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Sofie Olsson

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick January 12th 2015

8 weeks in Australia. Snap. Just like that. I’m back at the airport in Melbourne waiting for my flight that will take me back to Europe. This time without travel partner. Mick has 3 more weeks in this magnificent country before he gets back. I’m happy for him. Me on the other hand will be back with my (other) family in my home country in about 40 hours. Also beautiful, just a bit smaller and a slightly change in temperature (only 35 degrees colder). My last weekend in Oz we (when I say me I mean Mick) decided to spoil us with a night in a hotel in central Melbourne. We spent Saturday evening strolling around the city, listening to street musicians, drinking in funky bars and had an absolute gorgeous meal in a Thai restaurant ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda January 5th 2015

3 million flies, 40 degrees, roaming cows and the smell of horses… welcome to the countryside of Australia. A new side of Australia that I haven’t seen before. We have been to long white beaches, green mountains and big busting cities. This was new and something different but I liked it. Mick dropped me off 4 days ago at the Southern Cross in Melbourne. After many kisses and hugs and with plenty of snacks and fruit I got on the train with a nervous but exciting feeling in my stomach. After travelling together and sharing moments, problems and solutions with my other half I suddenly felt very lonely. The train moved in a slow pace and outside the window fields, lonely houses and a dry landscape passed by. After 1 hour or so the train stopped ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road January 1st 2015

Lamb chops… how delicious. Australia, you spoil me. Sensational food, wonderful people, incredible sceneries… I just want to eat the whole country up. And on top of all of that I am going to an Icelandic horse farm tomorrow. I’m ecstatic. Anyway, first thing first. Celebrating Xmas far away from home, in a country where it’s warm and sunny (but where they still spray fake snow on the windows!) and xmas day is on the 25th of December. If I can decide I would like to continue my celebrations down under. I agree that drinking glögg (mulled wine) in front of the open fire with the snow falling quietly outside is a special thing BUT I prefer a yummy BBQ in the sun. See you all at the beach xmas 2015? We celebrated xmas eve (the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston December 26th 2014

When we grow up and during most of the time of our childhood we listen to our parents or people that we look up to and that we think knows best. Then somewhere on the way we start to question things and take two steps back out of the bubble we live in and look at ourselves, and the world we live in, with different eyes. Some of us realise that we don’t have to act or do like we have been told while some of us continue without any further reflection. I myself realised this pretty reason and I start to understand myself, and the person that I am and want to be. There are no rules. Going to university, getting a career, buy a house, getting children or travel the world. When you realise ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick December 23rd 2014

Every day is a journey. Every hour, every second. Yesterday I lost focus. It’s very easy to do. I was lying in bed and as soon as I closed my eyes my mind was full of negative thoughts playing tricks in my head. The trick is to recognise it when it comes, to be aware. Today is a new day with new thoughts. Lesson learned. I’m spending my day in Melbourne. I feel lucky. I took the train to Flinders Station and from there walked along the river to the botanical gardens. I strolled around smelling flowers and learning about the Australian trees and plants for about 45 min and then continued on a tram back to the city centre. I don’t know that much about Melbourne and I like to explore the city without having ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Wilsons Promontory December 20th 2014

Why haven’t anyone told me to go to Australia before? No one told me that it’s full of long, white, sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water to swim in, beautiful mountains that’s scream out; climb me! AND friendly caring people that wants to help you even when you are not lost. Or maybe I havn't listened. I just thought it was hot hot hot and dust dust dust (more or less). But no no nooo… If you at the moment are in a country where it might be cold, rainy and dark.. you might not want to continuing reading. You might think that I’m repeating myself and blabbing on about how wonderful this continent is. But it’s a fact and it’s the truth. Its great and you should try to make your next destination “Down ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston December 17th 2014

This time the blog post might not be as jolly and cheer-full as usual. But that’s how it is sometimes. I think this one is more for myself, to put it on black and white, to simplify it and to make it easier to see that, that specific moment is not that bad. It’s just in my mind. The last 2 days I have been in a down place (I can now see that it was only my mind playing tricks with me). It happens from time to time if I don’t take care of my mind and myself. I get stuck in my own mind with painful negative thoughts that doesn’t want to disappear. Or at least that’s what I think at the time. I know now that its just thoughts. They are not the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston December 9th 2014

After having a beautiful dinner, having a very well needed shower (we did conquer a mountain after all) and a really good night sleep we waved goodbye to Jim, Jamie and her family. Next destination was the Blue Mountains. Just the name makes it feel mysterious. Who doesn’t want to get lost in the Blue Mountains… …we didn’t really get lost tho. We actually had some (more) family to visit J Sean and Manoo live on a beautiful farm surrounded by fields, animals and (of course) mountains. Their house is an absolute dream house. It has a relaxing and comfortable feeling with a beautiful artistic touch. We parked our van next to a little lake on their property not far away from their house. (a morning swim in your own lake is the perfect start of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Central Coast December 1st 2014

With a hand drawn map and one day of chilling and playing chess in Byron Bay we headed inland through green fields, tall trees and a lovely countryside with Mount Warning as our destination. Mt Warning, or Wollumbin (the aboriginal name for it), was created from the Tweed Volcano, which erupted 23 million years ago. Anyway, before we were going to conquer this mountain we had some other places in the same area that we wanted to visit. First stop was the Natural Bridge, which is a waterfall coming down trough a massive big rock into a beautiful lagoon located in stunning rain forest. All VERY cool. Our friend Omar who told us about it said that you can jump trough the waterfall down into the lagoon but unfortunately now there was a big tree that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lennox Head November 27th 2014

Last time I wrote I was so excited, delighted and full of happiness… I must say its still the same feelings and emotions inside of me. Right now we have parked the car on top of a hill south of Byron Bay called Lennox Head. The sun has just gone down and the rain is falling lightly outside. We are curled up in our van planning our next adventures and the following days expeditions… We ended up in this right spot because of a friendly soul. I will get back to that later. First I need to write about our last days in this massive but absolutely stunning country. After flying into Brisbane on Saturday (I think ?! Its hard to keep track on what day it is…) we picked up our extremely extraordinary Wicked van ... read more

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