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We're on the move again and heading to Kings Canyon. It's approximately 325kms away from Yulara. I've booked us on to an afternoon AAT bus transfer. The bus takes about 4 hours with a quick stop at Curtin Springs. Which is a privately owned cattle station, over one million acres in size. The station is home to a number of salt lakes (we saw as we flew into Yulara) and foolaroo .... AKA Mt Connor. Many tourists have mistaken Mt Connor as Uluru. Although they look familiar the lack of a resort is a dead giveaway. The Kings Canyon Resort is located in the Watarrka National Park and is home to the George Gill Range. The resort is surprisingly large, with a few eating places, a bar, tennis court and a swimming pool. It's all well ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon February 13th 2018

It was time to go back to Kings Canyon. Back to where we broke down all that time ago. After we spent the weekend packing up the van and after saying a tearful goodbye we left and headed for Erldunda. After spending the night there we slowly made our way to Watarrka National Park where Kings Canyon is situated. After another night in the van we headed for the start - five months later and we were finally going to do Kings Canyon! Watarrka National Park’s dénicher landscape of rugged ranged and rock holes are a lovely refuge for plants and animals. They are an important part of the park’s conservation and also a major visitor attraction. Before arriving we had decided to do the 6km loop walk however when we arrived we found that walk ... read more
We make look silly but they worked, no flys!
Just wow

Hi Bloggers, A 5.30am wake up before a quick breakfast laid out by Sam (cereal, fruit bread, pancakes, etc..) and then we set off to walk the rim of Watarraka (the King Canyon). It took 30 minutes to get there and we set off by about 7.30am. We accessed the lookout points and enjoyed the views of the gorge, sandstone walls and the immense size of the canyon. On the walk we saw the renowned water hole known as the Garden of Eden. I hope the photos do it justice because it was spectacular (this was before we found we had lost all our photos of this walk L ). Going that early meant the temp was still low enough before they closed off all the walks. Up at the top we saw Christian, Greydon, Jenny ... read more

It was hang in camp day with a pleasant family amble in Kings Canyon Creek I think it’s called. Once again the pics tell the story. Was a bit sorry I had not realised earlier in the day how beautiful it is up there, otherwise I would have dragged Jurie out to do the Round the Rim walk. It’s a bit long for the knee-hi’s to tag along if there are time constraints. Right now I am cross legged on Kylan’s bed, he is giggling away at his iPad story with his earphones on, and I trust the volume is not too loud for his ears. Marko passed out earlier without even finishing his milk; after I sang his whole storybook to him twice. Mom and dad are off to have their little bit of romance ... read more
Chillaxing before the hike
Family time

Dear Fellow Travellers Mum and I had be dreading Kings Canyon since I suggested going there so it only seemed fitting that the caravan tyre wold burst on our way there, just to drag out the anticipation. A quick tyre change and a 90 minute wait at the tyre shop we were finally on the road. To help you all understand why it was mum and I were dreading Kings Canyon, is well because of the canyon. No we are not afraid of heights in fact I’m the opposite, I love to look down, it was more the climb to the top that got us. Now we’re not unfit and incapable of exercise but I wouldn’t be putting us in the ‘can run a marathon’ category. I think it was the 500 steep rock stair climb ... read more
The Grden of Eden
The canyon cliffs
The 500 stairs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon February 15th 2014

The Rim Walk The views from King’s Canyon are most definitely worth the extra trip if you are visiting the Red Centre – and I would suggest if time is short you make straight for this wonder of the world and bypass Uluru. The landscapes are other-worldly and less congested with day-trippers than the infamous Ayer’s Rock. A rugged pair of shoes (although somehow, many of the Korean companions we had on our tour managed the walk in flip flops...) and plenty of water are essentials even out of the hottest summer periods, because the hiking is unmissable. We followed our guide all morning like clammy faces following an oscillating fan, and I for one let out a cheep of glee when we stopped for elevenses. There are few sights more pleasing to tired, peckish eyes ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon February 14th 2014

Yes, that really is the name. So called because of the number of people who have suffered one while attempting to scale the astonishing gradient with over-confidence unbefitting of their aerobic capabilities. We were assured by our guide that only last week, a man had been airlifted to hospital. Sounds like fun. My part in the tale begins before we travelled out to the infamous tor however, and before I became a coffee drinker. I was what you might call a neophyte, a fledgling, a greenie. We'd been camping outside and under the stars in swags – thin mattresses inside sack-like sleeping bags with just your head poking out – at the King’s canyon campsite slap bang in the Red Centre of Australia. Watarrka National Park. Our guide was young, and wick. He already had cereals ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon August 23rd 2013

Thursday 22 August Palm Valley to Kings Canyon via Hermannsburg Amazingly, we were on the road by 8.18 this morning, we did not hang around when we got up, Andy got the kettle on, quick cereal for breakfast, hooked up and off out of Palm Valley. We had not done all of the walks, we have left some for next time, Palm Valley is well worth the 18k trip down the track. Driving back up the 18k track, we follow the graded road, through the dry riverbed, over the electric cattle grid and before we knew it, back out onto the Larapinta Drive. We turned right as we wanted to get into Hermannsburg to top up with fuel, buy the Mereenie Loop pass, download emails etc. and also upload a blog because we knew there would ... read more
Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

We spent 2 days staying at Kings Creek Station, which is a working cattle station. Great camp site with fire pit and not to far to King's Canyon. We did the rim walk and were all pretty pleased with ourselves when reaching the top of the first climb, only to run into our 85 yr old camp neighbours! Mind you they did not look too flash the next day.... read more
3 Amigo's
Reuben's patented 4 prong marsh mellow stick

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » King's Canyon September 23rd 2012

Our departure from Uluru was quite early (8:15) and we were pleased that we managed to pack up the awning successfully the first time, as this was one task that we had been warned about. On the drive we had to stop as a group of about ten brumbies (wild horses) meandered their way across the road. They were in no hurry and did not seem the least worried by our presence. Joan continued to comment how her stereotypical view of deserts was continuously challenged by the dense vegetation that we saw. The country looks more like a park than the classic view of a desert. In addition to the desert she-oaks we are now also starting to see Coolabahs. As we set up in King’s canyon resort camping ground we discovered that we had to ... read more
Easy walking
King's canyon creek
We see the cliffs

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