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August 16th 2013
Published: August 16th 2013
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All along the coast right up to Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park the scenery is the same, vast plains of low scrub, occasional trees, we are watching out for cattle, and now we see some wild horses. The Park is packed with tourists, and when we set up in the non powered site, no powered left, we go up over the sand dune to have a look at this famous beach. It’s an amazing sight! For all along the shore in both directions, there are hundreds of people lined up, all with their fishing rods in the water, waiting for the big one to bite. Others are combing the totally shell beach, for treasures

Next day we try our luck with the rods, but the tide comes in and goes out again with no luck. I wade in a bit to get the bait out a “bit further”, and then I glance down the line. They are all lined up on the sand!

I race back to the higher ground, on a good fishing day the sharks swim between your legs, grabbing the fish before you can reel them in.

When the tide goes right out a baby hammer head, about 60cms long lies dead on the sand. Later we walk up and down having a look for some nice shells, Greg has a good eye and can spot a cowrie at two paces..

Up on the dunes it’s like a call centre, with lots of people dotted about with their phones glued to their ears. It’s a nice place to meet people too, as we watch the sunset go down at night, and also listen to the nights entertainment from the park. Country and Western singer tonight.

On to Barn Hill Station

Barn Hill Station is about 10ks in off the highway. It’s very rustic, with some toilets and showers outdoor, and in the weather we are having right now, it’s wonderful. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in an outdoor toilet, contemplating nature, with all the birds, twittering away. Then comes the call of the Torresian Crow, cark- cark- cark-and a cats “meoouw” Makes me smile every time I hear it. The temperature has shot up to about 36 degrees! As I write, this place is the best park we’ve come to so far. Shady trees, magnificent scenery, and rock formations, friendly people and great walks.

We meet up with our new friends and make some more as well. I caught one fish here, my tally is very poor, on this whole trip, but the Dart tastes beautiful when I eat it for breakfast. We do a big walk down to the headland, past all the prehistoric rock; it’s like being on another planet when you look up at these structures. Eight ks there and back we have had our exercise for today.

We pay for four nights and end up staying five more, going to the three course Sunday roast twice. Everyone takes down their tables and chairs to the entertainment area, with all your plates, cutlery, and wine, and set up. It’s a wonderful social event and we met so many interesting people at both dinners. They have a great little bowling green there, and the championships were on while we were there, there was plenty of barracking going on.

But we must move on to Broome! On the 23rd of July, it will be the Staircase to the Moon!

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25th August 2013

Hi Maree, Finally found you. Love the photos and the words. Want to be back there myself. Will keep track of your travels from here on in and will start back again at page one up to date when I have some quiet time here in the van = like when Robert has gone fishing with Terry. Great weekend. Fabulous days with you when you were here in Burrum. Travel safe.
28th August 2013

Thanks Di
Same here, we had a lovely week with you all, thoroughly enjoyed it all. And the lovely wedding to top it off! I am about to g for a swim with the other girls here, Gregs having a little rest after playing tennis this morning. and snoring I might add! Love Maree

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