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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne August 15th 2019

We head off on a different trip this time. Not the feather light purebred stallion racing bikes of our previous trips beneath our saddles but rather the draft horse of the cycling world, Touring Bikes. There'll be no 30km/hr days as we lug upto 30kgs of bike and baggage up the Rockies, and around the roads and rail trails of Canada. It's not going to be quite as rough and ready as full on touring though with accommodation booked for each night along the trail and some well placed rest days along the route. It's the first time touring for me and I must say I think I went a size too small on the paniers with only 2 x 15 Litre bags. It's the night before we leave and Tommy has changed his mind on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne August 3rd 2019

OK here we are at Ciloms Airport Lodge just hopping into bed for one more sleep before we take off on our big adventure. Anne and Dick Bartley kindly dropped us out here, we had coffee, bruschetta and wedges, and are tucked in. We‘ll be up at 6 and ready to roll. Look out world !... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon June 19th 2019

We set off on our next great adventure - a lap of the globe. Issy is forever coming up with new ways of making our suitcases stand out while they whizz around the airport carousels with everyone else’s very similar looking baggage. She bought some floral covers for one of our trips but they all got torn. Next were purple lanyards, but they had locks on them and we lost the keys. So for this trip she did what any talented, self respecting artist would do, and painted them, with flowers. Very pretty too. I wonder why no one else has thought to do that. Maybe she’ll start a trend. We are surrounded on our overnight flight to Dubai by the Haileybury College Pipes and Drums Band, who are off to Scotland to compete. Some of ... read more
Issy painted our bags to make them easy to recognise

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 27th 2019

After a 33 hour trip (total time, including a 15 hour leg from Los Angeles to Melbourne) from Fredericton. NB, Canada , I finally arrived in Melbourne. Was not a good start to my trip since my luggage did not make one of the legs. (It came today). I left Canada at the end of a typical Feb winter storm, landing in Melbourne in the middle of a late summer heat wave. Was 30 the first day, going to 36 and 37 this week. I never plan any activity the first day as I need to acclimatize and situate myself. I did walk around and saw a few sights. My hotel was near Chinatown so had to see what that was all about. Pretty much as it sounds! I managed to eat an authentic Chinese meal ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 20th 2019

Having spent his birthday - 19 February - last year with the grandkids in Copenhagen, this year Kevin wanted to spend it with his Melbourne grandkids. Two of our darling daughters - Kerrii and Nicola - live in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick East, and, luckily for us Nic has a spare bedroom with ensuite in the apartment she recently bought when she was transferred from Sydney to Melbourne with her job. So we flew into Avalon Airport early Sunday morning, picked up a hire car and drove to Nic's place to spend a few days in Marvellous Melbourne. Before long the three of us were off to meet Kerrii, Seb, Grace and Rupert at Fairfield Park Boathouse and Tea Rooms for a family lunch. There is also an Amphitheatre there as well as the lake ... read more
Fairfield Park Boathouse
Lunch has arrived
Michelle & Nic about to tuck in!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands November 11th 2018

Well, we made it! What a flight. We left Sacramento at 3:30 pm and flew to LAX. We then had a 6 hour layover. But by the time we got a bite to eat, walked from terminal 7 to the international terminal and found the Quantas check-in, we had used up 2 hours. We sat around reading and listening to music until it was time to board. Since we were leaving at 11:30 pm we didn't think we would get any food. But they must have been on Aussie time because they served us a full dinner 1:00 am California time. After that I decided it was time to sleep. I managed to get some pretty good sleep for about 6 hours. Stacy read and watched 2 movies. The flight lasted 16 hours. When we landed ... read more
The cricket and Soccer stadium
Art by the river

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Footscray November 11th 2018

After bit of a rocky day yesterday it was nice to be back at Flemington, especially as the crowds were well down on the previous two days. There was plenty of room to wander around and no waiting to place bets or get food and refreshments. We spent a lot of the day out the back of the stands,checking out the fashion village, stables and entertainment areas. Flemington is just an absolutely fantastic facility - its hard to think there would be a race course anywhere in the world that would compare. The new members stand looks a bit like a luxury ocean liner, we didn't have access but from the glimpses we got it was absolutely spectacular. The stabling area is quite a walk over to the other side of the birdcage from where we ... read more
The Park
Statue of a Champion

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre November 11th 2018

No tour responsibilities today! So it was a leisurely stroll to the Southgate entertainment precinct on the banks of the Yarra river for a very nice and relaxing breakfast at Soho Cafe. From there we had a wander around the CBD, we stumbled on the former Commercial Bank of Australia building where back in the gold rush prospectors brought their golden treasure to be weighed and paid out. The concierge in the building gave us a brief but very informative run down on the checkered history of the building, including how the panels below the tellers were hollow and if there was any trouble the tellers (who were all armed) were instructed to shoot through the panels - not the iron bars where a bullet could ricochet anywhere. There were panels riddled with bullet holes closeted ... read more
Pre Game Drink
Shit Game-worse team

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre November 11th 2018

Today was our last day in Melbourne, we were due at airport at 4pm for 6pm flight so we had most of the day to potter around. We slept in a bit before having a good look around Federal Square and heading for our traditional breakfast (in this case brunch) by the river. Following that we enjoyed a very relaxing and pleasant walk through Alexandra Gardens, a lovely gardens and park right in the heart of Melbourne - a bit like a mini Hyde Park London. There were lovely peaceful walkways, some really cool sculptures and nice garden, water features. I lovely way to unwind and spend a couple of hours and reflect on a pretty full on week! Issues with the small group of dickheads on tour aside we have had an amazing time! The ... read more
Bronze sculptures
Armistus Day
LD Frog

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Footscray November 6th 2018

Unfortunately it dawned a very wet and miserable day, even more unfortunately there was the promise of storms and even more wild weather over the coming hours! We were lucky to get on course while there was just mild drizzle, but not long after the heavens opened and it absolutely bucketed down. The first two races were run in atrocious conditios and there was even talk in the stands that the meeting might need to be called off. The lawns and open areas weren't nearly as packed as usual with a few brave and hardy soles hudling under umbrellas to keep the worst of the weather away. The VRC (Victorian Racing Club) had made contact with the met service who advised the time the front was expected to blow through and they put the start times ... read more
Bleak Outlook

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