Tassie Adventure Part 6

Published: January 5th 2009
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Part 6

Monday 15th December

Felt far from good this morning and had to wait an hour or so until I could drive...why does wine seem like such a good idea at the time but such a bad one in hindsight??! Especially as I was the only driver........Lack of coffee and a hangover bacon and egg roll didn't help either!!

BUT had a surprisingly good day and felt fine once we'd stopped at a cafe for the above noted goodies........

We drove to Lake St Clair over the Franklin River to the National Park. We took an easy (Martin was being kind to us that day - probably something to do with his own immense hangover) walk along the lake to Platypus Bay where all the Platypus hid from us - but we did see a cool Echidna - nice to see one that wasn't splattered across the road for once!

We were all a little unimpressed after seeing the stunning cradle mountain the day before (and tired) so we cut the day short and drove to another free campsite (stopping off at a paying campsite to cheekily use their kitchen and showers) on the edge of Lake King William.

Apparently Wombats were plentiful here so we waited until dark and went on a wombat hunt through bog like conditions only turning back for camp when it was pointed out that snakes come out at night as well as wombats........we hadn't thought of that.......

I was glad to be back at camp that night but I evidently felt on edge as images from Wolfcreek kept on creeping into my head from nowhere whatsoever - which was rather unnerving!!!


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