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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 10th 2021

We spend the morning sticking very determinedly to our pledge to do as much relaxing as possible while we're here. It’s not too hard sitting on the deck of our little hut in the sand dunes in amongst the trees. The birds are up to their usual escapades. Issy is too, trying to guess what they’re saying to each other. We agree that the very loudest one just sounds like it’s swearing at all the others. We decide that too much relaxation mightn’t be overly beneficial to our health, so I go to book for the tour we heard about yesterday to Jacks Creek. We were told that it was an information tour, whatever that might be. I think it might just be the non-fishing version of the other tour, the Jacks Creek Fishing Tour. This ... read more
Patterns, Eighty Mile Beach
Eighty Mile Beach
Eighty Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 9th 2021

In keeping with our determination to relax as much as possible while we're here we sleep in and spend most of the morning reading on our deck and listening to bird noises. We don’t of course recognise any of the latter but Issy thinks it’s a good idea to pretend that they’re talking to us and turn their sounds into words. According to her, one bird has spent most of the morning tweeting “pass the bread please”. Presumably its mates are taking their time complying. We decide to take a late morning stroll along the beach. We turned left when we hit the water yesterday, so this time we turn right. I think this means we’re heading north. If we thought it was deserted yesterday then this morning's destination makes that look like peak hour at ... read more
Relaxing on Eighty Mile Beach
Eighty Mile Beach
Low tide on Eighty Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 8th 2021

The idea of coming to a remote and secluded resort on the near deserted Eighty Mile (actually 140 Mile) Beach at what was supposed to be the tail end of our trip was to get some total relaxation before going back to the not so relaxed vibe of suburbia. Our beloved Qantas put paid to the bit about this being the last bit of the trip by cancelling our flight, and the new COVID outbreak means that we’ll now be doing a lot of relaxing when we get home .... because we won’t be allowed to leave the house. However we’re not letting any of that minor detail derail our plans for our time here. I spend the morning reading a book on our deck. I have to remember to read it slowly. This isn’t just ... read more
Eighty Mile Beach
Cave in the cliffs, Eighty Mile Beach
Eighty Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 7th 2021

Today we head south to Eighty Mile Beach which is a hundred or so kilometres south of Broome where the Great Sandy Desert meets the Indian Ocean. It seems that there are a few different ways to spell the name of our destination - the way I’ve spelt it, or Eighty-mile Beach, or even 80-mile Beach. I’m not too sure why they’re so concerned about the spellings when it’s not really even 80 miles long; apparently it’s actually somewhere around 140 miles long, so not even close. We’re told that it used to be called Ninety Mile Beach, but the name was changed back in 1946 to avoid confusion with the Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria. You’d think they would have at least taken the opportunity to get it right and rename it 140 Mile Beach, ... read more
Soaking in the sunset, Eighty Mile Beach
Broome Outdoor Cinema
Glamping tent, Eco Beach Resort, Eighty Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach September 23rd 2016

Wednesday 21st September 2016 We left fairly early this morning, with the temperature almost being cool enough for a warm top. This didn’t last long, although at no stage during the day were we as hot as we had been. The temperatures are dropping as we head south. We didn’t stop at Sandfire Roadhouse, which we passed on our way to our destination today, 80 Mile Beach, as we had plenty of fuel and were only driving less than 150kms today. Caravan park fees are exorbitant here compared to other places we have been to with stipulations that you don’t use your washing machines or showers whilst in the camp, you need to use the ones provided. We booked in for 2 nights and set up camp with Marlene and Chris under several shady trees. We ... read more
Parked side by side on a shady site.
Parked on 80 Mile Beach.
Look, I caught a fish!

Well we are officially heading towards home from today. A little way off but heading in that direction now, south... But south or not it's still damn hot! We are camping without power tonight so its pretty obvious how hot it is! After an unrushed start we said goodbye to Broome. Our neighbours across the patch waved us off. That was an amazing family, a youngish couple with 6 kids and one on the way! They were camping too, one ordinary looking tent is all they had. A real contrast on some of the setups we saw, they were definitely roughing it! The eldest looked about 12 and one every 2 years after. Lovely family too. Very unusual these days! The road from Broome is the Great Northern Highway. There's not much happening, though, just a ... read more
The Great Northern Highway
The Great Northern Highway
80 mile beach

Even though it is a Sunday the road trains still keep on moving in and out of Port Headland feeding the giant ships in the harbour and I am cautious as I drive through Port Headland which still has a lot of roadworks on the main highway.Once through the town the journey becomes more enjoyable and easy,passing the scene of our accident there is nothing to identify it and we are not even sure if we picked the right spot.That is all behind us now as we head for Pardoo cattle station and camp ground.When we arrive there is nothing to suggest that there is a caravan park here other than a sign pointing to reception,it has all the hallmarks of a cattle station with tractors and other farm machinery all around the yard. Unsure of ... read more
Port Headland
Heading out of Port Headland

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 16th 2013

All along the coast right up to Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park the scenery is the same, vast plains of low scrub, occasional trees, we are watching out for cattle, and now we see some wild horses. The Park is packed with tourists, and when we set up in the non powered site, no powered left, we go up over the sand dune to have a look at this famous beach. It’s an amazing sight! For all along the shore in both directions, there are hundreds of people lined up, all with their fishing rods in the water, waiting for the big one to bite. Others are combing the totally shell beach, for treasures Next day we try our luck with the rods, but the tide comes in and goes out again with no luck. I ... read more
Sunset at The De Grey River
Eighty Mile Fishing
Fisher People

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach July 26th 2013

We stay at 80 Mile Beach for 2 nights, a shell collector and beach fisherman's paradise (I'm officially not a beach fisherman yet!). Matilda collects a bucket full of shells and Reuben goes about setting a record for the most hamburgers consumed at the campground hamburger night. Can't believe how much the kids are eating!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » 80 Mile Beach August 17th 2012

Days on the Road = 48 Days (6 Weeks & 6 Days) After a great night’s sleep we head off to ensure that we get a powered site at Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park as its first in best dressed, so I don't feel like going off the battery for three nights especially when you can't swim in the ocean there! We turn off the Great Northern Highway down a 10km dirt corregated road to Eighty Mile Beach and we were very lucky to get a fantastic site. After we setup, we head down to look at the beach which is just amazing, the tide is in and the sand is pristine white. We look left them right and all we can see up and down the beach is people fishing, what an amazing picture. This ... read more
Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park
Death Adder Snake
Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park

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