busy after a quick scan of the menu we had breakfast and coffee on order all we had to do was just wait and that really was not for long, and when it arrived it was just what we were looking for a breakfast that would last us all day

Through the café windows you could see the jetty and the sea, it looked formidable and the waves were crashing against the jetty pylons.

The Busselton Jetty is the longest Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, at 1,865 Kilometres long we have been wanting to see it for a long time but mother nature had other idea’s today.

With breakfast done and the bill paid we stepped out and went to visitor information which is quaintly housed in and old light house, then from there we went to the interactive centre at the start of the jetty, where I asked a smiley lady what the cost was to look around, she said as the

The Goose Bistro
weather was so miserable (All tourist were felt sorry for) so there would be no charge, but unfortunately the Aquatic Observatory at the end of the jetty was closed due to the bad weather.

We had a look around and saw the time line of the jetty dating back to about 1865, then through its lifetime it has seen its fair share of reconstruction, due to fire, weather damage and the size of ship that it needed to service, all very interesting.

We took a very short walk up the jetty, it was blowing at 39 KPH and after a few steps a wave had come up through the gaps in the floor and soaked us so we said, sod it, it will be here for another day when the weather gets better.

Some of Caroline’s colleagues had said we must go to Simmo’s Ice cream parlour, Caroline wanted to park and watch to sea for a while and as we parked up lots of people came and did the same and I think nearly all of them were eating ice cream, unfortunately we were still full up from breakfast and will be until next Wednesday. Even

Busselton Visitor information
the seagulls were struggling to fly in this wind.

It was just around lunch time so we decided we would head back to Roobie for an easy afternoon, though the weather was crap this weekend was about just an easy non fuss, no rush weekend as we both had been busy of late.

Back inside Roobs, I get into bed for a siesta, Caroline settles in and reads her Kindle.The afternoon was concluded with some blogging and a plan, tonight, we would hire a movie, as we have a movie hard drive with about 3,000 movies on that we managed to forget and leave at the house so we have had to rent one.

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Caroline leaning in to the wind

Rain lashing the windows

Busselton Jetty

The sea Roared

Busselton Visitor information

We were so concerned about staying dry we didn't even look at this statue

18th May 2015

Not to be picky, but I am!! 1,865 metres maybe!! We were lucky enough to see the underwater acquarium. Loved it. Too bad about the weather, but as you say it is needed. We, too needed the rain, all 2 inches of it (I just can't get away from inches!!) 5cm I guess!! Take Care.

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