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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe March 25th 2019

Almost another year has gone by since we last blogged and for once it’s not due to laziness, lack of motivation or no news to tell our readers! Ok, so the “travel” part of our travelblog has been somewhat lacklustre, but boy have we been busy with life. At the conclusion of our last blog we had just arrived back in Stanthorpe and the birds were having a good old time with the beautifully ripening harvest at Savina Lane – ditto current situation 2019! The gas gun is again firing blanks, the nets are doing their best to protect the harvest, and the picking is underway. In fact, tomorrow morning will be the last pick for us, before we head off on a new adventure. But first, lets recap the year that was…. We arrived back ... read more
Wine tasting
They say wine is sunshine held together by water
Thought bubbles?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe July 9th 2018

We had planned a trip to John's hometown of Stanthorpe, and my friends took some time to map an interesting route for us. Ellen quickly found a must-visit town name for us to visit on the way (not too difficult in Australia!) and after only about an hour in the car, we were in the middle of the mountains looking for the town of Dum Dum. Google maps said we had arrived, and there certainly was a neighborhood of homes with a school, but no sign indicating we were actually there. Still, we 'checked in' on Facebook, took a few photos, and made as Dum Dum jokes we could think of in the three-minute tour. I realized that the majority of exploration of mainland Australia has been confined to major cities and tourist spots, so the ... read more
Find the joey in the pouch!
Just hanging with the birdies
Community agitated by traffic calming device

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe April 1st 2018

Well, gunfire actually! Not "real" gunfire, but the bird-scaring variety as we embark upon our second house/cat sit up in Stanthorpe QLD. Yes, it seems QLD hasn't quite finished with us yet, and we all know you'll be terribly shocked to hear we put our hand up to keep an eye on things at the stunning Savina Lane winery, while Brad and Cheryl take a well-earned break OS. The icing on the cake is hanging out with their gorgeous cat, Sooty (see her and Jeff hanging out @ happy hour on blog entry So Long Stanthorpe - or stay tuned for more happy hour Sooty snaps on our next one!) The grapes are quivering with deliciousness and while some have already met their maker (Wine maker of the year 2017 that is, Mr Mike Hayes) some ... read more
Yes, that's a walking track on the rear mountain
Chillin on Island time
Magnificent Magnetic Island

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe May 24th 2017

Well, it all turned out to be lies! At the conclusion of our last blog we promised to add another one during 2016, and look here it is already half-way through 2017! To coin a well-worn phrase “Better late than never” It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown since our arrival in October 2015 (and subsequent departure in Jan 2017) and now, here we once again find ourselves in the Granite Belt! During our time here, between us, we have worked at half a dozen different venues across the region, but we wound up working at our most-loved venues towards the end and give thanks to the great couples and their families who we happily call new friends today! From humble beginnings in the caravan park, we slid into “home” life via our Aussie ... read more
About to cruise the Brisbane River
At Captain Thunderbolts hideout near Tenterfield NSW
Doodie (L) and Syd (R) Stanthorpe

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe December 12th 2015

With what began as a short period of work for Tab back with the Sugarloaf Animal Hospital in Newcastle, we ended up spending about 5 months in total in & around NSW, oh and a quick trip over the South Pacific to Fiji! Tab was welcomed back with open arms to her old role as Receptionist, a full 10 years after we departed from Newcastle! It was awesome to see some old faces, in both clients & staff, but to work with the new team was fantastic too. They kindly looked after our boys when we headed off to Fiji too – can’t thank you all enough. Speaking of our boys, Oscar celebrated his 15th (77th) birthday on 11/11, while Bailey just turned 14 (72nd) so happy birthday rangas! They are both doing well, Oscar has ... read more
As close as we got to the Gym the whole time in Fiji
Bearded dragon at Jester Hill Vineyard
Big boy letting it all hang out Housesit Teralba

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe January 29th 2014

WELL!!!! What a day it was today! We are in Stanthorpe for a few days before we move on again. We have never toured the Stanthorpe area before and decided it was time we did and I must say we have not regretted it. Todays adventures were to great to put all the pictures all in one blog so I have done up a few blogs for today to cover all the different places we visited. I must say, Lyn is now having a NANNY NAP to get over today. We started out early (07:00 as usual) and headed East on the back road towards the Mt Lindsay Rd and around to Bald Rock National Park. Lovely drive, but it didn't prepare us for the breathtaking beauty of the Bald Rock National Park. The Rock has ... read more
02 P1291742

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe February 17th 2011

Blog 18 Interstate For all those skeptics out there …we have been interstate for 5 weeks now! Monday 10th January As we left the Central Coast, the rains were coming and didn’t look like they were going to stop any time soon. Our progress was very cautious, listening to ABC Local Radio to keep abreast with current flood warnings and road closure notices. After staying overnight about 70 km south of Coffs Harbour, we actually decided to turn around and head south again, aiming for the New England Highway. This decision was not made lightly, as there was a lot of bad weather there too, with road closures threatened. Not two minutes on the road and still unsure that we had made the correct decision, we received a phone call from a very smart person (you ... read more
Fun before we say goodbye
Water over the Road
We saw a lot of sandbags

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe December 19th 2010

19 December Ondertussen zitten we al een weekje in Stanthorpe en, ook al haat ik het om te klagen, het is blijkbaar het enige dat we hier kunnen doen. Laten we hopen dat we hier over een maand kunnen lachen. Na een weekje nectarientjes plukken en appelboompjes uitdunnen kan ik alleen maar zeggen dat het werk op zich nog wel 'meevalt', maar voor het geen we er voor betaald krijgen is het toch wel verdomd zwaar. Korte uitleg: Nectarientjes zijn feest, een dagje plukken levert ons 100 dollar op. De appeltjes daarentegen (Thinning met een leuk woordje) worden betaald per boom. En dan is dat zo'n leuke 1 dollar per boom, blijkbaar ongeacht de grootte van de boom, ook al meen ik me te herinneren dat we een contractje moesten tekenen waarin stond dat we voor ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe April 9th 2009

Good afternoon I'm still apple picking in the middle of naewhere, and surprisingly having a ball! Well, works been OK, but it's the Saturday nights down the town (village) which are really making it! First of all there was the hostel's 1 year anniversary so the boss put on a BBQ complete with a mountain of food and a trailer full of beer and goon. Add in a glorious sunny day and you got the perfect day. So we sat around all day drinking and having the banter, whilst working on our tans. Come evening and it was somebody's great idea to dress up in bin bags and head down to the pub...... and we did. I have to say that room 5 (our room) was the best dressed, and I even managed to confuse the ... read more
pj party!
hungover stef, haha
my completed jigsaw'

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Stanthorpe April 3rd 2009

My apple picking career is over for the time being! Not sure how i will survive with not getting up at 3.15am any more!! I've had a great 5 weeks but i'm very happy to be leaving, i need a rest. What i'll miss the most is our Saturday nights down the local pub. Last Saturday we had a pj party. I donned my pj's, messed my hair up and smudged mascara all over my face, what a pretty site! I drank way too much cider as usual and felt rather rough Sunday morning. Made loads of great friends here, Room 5 rules! We are all heading up the coast to Cairns but will be a few days behind eachother but we will have a reunion in Cairns if not before. Just a short entry so ... read more
me and Jen
hard at work
Farmer Tony

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