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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba September 7th 2015

Hi Everyone Welcome to our Blog After many years of dreaming about this change of lifestyle we are finally living the dream. We will attempt to keep it up to date with where we are and where we are heading next along with some of the things we see or experience along the way. We left Brisbane on 30th July and travelled to Bowen stopping over night at Gin Gin and Flaggy Rock. We spent 4 weeks at Bowen in the Queens Beach Tourist Village which is in excellent condition with friendly owners and excellent facilities. Bowen has plenty to offer with a 9 hole Golf Course alongside the beach, fishing, snorkelling, Lawn Bowls, walking trails and a historical Cinema. The caravan park was full when we arrived with 90% Victorians, it is a popular spot ... read more
Bowen Golf Course - 1st Hole
Bowen Golf Course - 9th Hole
Bowen Golf Course - Clubhouse

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba December 26th 2013

Hi everyone Well, were off on our next adventure and this time its Japan. What a way to escape the Christmas heat! For this trip I am being outfitted by the Cassandra Faulkner Boutique at Annerley. Cass has loaned me a jacket, gloves, hat and shoes. I would be a lot poorer and colder without Cass’ generosity. Thank you my dear!! Our itinerary which was organised by our very dear friend Maureen includes Osaka, Kyoto and Gotemba in the foothills of Mt Fuji. We are flying via Jetstar so no fancy meals or glasses of wine. Not such a bad things as we over indulged at Christmas with Tony, Desley and Mam yesterday. First stop is overnight in Osaka but we won’t see much because we go to Kyoto the next morning. Kyoto was formerly the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba May 11th 2013

....and so, more travels afoot for Pilate Peter and Cruisin Susan. This time in keeping with the watery theme we are off to Russia to cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg along the Volga-? Waterway with 12 other friends of like mind. To whet the appetite so to speak we will tempt you with some preliminaries. We have just returned from a six day sojourn with elder daughter Ella and her Spanish partner Dani who have ensconced themselves in Potts point having decided things were a bit depressing in Barcelona just for now. We of course are delighted they made the move. Dani's family not quite so but they appreciate the opportunities Australia has to offer at the moment. Dani has completed his degree in health sciences and Ella has returned to her work as a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba September 13th 2012

So, we haven't had the opportunity to post for a few days, so we've a bit of catching up to do. First off, our final two days in Byron Bay were quite fulfilling. On the first night a fellow approached us and sold us on a surf lesson for the following day. It's Australia, we couldn't really pass up a chance to learn how to surf. Only $35 for a 4-hour lesson, which is about $25 cheaper than anywhere else we could find, so it was well worth the money. The instructor took us and two other couples, from Britain and from Germany (very nice people), to a little-known surf spot. We spent the morning being pushed into the paths of waves, and believe it or not, we were not too bad at it. Kris was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba July 26th 2012

We boarded the bus at Hervey Bay around 9am to take us to Brisbane. It was a pleasant enough journey. We arrived in Brisbane bus station and went to the train terminal to take us to Hawthorn. When we got off, it was about a half hour walk to our hostel- Riverside. It was in a residential area, and we arrived there about 3pm and met Mark- the manager. Riverside was basically someones house. There was a huge TV in the living oom where two lads were playing Call of Duty, a galley kitchen, two computers and a basement. After he showed us around and introduced us to his hairless cat (yuck!) Mark showed us our room, which had it's own little terrace and a huge TV. He advised us to keep the terrace door closed ... read more
Dave at the Statue of War Nurses
The War Memorial Park

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba January 2nd 2012

I have discovered that I suck at driving on the left. I know that not much is really that different, everything is just opposite, but I'm just really bad at it. Everything, from shifting left handed to just backing up has been a scary experience. Besides a near head-on collision because I was driving on the wrong side of the road, I haven't had any other severe mishaps, but the rental car definitely took the brunt of my inability to be an ambidextrous driver.......until this week, I had completely forgotten what a burnt clutch smells like. Anyways, Christmas came and went, and you would have hardly been able to tell here in Brisbane. Of the last 6 prior Christmas's that I've had abroad, 2 have been in Hawaii, and 4 in the Caribbean, but this was, ... read more
Cape Byron Lighthouse
Christmas Day Kiting
2 Deadly Brown Snakes

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba September 3rd 2011

From Abu Dhabi to Brisbane : Well this has been along time coming! It was mid summer in Abu Dhabi when we got the call to relocate to Brisbane, back to Australia after 2 & 1/2 years in the UAE. From sweltering heat & humidity we travelled across the globe to a much milder version of summer... the Queensland winter, which is actually like a Victorian summer! Beautiful days filled with sunshine and a mild 22-25 degrees, and this is their winter! We couldnt believe the paradise we had landed in.... after so much heat and desert, it was overwhelmingly refreshing to be surrounded by trees, stunning tropical plants, gardens, scents, and lush green everywhere. We had been starved of green in the UAE, so our eyes and senses were acutely tuned to these differences. By ... read more
typical old Queenslander
old Queenslander verndah
typical Queenslander home in Bulimba

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba September 3rd 2011

Only two weeks.......seriously, in 2 weeks I'll be on the plane about to take seems like the time has come around really quickly, despite a year + of planning. For the first time the other day, I actually realised I may just get a teeny-weanie bit homesick....I was chatting to you Tiff, when it dawned on me. I will actually miss my friends, their smiling faces, and our great catch-ups.....and because I will be communicating mainly via email, facebook and my blog, I will miss your voices also....funny the things you get sentimental about :o} As many of you have already heard me say, I can't see myself back in Brisbane after my plan at the moment is certainly to return, and I have my frinds, house, cat and job to come back to..... ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba July 8th 2011

Wow, 10 weeks left........49 works days thanks to a public holiday.........9 weekends..... So much to do, but I'm soooooooo excited. Just think, in 11 weeks I will have completed a week of teaching, and met some amazing people, and experienced life in Phnom Penh, and already dealt with so much.......but gosh, it's going to be awesome, I'm so excited. And, I will have five days off to get out and explore.......Mon, Tues, Wed are public holidays, so will try to catch up with new friends; or friends of friends; or my old tour leader, and get out and have some fun. It's all good. In the meantime, I will enjoy every moment left in Brisbane (I promise, Maus), catching up with friends, and making the most of life as I know's all about to change, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Bulimba August 11th 2010

"ONCE AGAIN INTO THE BREACH, DEAR FRIENDS............." If you thought "cruising susan" and "pilate pete" had ceased to have puff and stuff for blogging you would be partly right. "It depends" as lawyers would say. We did stop telling you all about our adventures after our circumnavigation but that did not stop us going to Fiji, Vietnam, Spain, the British Virgin Islands and New Zealand since our last report. When the camera got mislaid after Fiji we lost the blogplot but now we are headed to Burgundy for another nautical (freshwater rather than marine) venture, so we thought it was time to revitalise the travel story. Barging (CS is rather known for that in some circles) is the plan. PP has cousins (lots of cousins) who turn out to be really splendid folk and we decided ... read more

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