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After a very cold night - even colder than in Cradle Mountain, i was wearing 2 pairs of socks, 3 trousers and 5t tops and a jumper, woke up so many times, ended up using our gas stove to warm the tent up, we had breakfast with Simon and Fi. We decided to go on the 5hr walk on the Shadow Lake Circuit. You could also catch a ferry up to Echo Point or Narcissus Bay and walk down along the lake, which is part of the Overland Track. There was also a walk up to Mount Rufus but that was a 7 hour walk! Lake St Clair lies at the Southern End of Cradle Mountain and is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Carved by ice during several glaciations over the last 2 ... read more
Lake St Clair

We set up camp in the National Park camp ground and Annelies and Thomas headed down to the lake for a dip. It was very cold but Thomas managed to get completely wet. In the evening, we went for a free Discovery Ranger walk to Platypus Bay, which was very informative. We were lucky enough to spot several platypuses swimming not too far from the shore's edge. We learnt that baby Platypus and Echidna are both called Puggles and that male Platypuses have venomous spurs on their hind limbs. The next day (Saturday) we set off on the 12.5km Shadow Lake circuit walk. We saw an Echidna along the way before having lunch at the lake. Thomas and Mark decided to take the longer and steeper circuit walk to Mount Rufus (18km in total), while Annelies ... read more
Lake St Clair
Mount Rufus
Shadow Lake Walk

Part 6 Monday 15th December Felt far from good this morning and had to wait an hour or so until I could drive...why does wine seem like such a good idea at the time but such a bad one in hindsight??! Especially as I was the only driver........Lack of coffee and a hangover bacon and egg roll didn't help either!! BUT had a surprisingly good day and felt fine once we'd stopped at a cafe for the above noted goodies........ We drove to Lake St Clair over the Franklin River to the National Park. We took an easy (Martin was being kind to us that day - probably something to do with his own immense hangover) walk along the lake to Platypus Bay where all the Platypus hid from us - but we did see a ... read more

Located 90 minutes from Devonport, Cradle Mountain is located at the Northern end of the Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair National Park. Travelling there from Devonport takes you on a beautiful drive through the back roads of country Tasmania through Sheffield, the town famous for the murals. Driving along the country roads gives you a chance to relax in the quiet unspoilt country life of Tasmania and see the mountains raising up on the side of the road. At Cradle Mountain you have a choice of paying to take your car in the national park or for a smaller fee accessing the shuttle bus service. We chose the shuttle bus service as many of the roads are one way and narrow. You park and pay at the information centre then the shuttle buses run regularly through ... read more
Cradle Mountain.
Take me home country road.
Mountains from road.

Back in Melbourne from Tassie. I just finished hiking the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Claire. It was a 7-day trek and we covered over 100km. I was surprised to see how green and non-flat Tasmania is compared with the rest of Australia that I've seen. I had heard that Tasmania is the closest to BC that Australia gets and I was certainly reminded of home as we drove through the state. There are a lot more sheep in Tassie though. I'd say the theme of our trip at least for the first couple of days was 'lower your standards'. We started walking with rain drizzling but that quickly turned to a complete downpour. We had planned on doing a side trip up cradle mountain, but it was so miserable we lowered our ... read more
Windermere Hut
Possum w/ baby

My final day in Hobart was drenched in glorious sunshine, sat in the shade writing my postcards, then I met my pal Mitch who I met back in November on that crazy bus journey in Cambodia, the one where 7 people had to ride on the roof, we had exchanged emails as I knew then I was coming back to Melbourne, and therefore a trip to Tassy was always going to be on the cards. Introduced Mitch to some Scottish culture from the international sweet shop, a Tunnocks Caramel wafer, and a can of Irn Bru, as sticky sweet a concuction as is humanley possible to find. We took a quick trip in the car up to the summit of Mount Wellington, by rights I should of got on my boots and already of hiked up, ... read more
Frenchman's Cap
Wonderfull Waterfall
Henty Sand Dunes

We spend the night in Deloraine's YHA hostel, a rather regimented place - not quite necessary, since we were the only people staying there - where the somewhat eccentric owner felt the need to post signs absolutely everywhere, of which my favourite was "beds are for sleeping in, not on". Still, the hostel's quiet location at the top of a small hill gave us fabulous sunset views, with Tasmania's rugged central mountains silhouetted against a truly technicolour sky. That and not far off a century's worth of National Geographic back issues made for a nice peaceful evening. Deloraine is a quaint, small place, nestled on the banks of the aptly named Meander River, and consists of little more than a couple of streets lined with shops. Strange to think, then, that Deloraine is actually "Tasmania's largest ... read more
The Western Tiers
Liffey Falls
Garden of Eden

Preface Since 1998 when I first visited Tasmania I have wanted to do the Overland Track, one of the worlds great walks. The weather gods did not send welcoming signals then and I wouldn’t have had the time to do it either. Thus, I had to come back… After eight years I was to find that - except for the weather - things have changed. The Overland has become so popular that the park management had to limit the number of walkers which is certainly a good idea. Furthermore, they introduced a hefty 100 dollars walking pass (summer only) which in my opinion is a bit expensive since you don’t have to pay anything if you do just parts of the trek. Anyway, of course we paid for our permit and started our great adventure on ... read more
Kitchen Hut
Tiger Snake

Cradle Mountain, located near the north end of the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park in central Tasmania is one of my favourite places on Planet Earth. Though not high, about 1545 meters, it has a quiet serenity which allows the consciousness to image itself drifting back more than 5 thousand years and observing the same scene. The shingled hut in the foreground is called the Boat Hut, though when it last had a boat, I have no idea. Coupled witha small sandy beach in front of it, it is used as a resting place for overland and day walkers. Like so many lakes in Tasmania, the lake, Lake Dove is a glacier lake scoured out during the last ice age which ended about 10,000 years ago. The orange colouring on the mountain side ... read more
Boat Hut
Kitchen Hut

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