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We have talked about our dear navigator Tom Tom previously, but on this leg of our journey he did a superb job of taking us towards Mole Creek. He chose unusual and interesting roads, but unbeknown to our little friend, we followed a heard of cattle for quite some distance before they were mustered to the side of the road to let a small queue of other Tommy navigators past. Once through, all was well and we made good progress once more. That was until we arrived at Chudleigh. You have probably never heard of this town other than its namesake in England. This town does contain an interesting surprise - The Silk Fudge Shop. Now the fudge isn't made of silk, and the silk items sold are not fudge coated either. This is a thriving ... read more
Fudge Fudge Fudge
Chubby little devils 1
Chudleigh General Store

Tasmania is stunning. Fact, no ifs, buts or maybes it just is. Having lived in the fair green isle for a couple of years during my nomadic childhood it has stayed in my memory as my favourite temporary home and The Overland Track through the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area has been firmly on my bucket list for years. Routinely up there as one of the top long distance walks in the world it is also one of the most accessible. 65kms over 6 days from Ronny Creek in the north to Lake St Claire in the south, it can easily be extended by a day or more with side trips, stay overs and a walk around Lake St Claire to Cynthia Bay. During those 6 days you get to walk through alpine ... read more
Wild and Wooly Wombats
The Start ...
Helen & I

On 17th February 2013 my Mum, Becky and I began a trek from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair in the mountains of Tasmania. Mum completed the trek in memory of her mum, my gran, who died on 17th January 2013 after many years battling with dementia. Any money raised will be donated to Alzheimer's Society in recognition of the excellent support they offer to people who suffer from this terrible illness and their carers. She would really appreciate any support you could offer to this outstanding organisation: This is my mum, Meg's blog of events. Enjoy reading! Click on the photos to view them all. Day 1 – Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley hut (10km) The shuttle bus dropped us off at Ronny Creek to start the long trek up the side of Cradle ... read more
At the start
Crater Lake
Ascending Cradle Mountain

Salut tout le monde ! Alors ou en étions nous ?? Ça fait bien deux semaines que je n'ai pas donné de nouvelles. Tout ça pendant les fêtes, enfin les fêtes... Disons qu'elles ne se sont pas exactement passées comme d'habitude ! Mais avant d'aborder ce sujet, reprenons là ou je vous ai laissé, chez Carl et Ros, nos woofers, un bed and breakfast dans la contrée la plus au sud de la Tasmanie. Sur leur terrain, trois maisons. La principale, celle dans laquelle ils vivent actuellement et accueille les touristes, la deuxième, quasi finie, qui sera à terme leur maison, c'est d'ailleurs là ou nous avons logé et enfin 3 cabanes qui une fois terminées, seront réservées au woofer. Après avoir creusé des trous dans le jardin, retapé un toit, construit une cuisine, déménagé des ... read more
2012 12 24 Louis Lac Saint Claire National Park-1
2012 12 21 South Tasmania-19
2012 12 26 Craddle Moutain-3

What to do with a free week off work? How about hiking the Overland Track in Tassie with a full trek pack? No worries mate! So I decided to join one of the Tasmanian Expeditions trips - 6 full days covering approx 70 kms. We had everything thrown at us weather wise - sun, rain, hail, wind, sleet; sometimes all in the space of an hour! Didn't get a chance to take many photos as every turn in the trail was gobsmackingly beautiful, and I couldn't hope to capture what I was experiencing and seeing. I know that people's opinions are polarised about the boardwalks spoiling the walk, however I don't see how else you can minimise the impact of walkers in such a pristine environment. I had an amazing adventure with a diversity of dramatic ... read more
heading to the summit of Cradle Mountain
Barn Bluff
Lake Will

During my time at Cradle Mountain, I did a walk to Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and what a beautiful walk :) Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is located in the Central Highlands area of Tasmania (Australia), 165 km northwest of Hobart. The park contains many walking trails, and is where hikes along the well-known Overland Track usually begins. Major features are Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff in the northern end, Mount Pelion East, Mount Pelion West, Mount Oakleigh and Mount Ossa in the middle and Lake St Clair in the southern end of the park. The park is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.... read more
Cradle Mountain Behind Dove Lake
Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain

I woke up to a very cold and cloudy morning. Even though it was only 11 degrees I decided to do the walk around dove lake anyways. Good thing i'm Canadian and know how to layer up! I drove to where the original cabin is where there is a memorial and the grave of the founder of Cradle mountain as a national park is. He was an Austrian man married to an Australian woman. As I pulled up to do the dove lake circuit walk the clouds were obstructing my view of Cradle mountain. Good thing I came yesterday and saw it in the sunshine. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and headed off. It's a beautiful hike around the lake at the base of Cradle Mountain. It's meant to be a 2 hour walk ... read more
memorial to the founder
cradle mountain covered by cloud

Enjoyed the day long trip to see Cradle Mountain. Unfortunately it rained hard all day so our view of the mountsin was very limited. But still all in all enjoyed all the stops along the way and the view anyways.... read more
Photo 12
Photo 13
Photo 14

'It is acknowledged even by all the rival colonies that of all the colonies Tasmania is the prettiest… may be said of the small island that, go where you will, the landscape that meets the eye is pleasing, whereas the reverse of this is certainly the rule on the Australian continent. And the climate of Tasmania is by far pleasanter than that of any part of the mainland... Everything in Tasmania is more English than is England herself.' (Australia and New Zealand, by Anthony Trollope, 1873) This is why Tasmania was always on my list of things I definitely wanted to see when arrived in Australia. I’ve since discovered other interesting things about the place: Mainland Australians use Tassie as the butt of all jokes, namely they are a bunch of red-necked, convict-bred, incestuous simpletons. I ... read more
Cataract Gorge at Launceston
Cataract Gorge at Launceston
Cataract Gorge at Launceston

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