Homemade Chips and Belgian Waffles

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February 13th 2010
Published: February 19th 2010
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Woke up on Steph's sofa with a fever. I felt so cold and was shivering, but my skin felt boiling hot. Graeme went off to work and said I could jump in to bed with Steph who had the aircon on, but I think that would have made me worse, so I chose to stay put. A few hours later, I vom'd like a trooper and felt instantly better.
Spent the day with the girls, lying on beanbags and watching 'Sex And The City' repeats. We made chips with sour cream and salsa, an old favorite of mine and Stephs. Graeme came home from work at 3.30. People in the construction industry seem to go to work earlier and finish earlier than back home, and they also have every other Monday off work! Lucky them.
We spent the evening watching Chronicles of Narnia and eating Belgian Waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. There's nothing like good junk food to cure a hangover!


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