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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe April 9th 2018

The temperature is predicted to hit 27 degrees today but I am not optimistic enough to reach for my shorts just yet. We only have a short distance to cover; 80 miles up the coast to the resort town of Robe. But this means we will have notched up a total of 20,000 miles in total. After some navigation issues in Millicent (caused by the old man’s inability to tell the difference between left and straight on) we reach Robe mid morning and take a walk along the headland trail. It’s very pretty – a rocky bay surrounded by succulent covered dunes. It has a terribly ugly 1970s lighthouse built to replace the 19th century obelisk which is teetering precariously on the eroding cliff top. We drive further round the coast to Long Beach, a 10 ... read more
Robe lighthouse
Robe Obelisk
Robe Harbour

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe December 6th 2017

Waking up in a railway shed was a bit different, just another new accommodation to the strange places where one greets the new day. Annoyingly we were greeted by 6 million mosquitos during the night. With railway shunters beginning work wondering who the cycling vagabonds might be in their work place, we quickly packed up and rode off under threatening skies. A few ks down the road a heavy rain shower was looming, so a nearby bus shelter afforded us shelter from the buses, and a good place to cook up a hot breakfast. While waiting for the rain to clear, passing motorists were seen scratching their heads at the strange men on bikes cooking in a bus shelter. This distraction unfortunately caused them to take their eyes off the road and bump into things. (or ... read more
Long Jetty - Beachport
Lake George
Colin doin' a ewey in Robe

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe March 15th 2015

After Kingston we found Robe to be quite a contrast. While Kingston felt like a quiet country sea side town, Robe was full of up-market holiday houses, beautifully renovated historic buildings and people with money to spend. It certainly helps that Robe has a number of lakes in the town as well as a beautiful bay; so many houses have water views. A walk down the main street showed many eating options, shops selling high class beach and holiday wear, and shops selling objects to make a holiday house that bit extra special. The town features many old lime stone buildings and a high proportion of these seem to have been very well renovated. But these were not just the standard old houses and pubs; there were stunning shops with quirky courtyards and commercial buildings from ... read more
A walking/bike track runs right alone the Robe foreshore
Rugged West beach with a promise of surf casting in the distance
Fishing boats in the marina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe May 11th 2014

Hi blog followers. Today we are in Robe, South Australia. We arrived yesterday after a quick one day stopover in Beachport. I must say the weather is "exceptional" today for mothers day. Especially after the last couple of days which were atrocious. I.e. It is 18C and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. We are out in T-shirts and shorts which is a total turnaround from previous days which was raining, windy and freezing cold and I was wearing T-shirt, Long sleave shirt, warm vest and then a heavy jumper on top of all that. After cooking Lyn pancakes with strawberry jam and cream for breakfast, we have taken the opportunity with the excellent weather to do all the mundane things like laundry and washing the car and van and drying/airing everything out before ... read more
Robe Obelisk
Old Robe Jail

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe February 15th 2014

Friday pm..........went for walk in the town centre.........even went into some shops (aargh!). walked through the university campus and then along the River Torrens, past the Adelaide Oval where they! Interesting variety of bird ( and Rae was with me this time)........saw pelicans, black swans and their cygnets, gulahs (brightly coloured parrots), coots (I think) and other species that I've found out the names of yet. After eating, we went to see the start of the Perth Fringe Festival.......lots of floats with scantily clad women and men on them, advertising their businesses. Today we picked up the hire car and made our way down to Robe...........a bit of a slog.......long quiet, straight roads......not really any views of the "Great Ocean" till we reached Robe but.......we did see our first wild kangaroo hopping over the road ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe February 15th 2014

Just lost all my text........oh dear!?! Some pics attached........Adelaide......Robe b&b etc.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe December 10th 2012

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe December 10th 2012

Port Fairy made enough of an impression for us to stay another night and we enjoyed a quiet Sunday in town. Just before midday we walked from the caravan park to the Fishermans Wharf area overlooking Moyne River. It seems a great spot for fishing and sailing and there was plenty of activity by the water. From there we walked across the pedestrian causeway to Griffiths Island and strolled alongside the water. Monday we started the slow crawl towards home. As we neared the South Australian border the terrain flattened and the land dried out considerably. It is not until you drive down the eastern seaboard that you realise just how dry SA is compared to the eastern states. Mount Gambier was our stop for lunch and we enjoyed it overlooking the magnificent Blue Lake. The ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe November 27th 2012

These small coast-side towns are all truly lovely spots. Kingston comes very close to the very definition of peace and we enjoyed dipping into the icy ocean, cycling to the lighthouse and over to the small creek-surrounded island with its ‘human involvement’ sundial. Kingston is also home to the Big Lobster. What can I say about that… it’s… a big lobster… Our next stop, the fishing port of Robe, was my favourite. It’s got proper old country charm and a lovely laid-back atmosphere. What a pleasure it was to go sit by the pretty beach, go meandering along the main road and duck in and out of the wine shops and galleries (I love the work of glass artist Tim Shaw Robe has an abundance of old stone cottages (not something you see very much ... read more
121127 5
121127 6
121127 8

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe October 23rd 2012

DIY Breakfast of muffins, orange juice and coffee outside Plum Tree Cottage and then we said cherrio to Doug, our host, and Sammy, his Hungagrian Sheepdog. We took a right onto the Princes H'Way (which Prince?) and off we went. Bit of a slog today - but discovering cruise control was a real bonus on empty straight roads Halfway, we stopped in Mount Gambier for a long black, capuccino, rocky mountain road (JC's choice of cake) and an almond croissant for Kate. Before leaving, we popped up to see the aptly named blue volanic lake for a photo opportunity. Robe is another sleepy seaside town - bit of tourism, bit of fishing, wide streets where all life stops @ 9pm. But motel was functional with free www access and clean!! A quick 60 mins scamper around ... read more
Headland at Robe

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