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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport October 18th 2015

It was most unfortunate that the Melbourne Marathon had been scheduled on the same day we were to board the NEW Spirit to return to Tasmania. Many access roads would be closed from 6am so we had to have an early start to ensure that we arrived in time for boarding. A cunning plan was formulated so we would sneak in to Port Melbourne on a back road which comes out right at the entrance to Station Pier. It meant that we had to drive over about one million speed humps (slowly) but that's how it goes sometimes. All went well with our boarding (which included unpacking the bike rack and bikes and installing them inside the bus), however, a fellow passenger had a heart attack and required assistance. The vessel eventually sailed from Station Pier ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport March 29th 2015

And so the days counted down.....and things got done....and then the days were at zero....and it was time to go. Of course, there was cake...and there were goodbyes. Up to Launceston to say hi (and bye) to the boys. To Devonport where we stayed at the Mersey Bluff Caravan Park on Saturday Night. We walked along the bluff for exercise in the evening. Up bright and early on Sunday to drive "around the corner" to catch the Spirit Of Tasmania - a "day boat" leaving at 9am. And our trip of a lifetime had begun. Hannah from work (and partner Shawn) were also on "our" boat. We landed at Port Melbourne about 7pm and after an excellent dinner of fish n chips, made our way down to Barwon Heads Caravan Park (near Geelong), where we would ... read more
Overtaking a bulk container ship in Port Phillip Bay
On the Spirit

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport February 24th 2015

Hi everyone, were now in Tasmania with Sue and Brian, caught the ferry yesterday morning, took nearly 10 hours, lots of sleeping on seats, wandering about aimlessly, wishing we could get off this ferry !!! Nothing in sight, bit rocky out in the sea, took a sea sickness tablet just incase !!! Expecting the worst but all fine. After endless hours at sea ! Land in sight, hooray, off we get in the car with kayaks on top, head for Devonport, not too far away from the ferry as it was late. So we stayed at a caravan, mobile park by the beach overnight, lovely little place, then in the morning had our breakfast and after a little walk down to the beach headed off to Launceston, a small town, very pretty, old colonial buildings, felt ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport February 23rd 2015

Devonport Last Day 2 Today rain was forecast at 8am but it is late and the heat is still on, the rain never came. Even the locals are complaining it is too hot but we are soaking it up. After all who would have thought that it could be 30 degrees in February. A good Full English breakfast at the motel set us up for the day and the first job was to strip down our bikes and bag them up ready for the flight out tomorrow. This is always an unwelcome task when such an interesting and successful tour ends and we are in the 'going home' mode. A walk into town followed and a peep in the local bike shop to drool over the latest lightweight bikes with electric gear shifters. Bill then decided ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport February 8th 2015

Tasmania Day 1 We arrived in Melbourne airport without hitch but without significant sleep, as usual, despite the journey taking 30 hours since leaving home and another 6 hours to go before we arrive in Devonport, Tasmania. Alas I received a message from Valerie stating that she had been delayed an hour in Sydney since they would not allow her bike to be stowed in her plastic bag but had to be put in a box. She will have to catch the next flight in 4 hours and get a taxi to the motel. The plane to Tassy seems tiny compared to the A 380 double decker and I could almost touch both sides of the fuselage with arms outstretched. Valerie eventually arrived complete with bike. Another problem was that John H who had flown in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport January 21st 2015

My trip to Australia a few months back was definitely an adventurous and exciting one. One of the main reasons it was so fun for me was because I chose to do a car rental and travel around Tasmania on my very own. When I first arrived at Melbourne, I decided to take the ferry over to Tasmania to see what the area was all about. A lot of my relatives who had already been to Australia told me that Tasmania had a lot of things to do, so I wanted to check it out for myself. After getting off of the ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania, I decided to go to a car hire company and get a vehicle that I could use on my own (this website lists all the agencies at the ferry ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport August 2nd 2014

This morning's first stop was at Cataract Gorge the final passage that the South Esk River navigates before flowing into the Tamar River. After the rain of the last two days the river was absolutely gushing through the gorge in spectacular fashion! We parked the car near the First Basin area and walked down into the Cataract Gorge Reserve. I believe there is a swimming pool in the lawn area near the basin, but this was completely inundated by the amount of water flowing through the gorge at the moment. From the lawn area we took the path to the supspension bridge from which we were able to stand over the torrent of water flowing underneath and be in awe of the incredible force of nature. The gorge is a world class kayak run, but I ... read more
Cataract Gorge
Cataract Gorge Suspension Bridge
Bird of the Day

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport July 19th 2014

Last night we did most of our packing so this morning we just had to walk the dogs, tidy the house, pack the car and we were off into the city at about lunch time. We have been wanting to see the Aztec exhibition at the Museum Victoria since it opened in April. With the exhibition due to finish early in August we decided that we could fit it in during the afternoon before making our way down to Station Pier to board the Spirit of Tasmania. We had a good run into the city and booked our tickets for the exhibition. It turned out that the two for one offer - if we mentioned the email we received on Friday night - was cheaper than our Museum Victoria membership entry fee. We saved $4.00!! After ... read more
Aztec Exhibition
Aztec Exhibition
Aztec Exhibition

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport April 20th 2014

This will be our last blog from Tasmania, well from home really after getting back a week ago. Arthur River is known in Tasmania as the Edge of the World as the next landfall to the west is South America, some 15,000 kms away. It is said to have the purest air on the planet as the prevailing winds travel so far without touching land anywhere before hitting Arthur River. We can believe that, and to match the wind there are huge waves constantly pounding the rocky shore line. It would appear that all Tasmanians must like camping as some of the camp grounds that we have been into have been extensive, and the one we used at A.R was no exception (there was also another one on the other side of town just as big). ... read more
Arthur River boat cruise
Lake Chisholm sinkhole
Lake Chisholm sinkhole

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport » Don River Railway March 30th 2014

Around the world there are many great Railway Preservation Projects, and rightly so. The very fabric of development of many places including Tasmania was the thread of iron rails and hissing steam monsters that carried produce and people where no other transport of the time could, and at speeds that were unimaginable before the rail was introduced. For me personally, maintaining that railway history at a small working level is really important. Just as we have recognised the painful but enduring work of Tasmania's convicts, so we need to acknowledge the truth of the benefit of rail to this little island state. I would think that the rail road too was built in many places with the blood sweat and tears of the convicts. There are a number of working steam railways in Tasmania, but I ... read more
Important piece of history
Don River Railway 01
Royal Carrriage 02

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