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January 5th 2015
Published: January 5th 2015
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3 million flies, 40 degrees, roaming cows and the smell of horses… welcome to the countryside of Australia. A new side of Australia that I haven’t seen before. We have been to long white beaches, green mountains and big busting cities. This was new and something different but I liked it.

Mick dropped me off 4 days ago at the Southern Cross in Melbourne. After many kisses and hugs and with plenty of snacks and fruit I got on the train with a nervous but exciting feeling in my stomach. After travelling together and sharing moments, problems and solutions with my other half I suddenly felt very lonely. The train moved in a slow pace and outside the window fields, lonely houses and a dry landscape passed by. After 1 hour or so the train stopped in Geelong where I had to change to bus. (They stop the trains going if it’s too hot and the risk for bush fires is high). After 2 hours on the bus I finally arrived in Terang where Nele and her son Nelson (4 month old and absolutely adorable!) picked me up. Nele and her boyfriend Pat live on a farm just outside Terang where they have 15 horses (Icelandic!), 2 dogs, 2 cheep, 1 cat and 300 cows. I was there to ride, live, help and enjoy. Perfect combination of many good things in life.

As mentioned before, bush fires are pretty common in the bush. Nele showed me an app on her phone that shows her if and where there is a bushfire. When we looked last time there was one 5.2 km away from the farm. The status was “not under control”. It felt unreal. They have had bush fires in Australia where hundreds of people have died and many many more lost their homes. It’s hard to understand. 30 years ago there was one where Nele and Pat lives now. It destroyed the farm and many of the neighbours properties vanished as well in the burning flames. Unreal to me but at the same time, 5.2 km is not far away.

Life on the farm has been relaxing and enjoyable. I kind of fell into a routine of feeding the horses, playing with Nelson, reading my book, going for a ride and associate with Nele and the animals on the farm. Pleasant and peaceful. Today was my last day at the farm and Nele drove me early in the morning to the train station in Terang. Once again the train passed by the dry bush landscape in a slow and comfortable pace that slowly rocked me into a sleepy mood.

I’m now back in Melbourne, back to speeding cars, loud noises and streets full of half running people on a mission. Totally opposite from farm life where time doesn’t really matters, where the mission of every day are hungry cows and where rain gives people joy and excitement.

After a morning of questioning myself, my values and analysing my thoughts and brain (I don’t know what happened there) I’m going to try to suck the energy out of the active city life. All those people must be on their way somewhere. Maybe I should find out where. Maybe they can teach me something or just give me some energy and a slap in the face. Sometimes that’s all I need.


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