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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright May 8th 2018

Our first house sit in Wyndham had lasted a little under two weeks. It was a memorable first kick at the can, and I think it was useful to get the largest menagerie of animals out of the way in the beginning because from here on out the work load will be much less time consuming. Having to look after a dozen animals at once is pretty time consuming, and having to be back at set times in order to put the birds away and give everyone their night time meal put some constraints on our ability to explore Melbourne as thouroughly as we wanted too. Hopefully we will be able to swing through again on this trip. Now that this first sit is over I must admit it was a lot of fun hanging out ... read more
Alpine National Park
Enter the Maze...
Kevin at one with nature.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright October 2nd 2013

Geo: -36.7312, 146.9540930 We left the Park, the sun was shining and looks like a good day to explore the country side. First stop was Tower Hill Lookout over Bright. Took photo's it is truly a beautiful country side. 1000 Stopped at the Gorge on our way up Mt. Buffalo. Took photo's of waterfalls then we had another stop to take more photo's at Eurobin Falls. Grossmans Mill picnic area, we stopped at nearly the top of Mt. Buffalo, where there used to be a timber mill which the wood from it built the Chalet in 2013. It had a decent sized lake which was weird to come upon, after winding our way up the mountain.A lot of trees dead due to the fire that swept through in 2003, my god, so much dead wood you ... read more
The Gorge
The Eurobin Falls
Mick and a little bit of Snow

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright October 1st 2013

Geo: -36.7272, 146.96Set off at 7.30am today, supposed to be strong winds later in the day. Well I certainly pick the time to drive, it bucketed down near Albury, so much so I could not see the road. Mick just said he was glad he was not driving, that's okay though, because he has the next leg, through to Bruthen, at the moment there is snow on them hills. I will be glad I'm not driving!! It rained the whole way, after three hours travelling we bought coffee in Myrtleford and Mick took over for the next 30km. Booked into Bright Riverside Holiday Park and were set up by 12.30pm, then what would you know, the sun shined on us. We are right on the river it is a pretty little place and in Autumn would ... read more
The Duckess on the Ovens River
The Bridge over the Ovens River
A view from the bridge over the Ovens

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright February 27th 2012

Lake Catani is the highest body of water in Victoria. Even from a distance of 25 meters, we sadly didn’t get to see it because of the severe fog and rain! The weather has been shocking (with heavy rain and flash floods forecast for the next few days too) and we both had to use ear plugs during the night because the rain was so loud on the roof of our van. By the morning, everything on the outside of the van was covered in mud.My poor bike – it hasn’t even been ridden yet and it already looks a bit worse for wear. We decided not to let the weather cramp our style and went hiked up to The Horn, Mount Buffalo’s highest point at 1723 meters. The Minjambuta Aboriginals, who lived below the snowline ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright November 30th 2011

Blog 21 - Spring is here! The snow has gone and the trees are no longer bare. Spring has blossomed with colour and activity. The ducks in Morse’s Creek are protectively teaching their cute ducklings how to survive with hundreds of humans in the park and dozens of children in THEIR creek. Bright is one of the most beautiful places in Australia and we enjoyed arriving to completely bare trees and very cold to spring and the breaking out of all the leaves on deciduous tree (nearly every tree in Bright) and flowers and blossoms. We spent our days off visiting all those place you have probably heard of, like Mount Hotham, Mount Buffalo, Falls Creek, Harrietville, Myrtleford, Beachworth (so Wendy could go to yet another Beachworth bakery) The Buckland Valley, Wandillogong and many more. We ... read more
The Canyon walk
The Canyon Walk
Mt Buffalo

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright October 24th 2011

We stayed in a funny log cabin place near the Grampians with a proper Aussie host (described by an Australian friend as Tropo). The Grampians themselves were amazing and full of wildlife. Mum got loads of use out of her new birthday binoculars, thanks friends! We saw waterfalls, mountains and great scenery. After confidently assuring Mum and Dad they wouldn't see emus (just like we said about koalas) we saw loads, along with kangaroos, wallabies and the other thing we claimed they would never see... snakes. We returned to Melbourne via the Gold towns of Bendigo and Castlemain. Dad even managed to squeeze in a couple of vinyard visits. Arriving back in Melbourne to Kath's wonderful hospitality was a real treat and we had a couple of days seeing family again and getting to see some ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright September 21st 2011

Blog 20 - 3½ Months on the Central Coast. (Quite a while back) It’s funny how funerals bring families together. Peter’s Mum would have wondered what all the fuss was about. The family gave her a lovely "send-off". We were grateful that we got to see all the family again. We were able to celebrate our youngest daughter, Shannon’s, engagement to long-time school friend, Michael Jones. Within in week of those festivities, Shannon was on a plane to Spain, for the next leg of her jet-setting, back-packing lifestyle. Before she left she suggested that perhaps we could meet her in Gallipoli next April! Great Idea! Something to think about. It’s strange that as soon as an idea is planted in your head, there are signs of it everywhere you look. Travel features in newspapers focused on ... read more
Wendy's 3 boys
Christmas in Winter
A fun day out

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright February 24th 2011

/Trip to Bright 18/02/11-21/02/1 Last Friday, Brady and I headed off up the Hume Hwy towards Bright, Victoria, for you Tasweigians thats up in the Alpine country near Mt Beauty and Mt Hotham. We drive the van at a steady pace of 90km/ph so the drive took us a quick (haha) 5 hours! Oh well, it was good and I reminiced the whole way! We set up camp once we got there and waited for Mum and Dad to arrive, which they did about 6pm I think? We sat through the rain and after a very hilarious game of Spicks and Specks, the board game, we said our goodbyes and headed to bed. Mum said to me "Wake up whenever you like and we'll have a big cook up of bacon and eggs at our site!" ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright December 25th 2009

Victoria – the place to be. C'est pas moi qui le dit ; l'épitaphe orne très modestement presque toutes les plaques minéralogiques de l'État. Mais, pour ce que j'en ai vu en un peu plus d'une semaine, on ne doit pas être très loin de la vérité. Des rocs mystiques des Grampians aux rivières arborées coulant paresseusement le long des Australian Alps, en passant bien sûr par la mythique et très fréquentée Great Ocean Road, ses falaises abyssales et ses plages aux déferlantes infernales, les résidents de Victoria ont de quoi s'y croire. Et je n'ai pas encore vu Melbourne ! Les plans initiaux, qui devaient me faire découvrir la ville un peu avant Noël, ont été passablement chamboulés. De Melbourne, j'aurais voulu emmener le van là où il n'est probablement encore jamais allé : en ... read more
Vue imprenable sur les Grampians
Plaqué !
Baie des Iles

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright December 24th 2009

Amis lecteurs, je vous suis infiniment reconnaissant de suivre mes pas au cours de ce petit périple et, depuis Bright, au pied des Australian Alps, je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noel et de belles fetes de fin d'année... ho ho ho :)... read more

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