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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick January 27th 2020

Well The Times They Are A Changin' as Bob Dylan told us in 1964!! With Christmas 2018 spent in Copenhagen, Christmas 2019 saw us in Melbourne while Christmas 2020 saw us Home Alone in Sydney! Since I wrote a travelblog about our wonderful Copenhagen Christmas adventures I won't repeat them here. For Christmas 2019 Kev and I drove from Sydney to Melbourne, a journey of 880kms which we took two days to do with an overnight stay in Albury. Once in Melbourne we headed to Nic's place where we were staying. Meanwhile Andrea flew from Armidale, staying with Kerrii, Seb, Grace and Rupert and with the two apartments about a ten minute walk from each other it was easy for us all to go from one to the other. So on Christmas Eve we enjoyed a ... read more
Christmas Eve 2019
Christmas Eve 2019
Christmas Day 2019

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick April 4th 2015

Finally arrived in Melbourne, the brother of Florence waited at his student house with a very tasty chilli con carne, some goon (which is a very cheapass lemonade tasting wine) and delicious timtam cookies! Hidde studied for five months in Melbourne at the Deakin University, so it was nice to be able to see how his life is over there. After a good night of partying, the next day was the long waited family reunion! We bought a good bottle of wine and some sushis for their arrival and had a take away meal, as everybody was quite tired. The next day consisted of a visit of the city. We went to the federation square which is Melbourne's meeting place and from there we walked along the beautifull Yara river and enjoyed a little cup of ... read more
On our way to the city center
In the tram on our way to the city center
Direction Southbank

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick January 12th 2015

8 weeks in Australia. Snap. Just like that. I’m back at the airport in Melbourne waiting for my flight that will take me back to Europe. This time without travel partner. Mick has 3 more weeks in this magnificent country before he gets back. I’m happy for him. Me on the other hand will be back with my (other) family in my home country in about 40 hours. Also beautiful, just a bit smaller and a slightly change in temperature (only 35 degrees colder). My last weekend in Oz we (when I say me I mean Mick) decided to spoil us with a night in a hotel in central Melbourne. We spent Saturday evening strolling around the city, listening to street musicians, drinking in funky bars and had an absolute gorgeous meal in a Thai restaurant ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick December 23rd 2014

Every day is a journey. Every hour, every second. Yesterday I lost focus. It’s very easy to do. I was lying in bed and as soon as I closed my eyes my mind was full of negative thoughts playing tricks in my head. The trick is to recognise it when it comes, to be aware. Today is a new day with new thoughts. Lesson learned. I’m spending my day in Melbourne. I feel lucky. I took the train to Flinders Station and from there walked along the river to the botanical gardens. I strolled around smelling flowers and learning about the Australian trees and plants for about 45 min and then continued on a tram back to the city centre. I don’t know that much about Melbourne and I like to explore the city without having ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick April 7th 2014

Well it is the night before my big adventure starts. Today was supposed to be a bit of fun with repacking, checking a few details and sending a copy of all my docs off to Kal, Ry and Jane. I even had planned to have a massage! Ummmmm.....really should stop planning as I keep getting disappointed when it all goes skewif! I didn't have a massage...(guess that was pretty obvious), spent nearly all day on the computer trying to get my phone restored after getting it replace by Apple on Saturday. Conversations with the travel agent about accommodation weren't doing anything for my stress levels and as I type this, I still haven't got them confirmed in Lima. My printer didn't want to print; I can't get the shuttle to my hotel in Miami as I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick March 13th 2013

I already figured that Internet Dating is not my cup of tea, and it proved itself yet again. And I also lost my faith in circus as being an happy positive environment, all at once. Well actually after a few 100k. So after I rushed into quitting my job, deciding to go to Melbourne and arranging transport. I needed a travel buddy. Internet is obviously the place to fix that minor issue. After an add, a meet & greet follows and a lunch. The opposite party, post circus school guy half actor half social worker presented himself as being catchy, fun, positive, easy going, good driver, friendly...clown. I guess I need to give him credit for his acting; he was everything but what he presented. Not only was he negative, indecisive, serious, moaning person, he yelled ... read more
Howard Park vineyard, wine tasting of course:)
So graceful

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick December 19th 2012

Yo yo yo. Many apologies for the rather late entry (been having too much fun you see). So after a rather delayed entry into Melbourne we had a rather (one more time with the rather) great week! Except our poor little Bean managed to develop a temperature. Fortunately copious amounts of ibuprofen and paracetamol were consumed after nurse Sophie (following in mummy's footsteps) provided her travel thermometer to regularly check G's spiking fever (hmmm...). However, the week was filled with various cultural and some not so cultural pursuits. We visited the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground for a cheeky spot of T20 cricket. After employing the help of an entire tramfull of Aussies, Sophie eventually came to grips with the rules of cricket. It was Melbourne vs. Hobart and much to our delight, despite a very close ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick November 2nd 2010

To je taka tradicia, ze kazdy prvy novembrovy utorok sa stretne cela rodina na barbeque (BBQ). Je to den, kedy sa konaju najslavnejsie dostihy v Australii, Melbourne Cup. Kone zavodia cely den a asi aj niekolko dni pred tym. O 15:00 vsak zacina ten najdolezitejsi pretek. Vzdy sa dohodne miesto konania tejto rodinnej oslavy a vsetci sa pomalicky okolo obeda zidu. Kazdy prinesie nieco svoje, ci uz je to maso, kolacik, pitie a potom sa to pekne vsetko pripravi na stoly. Domaci pan sa postara o BBQ spolu s chlapmi, no a zeny drkocu ako vzdy. Je to raz za rok, tak vzdy je o com. Bol som predstaveny celej sirokej rodine a podaktori si ma aj zmylili s bratom, ale ked sme boli vedla seba tak to bolo jasne, ze kto je kto. Dobre sme ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick September 17th 2010

This is the starting point of our first overseas trip as a family. Heading to the airport it still seemed unreal. It had been a long time in the planning and called off 6 weeks before the date and then on again 1 week before our due departure date. A Big rush to finalise bookings, do the medical bits, organise home and do the packing. This is mostly about Doc's record of our trip. I will be typing most of it for him, to be quicker - a case of the blind leading the blind. During the day Doc tells us what he wants in the blog and you can imagine by the time we get to a WiFi point in our accommodation at night, Doc is too tired to concentrate on this task. We are ... read more
roadside Jordan

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick August 17th 2010

Not even close. How disappointing. My flight was supposed to leave Wellington at 6am on Monday morning (09/08/10), but no captain - so was closer to 7. Anya Marina's cover of T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like' playing in the airport rounded up a peculiar last hour in NZ. Then there was a flight, a bus ride, a train ride and 15 minute walk to Braeden's place. After a brief interaction with his leaving flatmate, I was hanging solo from 11am (Aus time), since being awake since 1am (Aus time). Checked out the neighbourhood and tried to shake off that sleep deprivation. Braeden, Georgia (his girlfriend), Aaron and Kim (the briefly met flatmate) all returned in good time and provided a warm welcome to my home for 12 days. Other than a quick kip, I was awake for ... read more

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