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I’m woken at the crack of dawn by noise that would wake the dead - thousands of birds in chorus in the trees around the hotel. I wonder how Issy can possibly still be asleep. I check to make sure that she is actually still with us, but all good - the snoring was a bit of a giveaway. I decide to take the opportunity for an early morning trip out to the Mamukala Wetlands. On the off chance that Issy stirs before I get back I leave her a note to tell her where I've gone. At least now if I get taken by a croc, she’ll know where to tell the searchers to look. I arrive at the car park to find that I’m the only person here. I read a large crocodile warning ... read more
Yellow Water Billabong
Mamukala Wetlands
Wallaby, Mamukala Wetlands

Kakadu The aboriginals are the traditional owners. The park covers 20,000 square kilometres and is on the UNESCO world heritage list in recognition for both it's outstanding natural values and as a living cultural landscape Aboriginal people have inhabited Kakadu for more than 50,000 years, tracing back to the ice age. Departed Darwin 0910hrs, Just myself and kids. Odometer 90650kms a humid 26 degrees celsius. On route to Kakadu we stopped at Windows to the wetlands, an educational lookout centre that educates on the areas flora and fauna. Great introduction to Kakadu. Our next stop was The Bark Hut Roadhouse where we toiletted and bought some drinks. Here we feed the Pet Water Buffalo, Jack and Jill plus a couple of emus who shared their paddock. We departed here at 1115hrs. On entry to Kakadu we ... read more
Yellow Waters Cruise
Gunlom Falls
Windows to the Wetlands

Well we believe we did find the real Kakadu today! It was pretty amazing! The day started well. The caravan park had en suites so it's great to have a proper bathroom to yourself! Only trouble is the locals thought they should share! Yeah went in for a shower only to find a great stack of ants having a meal of dragonfly! They weren't happy to see me either!! Then a tiny gecho flew out of my bathroom bag! I could smell listerine on his breath too! Next stop the Bowali visitors centre 5 mins from Jabiru. Got all the info on what to do and to be fair it seems most of Kakadu sights happen on this side of the triangle not the north side. Yay! Next was Nourlangie which was a lookout and billabong. ... read more
Yellow River
Nourlangie Rock Paintings

Hi Bloggers and loyal followers, Today we had an early wake up of 6am, with our pick up at 0645 to start our tour with WayOutBack. We met our tour guide Mel and the first stop was Kakadu National Park, it was touch-and-go whether this section of the tour would go ahead with Cyclone Lam causing problems with flooding but thankfully it did and pretty much all the itinerary ran the same. Since we were picked up so early, we didn’t really get to chat to anyone on our tour (12 people) as we all went to sleep during the couple of hours driving to the first stop, Fog dam. At Fog dam (mamukala wetlands) it offered a stunning variety of birdlife and amazing views. We then visited the Bowali visitor centre- where we had the ... read more

September 9 - Yellow Water Cruise– Some places defy description, but I’ll try. We left our lovely croc accommodation at 5:45 a.m. and drove to Gagudju Lodge Cooinda where we were bused to the river boats. Our guide, Murray, was a typical Aussie – laid back, with a dry sense of humor and a voice that I’d pay to lull me to sleep. His deep understanding of the area was gained when he moved to the area over 40 years ago and began working in the forestry service often with the aboriginal people. Departing from the dock, we were met with an other-worldly scene as the rising sun lit up the mist and smoke from fires in the area, and the trees reflected off the glassy water. Everywhere we looked there were birds – singing, squawking, ... read more
Gliding into the mist
Hiding in the lilies

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Cooinda September 21st 2011

Gunlom Falls(G) with short drive to South Alligator River(SAR) for afternoon fish.(6744 km to 6754 km) CADES DIARY Went to top of Gunlom Falls ,lots of rock pools at the top .Then Dad and I went fishing on the South Alligator River and I caught my first edible fish this trip. It was called a Sooty Grunter. IT WAS DELICIOUS!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Cooinda September 18th 2011

Deel 4: Zondag 18 sept. De wekker gezet om 6.30 uur. De schrik van mijn zonnesteek zat er flink in. Dat niet nog een keer. Om 7 uur aan de wandel in badkleding mét wandelschoenen. Heel charmant. Op naar de upper plunge pool. Een prachtige wandeling omhoog de berg op. Schitterend uitzicht met als beloning een soort Garden of Eden. Een grote rockpool met stroompjes overal tussendoor én de waterval waar je naartoe kunt zwemmen. We waren helemaal alleen, gek he, op dat tijdstip?! Na een kwartiertje de walk naar beneden gemaakt, tentje opgeruimd en naar de kiosk voor een ontbijtje. Hadden we natuurlijk ook zelf kunnen maken, maar hoe lekker is het als het voor je wordt klaargemaakt. Het is tenslotte zondag en op zondag wordt er altijd, iedere week, ontbijt klaargemaakt door onze geliefde ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kakadu National Park » Cooinda September 15th 2011

Jabiru to Gunlom(G) camping ground via Nourlangie(N) , Yellow Waters(YW) and Maguk(Barramundie Gorge) (6308 km to 6517 km). CADES DIARY Nourlangie Rock Art, Yellow Waters wetlands boardwalk. Maguk plunge pool with high platform for jumping in the plunge pool.... read more

An early start today saw us all out on the water, David & David fishing and Lisa taking heaps of photos. It was a really beautiful morning with plenty of wildlife to photograph. The boys caught 4 barra, Lisa tried to reel one in but "dropped" it just short of the boat. We also saw 8 crocs and got great photos of 5 of them. After lunch the boys went back out and pulled in another 5 barra. We didn't keep any fish today, they were all released. We are heading back to Darwin tomorrow to catch up with Russell Jeffery and see where Josh will be playing footy this summer. We have also decided to go to the Darwin Cup on Monday which should be a great day out. ... read more
barra 2
barra 3
barra 4

After a peaceful night at Jabiru we headed for Cooinda to meet up with David Blackmore and go fishing at Yellow Waters. Our first stop on the way was at Nourlangie to tour the rock art sites. This was a great area to walk around and view several rock art sites. We went to a talk by the ranger at our caravan park last night where she explained the rock art and how they are dated, this was very useful today when we were walking around. We also stopped in at Anbangbang Billabong, a great spot with water lilly and lots of different bird species to have a look at. Our last stop for the day was Yellow Water where we took a walk out along the wetlands and checked out where the boys would be ... read more
rock art baramundi
rock art dancing
Rock Art - hunting kangaroo

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