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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne August 20th 2021

Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria Melbourne We were close to the Melbourne Remembrance Shrine and Observatory so where was Alex taking us. Well he took us to the beautiful botanical gardens as part of his Surprise Down Under programme. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens has been a treasured part of Melbourne’s cultural life for more than 170 years, it was founded in 1846. These beautiful Gardens are home to amazing and diverse plant collections and we were able to discover just part of the 38 hectares. There is no entry fee & it usually would be buzzing with people but with the current lockdown regulations in Melbourne we almost had the place to ourselves. We wandered through the different areas admiring all the wonderful trees and plants including the Cactus Garden, Fern Gulley & the Bamboo ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne May 23rd 2021

Looking for kangaroos with Westerfolds Park is a metropolitan park situated in an eastern suburb of Melbourne. It was 7am on Sunday morning in U.K. (4pm in Melbourne). Alex our heygo guide had brought his girlfriend along today, it was nice to meet her, they make a lovely couple and a great team as we hunted the kangaroos in this beautiful area. Westerfolds is classified as a metropolitan park and conserves habitat within the Melbourne urban environment. The park nestles into a hilly bend in the Yarra River. In 1846 the land was purchased from the Crown. In the early 1930s, the Turner family bought the property. After World War II many of the dairy farms and orchards in the surrounding area were subdivided for... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Essendon May 20th 2021

Today we head home. First stop this morning is the Murtoa Stick Shed. We read that until the outbreak of World War 2 Australia typically exported around sixty percent of its wheat to Great Britain and Western Europe. The War thus caused a glut, and the Stick Shed was thrown up in only four months in late 1941 and early 1942 to store some of the excess. We watch a short video presentation before entering the structure. It’s jaw-droppingly massive - 265 metres long, 60 metres wide, and nearly twenty metres high at its highest point. The roof is supported entirely by 560 slender mountain ash poles, which are thought to have been salvaged from Victoria's infamous 1939 bushfires. According to the ever reliable Wikipedia it’s often claimed to be the largest “rustically built” structure on ... read more
Murtoa Stick Shed
Rupanyup silos
Murtoa Stick Shed

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne May 17th 2021

Melbourne Art ‘Travellers’ 19th April The Travellers celebrates Indigenous presence and the meeting of cultures through migration. It comprises ten large-scale sculptures, each approximately 7.5 metres tall and collectively incorporating 3.7 kilometres of stainless steel. Nine of the ten figures are motorised and at regular intervals move along the length of Sandridge Bridge, sited near a former Aboriginal meeting ground and near the landing point where many early migrants stepped ashore. Built in 1888, the bridge is the third to occupy this site, the original constructed in 1853. Each of the ten figures comprising the work represents a phase of arrival, as historian James Jupp has defined these. The figures, graphic and abstracted in form, are Gayip (Aboriginal period); First Settler (convict period); Melbourne Beauty (go... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne May 9th 2021

Day 36 (9/5/21)Temps: Max 20C, Min 8C Woke up to rain falling. Departed Myrtleford at 10AM. Struck a lot of roadworks on the way home with significant delays. As we passed one set of works, 1 man on shovel working, 5 watching. Had lunch at Kalkallo at around 130PM. Arrived home at 250PM. Total kilometres for the trip was 4,367.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne April 17th 2021

Sadly the UooUoo trail had to come to an end and Alex kindly managed to get a ticket to the auction event so we could be part of the action ! This virtual experience has been so popular that heygo added more spaces so that as many people as possible could enjoy the final journeys of the Uoo Uoo’s that they had been hunting over the past months. Canapés & drinks were served, the excitement was rising. Alex managed to find a good position so that we could see the large screen showing the progress of each lot as it came up for auction. The chat was buzzing with people saying “higher, higher” or “oh no I thought it would have gone for more than that”. Many heygo followers had their favourites and were a little ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brighton April 1st 2021

1st March - Brighton Beach Beach Huts #heygo Our tour started in front of Brighton Beach Hotel, Established as the Royal Terminus Hotel in the 1840s, Brighton Beach Hotel remains one of Brighton's oldest landmarks. Once formerly well known as Milano’s Tavern, Brighton Beach Hotel is the second hotel south of the Yarra River and originally built of local red ironstone. The hotel was once so remote that it was bailed up by bushrangers. Very quickly the establishment of five gracious sitting rooms, seven bedrooms for 30 shillings a week and stables became a destination resort. Also for hire were the prototype bathing boxes, these were wheeled into the bay for a healthy sea dip. Today, the altered but recognisable "Georgian" facade has witnessed it all and is classified by the National Trust. We walked ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 15th 2021

Art Trail of Uoo Uoo UooUoo (pronounced you-you) has been created by award-winning Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, who also created the iconic sculpture ‘Creature’ that stands in the main foyer of the RCH. UooUoo is an imaginary Australian creature whose shape is loosely drawn from the wombat and dugong. A mysterious being, UooUoo is highly empathetic, playful and brave, but can be mischievous at times. Each UooUoo sculpture measures 1350mm tall x 1580mm long x 980mm wide and weighs approximately 60kgs made of wood. When the art trail finishes, the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital. Part 1 Docklands area Our 1st tour ended in the Docklands area of Melbourne. Once known as the West Melbourne Swamp. It has developed into a harbour, and today it’s home to many ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 5th 2021 4th March - Introduction to Melbourne This was an introduction to Melbourne, very difficult in just 45 minutes but our young guide, an actor who was enjoying doing these virtual tours during the Covid pandemic. Australia had fared really well over the last year and seeing people going about their everyday business was encouraging to see how some countries had coped better with Covid than others. We started the tour just inside Victoria Gardens, oh how I would have loved to go inside but for today it was just a quick glimpse of the Floral Clock. This floral clock with a diameter of over 9 mtrs was presented to the city by the Swiss consul Curt Malning as a goodwill gesture on behalf of the watchmakers of Switzerland. The clock's hands are driven by a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne January 20th 2021

28th November 2020 Street art Melbourne Well, this evening after watching Strictly I jetted off to Melbourne for a tour of the Graffiti Lanes of the city with Josh our guide at 8am on a wet Sunday morning. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, much of the city's disaffected youth were influenced by the graffiti of New York City, which then became popular in Melbourne’s streets and alleys. Today we visited two of these alleys - Hosier Lane & AC/DC Lane Nosier Lane was a short walk from Flinders Street station and the most popular and famous graffiti laneway in Melbourne. Whilst many of the artworks are commissioned many are the work of up and coming street artists. One wall was completely covered with small framed artworks. A variety of subjects, ranging from some political, some cute ... read more

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