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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne November 26th 2022

Had a chilled morning as there was no rush to get on the road this morning, set off soon after 10am for our trip in to Melbourne. The roads were pretty busy as we neared the city but we avoided most of the main town and tolls by taking the ‘scenic’ route in. Managed to park at the hotel and check in, although we couldn’t get the key straight away, so we decided to catch the tram in to town and have a look at the Old Gaol. It took us a while to fathom out how the tram worked but got our tickets, caught a tram just outside the hotel and got off a Central Station, the centre of Melbourne was heaving. The Old Gaol was just a 5 minute stroll away so we headed ... read more
1. Small Jail Cell
3. The Mens Wing
4. Kenworth Truck

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne November 3rd 2022

Note: We are home as of Thursday, 3 November, but only just managing to post the last day of our holiday today! I had hoped to sleep (rest/doze) a bit during the flight seeing as we were due to arrive in Melbourne 6.10am (now re-estimated for around 7.40am) so that I wouldn’t be too tired to make it through to bedtime. That was not to be. There was a young child seated behind me and a parent behind Bernie with the co-parent seated at the bulkhead with another child in a bassinet. It wasn’t too bad when mum was sitting with the toddler, she was a little bit grizzly, but not too noisy. OMG, at some point when I was trying to doze, mum and dad swapped and the child had a complete meltdown. Wailing ‘I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne October 21st 2022

Well all is ‘ancient history’ now. Back home, jobs sort of done and even almost ready for back to tutoring time. Not that the garden is back to some semblance of normality but it has at least been tackled. Lee has taken pity on me and not yet taken me to the nursery to get plants to replace those that did survive our absence. It will happen but I get a little reprieve. I have a bizarre collection of weeds in containers spread around the yard, of course it’s not green waste week. Strange how weeds grow like crazy yet ‘real’ plants wither and die under the same conditions! I’ve started walking Janus again but around a reduced course as he’s not quite accustomed to the 10 km yet. His holiday mum said he was out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mooroolbark October 17th 2022

We’re up in the air again. Smooth check in, well under the luggage allowance (which is 31 kg, which seems a lot) and cruising along at 35000 ft. There was a trick when we saw our gate and the final boarding call but it was just ‘Greek’! Our gate, our flight number, our airline but the final call was for the previous flight from that gate and had not been amended. Only mild panic but really no drama as we knew that over an hour was left before scheduled take off. Flying Etihad as we did on the way over but currently on the A320 which is a baby for their fleet and not one I expect to take us home. It’s just under a 5 hour flight to Abu Dhabi and most of that time ... read more
From our Athens hotel.
To Athens Airport.
To Abu Dhabi Airport.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon August 29th 2022

We awake to that inevitable sad day when we have to start the tortuously long 25 hour trip home. There seem to be a lot of fancy looking black limousines waiting outside our Athens hotel. We can’t tell who’s inside them, if anyone, because they’ve all got blacked out windows. Issy says they’re picking up businessmen to take them off to one of the many nearby sex shops or strip clubs. It’s ten o’clock on a Monday morning, so I would have thought that most businessmen should now be off doing their “business”, although I suppose that word could have a couple of different meanings in that context. We’re flying back to Melbourne via Doha in Qatar. We seem to have struck it lucky at Athens Airport with our airline, Qatar; the check in queue is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 21st 2022

Five weeks till we leave! There has been a couple of minor changes and rebookings but now its just a waiting game. Bring on July 26!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne April 6th 2022

Last night when Bernie was cleaning his teeth the smoke alarm in our room went PEEP, PEEP and then stopped. Then, just as we were settling in to go to sleep, the smoke alarm went PEEP, PEEP and then stopped. Hmmn, it probably means that the battery needs replacing? However, the ceiling was too high to be able to disable the alarm to ensure a good night’s sleep so we settled in regardless. Fortunately, we didn’t hear anything more from the smoke alarm until 6.20am this morning which was sort of about time to get moving for the big drive home anyway. After a shower and a quick breakfast, we packed the car for the final time and checked out. Shannon, our tour guide from last night, was in the reception area and said that the ... read more
Apostle bird, Mungo Lodge
More roadworks!
Sculpture, Balranald

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon September 4th 2021

Today we finally make the long trip home... well that’s assuming our beloved Qantas doesn’t cancel on us at the last minute …again. We decide it would probably be a good idea to make the most of our last few hours of freedom given what awaits us in Melbourne - locked down except to get food, or to exercise for no more than two hours a day, all within five kilometres of home, and a curfew. I’m not too sure what time the curfew kicks in. Our flight gets in quite late - I hope they don’t make us sleep at the airport. We head down to Elizabeth Quay which is on the banks of the Swan River next to the CBD. It was only opened in 2016 and looks to be an entertainment type precinct ... read more
Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Love tokens at the base of Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay, Perth

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