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Hello family and friends!

We've started our trip, and these are the tales of our adventures...

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » The Entrance April 15th 2011

After our brief stint in Sydney, we headed up Norah Head on the coast of Newcastle. We just picked Norah Head off a map, but I later realised the reason I picked it was probably because I remembered the name from photo albums of mums, as her, dad and Caitlin had holidayed there in about 1985 with the Leasks. Anyway, there was only one caravan park in the region, so needless to say we headed there. It was fairly pricey, but it was a gorgeous caravan park. It had all brand new facilites, a jumping pillow and a brand new pool and kids waterfall play area (where we spent most of our time. The pool that is lol :-P). We started off with the view of staying one night as it was so expensive, and ended ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 20th 2011

I HATE SYDNEY. This stupid poo hole of a town had ONE pet friendly caravan park. The WORST caravan park I have EVER stayed in!! And not only was it horribly disgusting, it cost $41 a night!!!! The amenities block was an old shipping container converted into toilets and showers. There was no pool! No games room! NOTHING! The sites were just all cement and the majority of people there lived there, so it was pure trailer trash. It was horrible! We didn't cook, didn't shower, didn't pop the top or put the awning out. We just wanted to get out of there ASAP! There was one tiny good thing about it, the lady next to us had a poodle X maltese who was jet black. He looked exactly like Maxibon but a litte bit smaller. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong March 20th 2011

I HATE WOOLONGONG. That's pretty much the moral of this blog.. They had NOT ONE pet friendly caravan park and everyone I spoke to was SO unfriendly. Not only did they not have any pet friendly caravan parks, they didn't have any free camping either. What did they expect us to do? Stupid hole of a town. Stick it up yah' bum! B,L,M xx... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Ulladulla March 20th 2011

Ok, so after Wallaga Lakes we headed north towards Ulludulla. Our first stop was a little town called Narooma, well not little, a poo load bigger than Wallaga Lakes! Once again, we were kicking ourselves for not moving on that little bit and staying at somewhere a bit better but ahh well, thems the breaks! We found a market where we bought 4 red capsicums for $3, Brady was stoked! We bought other stuff but seeing as it was so long ago haha I can't remember! So after having a stroll around the market we headed to Batemens Bay. It was a nice little town I guess, with a bit of a shopping centre. It was nice, but not really exciting so after having lunch we decided to move on. We headed straight up to Ulludulla, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bermagui March 10th 2011

After our trip to Eden, we headed further up North to Bermagui via the tourist route, such a lovely drive! We really didn't intend on going to Bermagui, in fact we actually had no idea where the hell were going lol but we ended up in Bermagui. It looked really nice and we were pretty keen to stay there, but the information office was closed, so we couldn't find out any information :-S. We stumbled upon one caravan park that allowed pets, but they only had the one dingiest little site stuck in a corner between annual vans, so we thought... mmm, no! So intead of staying there the night, I went to the local fishing and tackle shop and bought a pink fishing rod! (I developed a certain urge to take up fishing lol!) Somehow ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eden March 5th 2011

After our little stop off in Orbost, we headed out of Victoria and into NSW on the 25/02/2011. There wasn't a great deal to see between Orbost and Eden, very sleepy little country towns, blips on the map! We got to Eden and headed straight for the information booth, then sat outside the info booth on a table and chairs and made ourselves salad sandwhiches (it's a tough life this travelling!) We made our way to the "Fountain Caravan Park", so called because of the huge fountain out the front lol. Drove in, picked a site and began to set up the van. Parked near us were a french couple travelling with their third wheel french mate with all their stuff sprawled all over their site and no van. We had a bit of a chat ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Orbost February 27th 2011

After leaving Lakes Entrance heading towards eden stopping off in Orbost. Orbost why the blood hell not! It was a nice quiet place. We got four party pies, two hot chocolates and filled up with fuel and we were on our way...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lakes Entrance February 26th 2011

today (23rd Feb) we left the comforts of nyree's home and headed out on our long trip ahead. We decided that our first port of call would be Lakes Entrance (via the long way round) after taking a cruisy 6 hours making our way to lakes Entrance, after stoping off at the infomation center we found ourselfs a nice little caravan park in the middle of town called Sunny side. once we parked and set up we soon made friends with our neighbours, the people next to us where an enghlish couple, they gave us a few useful tips and hint to help with the trip ahead. we got talking and found out that they from brelwick and the people on the other side where from rosebud. the next morning (24th) i got up early to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bright February 24th 2011

/Trip to Bright 18/02/11-21/02/1 Last Friday, Brady and I headed off up the Hume Hwy towards Bright, Victoria, for you Tasweigians thats up in the Alpine country near Mt Beauty and Mt Hotham. We drive the van at a steady pace of 90km/ph so the drive took us a quick (haha) 5 hours! Oh well, it was good and I reminiced the whole way! We set up camp once we got there and waited for Mum and Dad to arrive, which they did about 6pm I think? We sat through the rain and after a very hilarious game of Spicks and Specks, the board game, we said our goodbyes and headed to bed. Mum said to me "Wake up whenever you like and we'll have a big cook up of bacon and eggs at our site!" ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road » Torquay February 11th 2011

Ok so today we woke up and made our way down to Sorrento to catch the 12pm ferry across to Queenscliffe. (For you Tassie folk, thats going from one side of the bay across the heads to the other side. The crossing was really calm, we stayed in the van with Maxibon and slept the whole way, (unlike me, I know!!) Anyway, so when we got there.. The fun started!! The GPS woman kept getting herself confused (I'm still undecided as to how helpful they are at times :-S!). We began to head toward our destination, Torquay and ended up in Ocean Grove along the way. Whilst we were there we thought we'd fill up on fuel, get the gas bottles filled and do a food shop. We went to the local hardware store to get ... read more

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