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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne January 20th 2021

28th November 2020 Street art Melbourne Well, this evening after watching Strictly I jetted off to Melbourne for a tour of the Graffiti Lanes of the city with Josh our guide at 8am on a wet Sunday morning. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, much of the city's disaffected youth were influenced by the graffiti of New York City, which then became popular in Melbourne’s streets and alleys. Today we visited two of these alleys - Hosier Lane & AC/DC Lane Nosier Lane was a short walk from Flinders Street station and the most popular and famous graffiti laneway in Melbourne. Whilst many of the artworks are commissioned many are the work of up and coming street artists. One wall was completely covered with small framed artworks. A variety of subjects, ranging from some political, some cute ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Lilydale November 28th 2020

Day 1 - There and Back Again. The big day had finally arrived. After postponing our ride numerous times due to the pandemic we were finally ready to depart. A late change of plan had us leaving around lunchtime from Fairfield rather than 8am from Docklands and I was feeling excited about starting the journey on my bike from my front door, no flying or driving anywhere, straight into it. I remember stating on one of our previous rides with unambiguous certainty that I'd never do touring where I had to carry my gear on the bike. Then after doing that last year the concession was that we spent each night in a hotel, but I'd never camp. So it was with some irony that I set out on my touring bike with panniers, front and ... read more
Rail Trail
The Yarra

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Port Melbourne February 29th 2020

There are some days here that have pasted twice...... I’m loathe to delete anythin in case delete it all. I hope you can find the relevant bits, happy readers! Photos are actually from Hobart. But more of that next time, with Hobart news. Day 12 Brisbane 2 Sunday 23rd February, 2020 As we couldn’t get on the river cruise either day we decided to stay onboard today, with just a visit to the cruise terminal shed to pick up emails and post last few days news. I managed to download some emails, send a few what’s apps upload photos onto the blog......and then the WiFi went down! Annoying to say the least. I thought I had clicked on something I shouldn’t have done, but then realised what had happened. Later one of the other ladies who ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 24th 2020

GOR. Day 20. Warburton Our last day of this tour. A 1 hr train journey to Lilydale to ride the old railway line trail to Warburton and back. A cloudy start but warm and what we would want for the finale. The trains in Australia are good for cyclists since bikes are no problem at. All 12 of us got on the same train to Lilydale whereas in the UK you are lucky to get 2 bikes on. The MYKI card system is also good in Victoria where you buy a card and load it with cash and travel anywhere, paying a maximum of approx $6.50 per day (£3.50). The trail was a bit lumpy all the way with a stiff climb to Mt Evelyn at 7km on a mixture of gravel, concrete and tarmac. Lunch ... read more
Egret .

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 22nd 2020

GOR Day 18 Parkdale Cool start again but getting to like the no rain forecasts. The food served by Phil Bock and his lovely wife Yuko at the French Island Eco Lodge is first class and enough for cyclists who normally take some filling. The wine is good too and not extortionate. A koala was grunting up a tree outside our cabin at 7am, which was a nice surprise to start our day. Ferry crossing at 9am on a smooth ocean to Stony Point to resume our journey north to Melbourne. Son Paul met us on his bike at the terminal since his wife Kat brought him in the car. Great ride to Hastings along a lovely boardwalk through the mangroves and dunes under a clear blue sky and warm sun. Coffee in Hastings at the ... read more
Today’s Koala .
Hastings coffee break.
Westernport Bay Trail.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 18th 2020

I sit writing this blog at the airport, whilst waiting for our first flight from Melbourne to Doha. One of the hardest things about going away is saying goodbye and there were a few tears when Maggie left us at the departure gate for our 23day adventure. With a few hours to kill, we kick back in Bar Pulpo by Movido, enjoying overpriced drinks - Maeloc dry apple cider and Moritz beer, whilst people watching. I don't know about you but there's something about airports that I find fascinating. So many people and everyone has a back story or is about to embark on some kind of adventure. Boarding our Qatar flight at 9.30pm, we were given boarding priority as we were on the Upper Deck. This was a first for us, and given that we'll ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Heidelberg Heights February 15th 2020

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 6th 2020

Great Ocean Road. 2020 Day 1. Here we are off on another adventure to the other end of the earth. Hopefully not into the bushfires which have been raging for two months now in Australia’s worst fire season in modern history. We are going to ride from Warrnambool east to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road built by the First World War soldiers on their return and completed in 1935 using pick, shovel and hard graft. After a gruelling 22 hour flight and 28 hrs door to door and with dodgy sleep, if any, we arrive in Melbourne ready to build up our bicycles ready for a steady ride around the cycleways of the city on Friday the 7th of February. Please find me a bed to rest this weary body. I don’t care what time ... read more
Richmond Station
Murals near Richmond Station
The travellers

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD February 2nd 2020

For some time, we have been planning a protracted trip to Australia and New Zealand. Jennie and I came to Oz in 2003, but were unable to see some things, with only two weeks to tour around (one week of our trip was spent on a dive boat trip to the Coral Sea). We have never been to New Zealand. Since Chuck and Lucie had never been to either one, and given the length of the journey, we decided to spend an unprecedented 5 weeks seeing both countries as best we could in that time. We made some choices with an eye on the length of the trip. First, although we had wanted to visit the Ningaloo Reef to see whale sharks and see the oldest living things on Earth, the stromatolites of Shark Bay, we ... read more
Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick January 27th 2020

Well The Times They Are A Changin' as Bob Dylan told us in 1964!! With Christmas 2018 spent in Copenhagen, Christmas 2019 saw us in Melbourne while Christmas 2020 saw us Home Alone in Sydney! Since I wrote a travelblog about our wonderful Copenhagen Christmas adventures I won't repeat them here. For Christmas 2019 Kev and I drove from Sydney to Melbourne, a journey of 880kms which we took two days to do with an overnight stay in Albury. Once in Melbourne we headed to Nic's place where we were staying. Meanwhile Andrea flew from Armidale, staying with Kerrii, Seb, Grace and Rupert and with the two apartments about a ten minute walk from each other it was easy for us all to go from one to the other. So on Christmas Eve we enjoyed a ... read more
Christmas Eve 2019
Christmas Eve 2019
Christmas Day 2019

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