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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands November 11th 2018

Well, we made it! What a flight. We left Sacramento at 3:30 pm and flew to LAX. We then had a 6 hour layover. But by the time we got a bite to eat, walked from terminal 7 to the international terminal and found the Quantas check-in, we had used up 2 hours. We sat around reading and listening to music until it was time to board. Since we were leaving at 11:30 pm we didn't think we would get any food. But they must have been on Aussie time because they served us a full dinner 1:00 am California time. After that I decided it was time to sleep. I managed to get some pretty good sleep for about 6 hours. Stacy read and watched 2 movies. The flight lasted 16 hours. When we landed ... read more
The cricket and Soccer stadium
Art by the river

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands March 6th 2014

If you’ve just about reached the end of the line, if you’ve crossed the line bordering genuine sightseeing and desperate boredom, if you absolutely have nothing better to do with your day, then try glow in the dark mini golf. It at least sounds fun right? I caught the free sightseeing tram (which I’d been using as legitimate commuter transport for about a fortnight) and rode it almost full circuit round to Harbour Town, a fairly new-built shopping/eating complex which is pretty useless unless you have money to burn. Seeing as I was in Melbourne to try to find a job, suffice it to say that I was not on the lookout for expensive boutiques and eateries. Anyhoo, I’d seen a flyer for this mini golf place, and seeing as I never got to play it ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands March 21st 2013

Next thing it was 04:30 again - enforced rest obviously! 07:30 cloudy, windy with slight rain, but the apartment warm at 27 degrees. So we may find wi-fi today. Went out after 2 hot cross bunnies (well it's almost Easter) around 10:00 in search of recommended supermarket. Found Costco but as you have to subscribe gave it a miss, so wandered round the nearby Docklands shopping centre. Found general store - yay! - but hardly anything on the shelves - boo! Walked back in 70 mile an hour winds round the back of the train station only to find the Coles similar to that in Sydney that was 10 mins walk away - doh! Well at least we know what trams to catch for our night out in Collingwood all being well. Called in at the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 17th 2012

With the tour of the MCG over we caught the free tourist bus back to the CBD and made our way to the Docklands ahead of our introduction to Australian Rules Football at the Etihad Stadium.We collected our tickets, and walked down to the quay side for our pre game dinner of fish n chips with a fussy seagull (apparently they don’t like banana) and some less fussy sparrows (they do like banana)! We made our way back to the stadium and settled in with a meat pie and a pint to ensure we took in the full AFL experience! As tonight’s games are for the NAB Cup, which is a warm up to the actual season, the format differs slightly to that of league where they adopt something similar to the NFL and play quarters. ... read more
Will enjoying his meat pie
Jo also enjoying a pie!
AFL Pitch

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 25th 2011

After leaving New Zealand we crossed the Tasman Sea aka "The Terrible Tassie." We lucked out with the weather for most of the passage and then when it did start to deteriorate Captain Scala put the pedal to the metal and got us into Hobart, Tasmania twelve hours early. This trip has been remarkable thus far in many ways but especially weather-wise. To cross the immense Pacific Ocean without encountering any severe storms is very lucky indeed. There have been reports of big weather systems arriving before and after us along the way and a number of cyclones have followed in our path but due to the luck of our schedule we have managed to miss them all. Tasmania is a beautiful island almost at the end of the world. It is famous for its clean ... read more
Cascade Brewery
Gillian and Walter
Simone and Stephanie

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands August 27th 2010

it feels like we have been waiting an absolute lifetime for this holiday to start. everything is booked: 13 flights, 15 hotels, hire cars, shuttle buses, conferences, dinners, pub gatherings with friends .. its all done ... but is the date ever going to finally arrive? i always particularly look forward to the airport and all of its procedures to get you to that place of no return - no mans land! you know, after you've checked in, cleared the screening process and customs and finally its time for a well earned holiday drink! thats the beauty of international travel and 'no mans land' - even if you are leaving at 10am you are still guaranteed a refreshing alcoholic beverage at any hour of the day. its the true taste of freedom. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 15th 2010

Chilled with Ellie, Graeme and Steph all day at the apartment. We went to St Kilda festival yesterday and Steph and Graeme hadn't had a chance to enjoy Valentines Day, so they decided to go out for dinner tonight to make up for it. Ellie and I agreed we'd cook something lovely for tea and have a romantic night in! She made me King Prawn Linguine, which was fab, and we watched films for the rest of the evening. I've totally loved being in Melbourne, and in a way I'm sorry to be leaving for Sydney tomorrow. But the adventure continues and Steph is joining us up the coast for nearly two weeks, which will be great fun. I ended up staying awake until 1am... then had to be up in less than 3 hours for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 13th 2010

Woke up on Steph's sofa with a fever. I felt so cold and was shivering, but my skin felt boiling hot. Graeme went off to work and said I could jump in to bed with Steph who had the aircon on, but I think that would have made me worse, so I chose to stay put. A few hours later, I vom'd like a trooper and felt instantly better. Spent the day with the girls, lying on beanbags and watching 'Sex And The City' repeats. We made chips with sour cream and salsa, an old favorite of mine and Stephs. Graeme came home from work at 3.30. People in the construction industry seem to go to work earlier and finish earlier than back home, and they also have every other Monday off work! Lucky them. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands February 8th 2010

We'd slept pretty badly on the plane so treated ourselves to another few layers of fancy moisturisers at the Duty Free cosmetics counters. I chose various Dior creams and by the time I'd finished, I had probably slathered on about $40 worth. Went through numerous security checks at Melbourne airport then called Steph who told us to board the Sky Train to the city centre bus station where she was waiting for us. As soon as I spotted her, I ran over for a big hug. Steph moved to Australia with her boyfriend Graeme last year and I've not seen her for 7 months. Introduced Ellie, although they have already spoken a few times on Facebook. Graeme was at their apartment when we arrived, nursing a hangover after a 3-day Bender with his lad mates. Steph ... read more
Ching Ching
Steph & El
Preparing lunch

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands April 3rd 2009

The copper head gasket on Bru's engine was leaking, so off came the head and the gasket replaced with a composite modern head gasket ( I had 2 spares made for my engine. Pity I didn't have a spare set of pistons) Some of the bolts securing the side water gallery were striped so that was removed and the block was hellicoiled and the water gallery replaced. I fitted my generator and stater motor. The head went back on on Thursday night and Bru helped me swing the engine into the car on Friday night. After spending most of the weekend hooking things up, I cranked it over without spark plugs to see if we had oil pressure. Up came the pressure but what was that knocking sound! Dismayed, I went to sleep wondering..... I came ... read more
Only two more to go
Waiting to be transfered
Mind the Gap!

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