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Heading on up the Northeast trail in Tassie Waited in the early morning sun for the frost to dry on the canvas chateau before we could pack her up. Then said our farewells to our top little authentic Easter stay in Dover by the sea, where we had real rabbits running all around our camp, day and night. And then began our sunny drive up through the Huon valley, passing all the coastal shackies (Tassie for weekender or batch to the Kiwi’s) and the flourishing orchards, offering large bags of crisp, juicy apples for only $2 !! And all done using the old honesty box system in a little roadside shed/stall, just another thing that makes Tassie so special. It was as though a bell had rung and autumm was delivered during the Easter break, and ... read more
Having fun clearing the Path Tahune Air Walk area
Lots of firewood for an Island at Lattitude 43 degrees South
The Breakfast Queen - Barb

Dat was dus alweer ruim een maand geleden dat er eens een teken van leven uit OZ is geweest! Het is dan ook enorm druk geweest sinds de laatste update moet ik zeggen. Zat net ff het laatste verhaal te lezen, en helaas was er een soort van voorspellende boodschap uit dat verhaal uitgekomen... de hitte waar ik over sprak op die betreffende zaterdag was echt zo bizar als men had voorspeld, met alle doden, gewonden en honderden vierkante kilometers verbrand bos als gevolg. De dag was ook echt heel onheilspellend.... het was enorm heet (46.6 graden of zoiets geloof ik, en het schijnt dat Melbourne op dat moment de heetste plek ter wereld was) en de wind was gewoon eng. Ik was naar het strand gegaan omdat het binnen gewoon niet te harden was. Jacq ... read more
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Start Overland

DAY 125 We converged in the camp kitchen this morning; I was up only half an hour before Caroline and put the tea on. I just love my “quiet” time when I can have my cup of tea and write the blog. Caroline came in with the breakfast stuff and we sat and discussed this job opportunity we have been offered. We all know how we both think about both sides of the coin so I won’t bore you any further. Lee and Marilyn came in and we chatted for a while, we all decided to do the 8.5k board walk this morning, the one where Caroline went face diving!! 12.00 was our rendezvous, at our camp P4, so we set about getting sorted, having a shower so we didn’t freak the wildlife out and tidying ... read more
The Lake

Hey all, Amazing news, we are leaving Tasmania today and have to be packed up and gone at 10.00 am, we won't be done by then but we never rush. I got up at 6.30 am Australia Time on the 13th March, which is actually 7.30 pm on 12th Mach UK Time and by the time I had made myself a cup of tea and booted the machine up and Skyped my mum it was 7.00 am( Australia time) I looked at Kangaroojack at 7.02 and we have hit 10,000 Blog hits, which I think is absolutley amazing. The count is 147072 Words 1237 Photo's 10000 Blog Hits 1360 Hits this month 2750 Hits last month Who said blogging was going out of fashion. Thank you all for reading the drivel which we call Kangaroojack. Our ... read more

DAY 113 We both slept quite well last night, the air was definitely warmer and we appeared to have no night visitors either, except that we did hear one Possum playing with the bucket outside the tent but we were both too tired to worry about it. Out of bed first Andy wanders off to the camp kitchen to make the tea, while I shower, I look in the mirror, as I had done the previous day, to inspect the damage, I don’t look too bad all things considered. I still have all my own teeth (including the ones I paid for!), nothing that a bit of time and Vaseline won’t make better. I feel as if I have done 10 rounds in a boxing ring. I join Andy in the kitchen; I have brought the ... read more
Dance Floor
Our House

We are on Tasmania having a great time, but unable to upload the blog. Wait till you see the photo's you'll love em. Caroline has had a minor accident, she fell over whilst on a walk on Cradle Mountain, or did I push her I can't remember? But seriuosly, when she fell she hit her face. Her bunny teeth have made a bit of a mess of her lip, so I took her to Hospital, and she will be fine, they did not stitch it as they don't stitch lips due to infection, they are expected to heal properly, she is a little battered and brusied, so don't drink and hike ;-) Until we get the chance to upload the blog. P.s We have seen 12 Wombat, 1 Tasmanian Devil, 1 Echidna, and loads more stuff. ... read more

DAY 112 Caroline slept quite well last night, her lip bled once or twice in the night. I was out of bed at 7.00 am as my back was giving me aggro, though we did have quite a good walk yesterday, and I got up to polish the blog for yesterday and made sure after the days events it all sounded ok. We hadn’t had anymore break in’s, though during the night we had had visitors as the cooker looked like a dance floor with all the footprints, but no Possums parcels for us to tread in. I did wake in the night to hear them walking over the roof of the trailer, and they were around the back, I had leaned our table up against the back just to deter them, which seemed to work. ... read more
After the Fall
Open Fire
Front Porck

DAY 111 There was a rustling in the trailer, Caroline and myself both sit bolt upright, Caroline grabbed the torch and shone it towards the floor, a very large Possum was sitting on top of the food box eating a bag of crisps and when I say large, its probably the size of a big “Tom Cat”, but with an extra long bushy tail. I know we had seen loads of Wildlife last night but I had to be dreaming, this is our house, well trailer tent, and Possums don’t live in here. I got out of my very warm and cosy sleeping bag in to a very cold trailer tent, got down off the bed and on to the floor. With Caroline training the light on to our intruder, it hadn’t even turned around, totally ... read more
Mountain Road
Beautiful Day

We are off up to Cradle Mountain region for a few days and may not be able to publish the blog. So don't worry we hope to come out of the National Park with lots of good Wildlife Pictures. A&C... read more

All, Just for fun, within the next two weeks we will publish a selection of a photo's so far on a particular topic, and in the coming months we have several topics that we will load pictures for. I can honestly say, it won't be a collection of photo's from all the Macdonalds we have had to visit to use their internet. So watch this Space. A&C... read more

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