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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters February 25th 2015

Hello Everyone, Early start this morning of 5.30am, to be ready to leave camp at 6.30am after breakfast and a shower. After driving a few hours, we went to Mataranka thermal pools but due to flooding from cyclone Lam it was closed because the pool areas were covered in mud and broken trees, and the possibility that due to the increased water levels, crocodiles could enter the water!! So we drove for another hour until we reached a toilet/fuel/food stop, where we also have the opportunity to feed huge barramundi fish. Neil went first (of course) and then two more people had a go. After leaving here, it was another few hours before we reached the famous Daley Waters Pub, which happened to be the day of a re-enactment of Borella’s jouney from Alice to Darwin ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 18th 2014

The last few days have been lovely and relaxing. We’ve enjoyed the Apostle Birds each morning (and sometimes in the afternoon, too) and the whole parade of birds and animals. I got the washing done (but not the ironing as there’s no board)and got most of the backlog of my Blog from August up to date as well as doing the current ones. We haven’t had telephone reception as there is no Optus but Barry bought $20 of data from United WiFi so we were able to email friends and family, especially Stacey, as it was her 30th birthday on Wednesday. She’d had a big Sci-Fi themed party at a hired venue last weekend and we were able to also look at her Facebook photos, which was wonderful. The showers at night have been interesting, with ... read more
Fixing the Suspension
The Perfect Tool Carrier
One Very Big Load

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 15th 2014

We woke at 7am today, with lots of birds calling all around us. I opened the blind and saw some small parrots in a tree nearby. I quickly got dressed and went out to have a look (and take photos, of course!). The ones I’d first seen were gone but there was a large group of bigger parrots over near the pool. They were similar to Red Shouldered Parrots but had red right across the wing when flying (not in my book). I walked over towards the paddock next door and could see (and hear!) hundreds of chattering Apostle Birds; a load of Galahs and Red-Collared Lorikeets; some Crested Pigeons and Cockatiels; Magpie Larks; moaning Crows; 5 Black Kites sitting in trees waiting for the thermals to start; and a large group of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos ... read more
Red-Shouldered Parrots
Free For All at the Pig Pen
Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 14th 2014

Having decided to head South Barry was keen to get as far as possible along the Stuart Highway today. We had a little bit of headwind for a while but it soon dropped and we motored along fairly easily to Mataranka, where we decided to stop for lunch. I noticed some coloured statues at the start of the town that I hadn’t seen last time so Barry parked near a large Banyan Tree (Strangler Fig) and stayed in the ute while I went to see. There were four statues, all from the book “We of the Never-Never” by Jeannie Gunn which was set in the area and tells of their experiences on their property, Elsey Station, in the outback in the 1890s. One group was the author and her husband, Aeneas. There was also an Aboriginal ... read more
A Male Rainbow Bee-Eater
Bett Bett and Her Dog Sue
Lunch Time at Mataranka

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters August 22nd 2014

We had intended to leave early at 8.30am but saw the jewellery lady, Jo, and her husband and got talking so it was after 9am when we got away. We drove straight to Renner Springs and stopped for a break. What a surprise – there was an Outback Pub, where you could buy food, drinks and fuel. We each had an iced coffee and shared a piece of chocolate cake. We sat down to eat it and couldn’t stop looking around all the walls, ceiling and bar. There were old hats pinned all over the ceiling and hanging from the bar, funny labels and pictures, personal IDs and signatures with messages of support literally written all over the walls. There wasn’t a spare spot anywhere. The dining room was set up like an old fashioned hotel ... read more
Renner Springs Outback Pub Dining Room
Sailing Along the Highway
One Very Dusty Road Train

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 28th 2013

With our brief but rewarding stop over in Kakadu completed, we set off south east back to the Stuart Highway, stopping at a number of points of interest as we travelled. The roads here are generally excellent, but remembering some are through wetlands (a nice name for swamp) so there are areas that are uneven. Our first stop was a little off the highway at Edith Falls. There is a national park camp here and many had said this was a great place to camp. We were out of luck as far as getting a camp site suited to our long vehicle, so just went walk about from the car park to look at the falls and the stream that flows away. It is a great place to cool off in the lake at the bottom ... read more
I hope not
Edith Falls
Stream from Edith Falls

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters November 9th 2012

9TH November 2012, Arrived at Daly Waters with its famous pub and caravan park. Daly Waters Pub has been a licensed pub since 1938. Daly Waters was the site for the first international airport in Australia prior to the 2nd World War. Enjoyed a relaxing afternoon by the pool. The pub was historic and rustic, filled with memorabillia from the 2nd World War to present. We had the famous barra and steak meal for dinner and it was scrumptious!!! The night was a little cooler (thank goodness!!!) compared to the previous couple of nights, so we were able to get a better night's sleep.... read more
Daly Waters Pub
The girls
Toilet at the Pub

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 13th 2011

It is hard work being a traveller. It is particularly difficult if you are the passenger, with not a great deal to do for hundreds of kilometres of driving. Sitting in the warmth of the sun coming through the glass, a lot of napping takes place. The driver doesn’t get the same privileges. We have taken to stopping at almost all the Roadhouses to stretch our legs, and also, as we found out yesterday, they have so much to offer in regards to character and culture. Tennant Creek was our first stop for the day, where we purchased a few supplies. We noticed that the majority of the population was aboriginal, unlike Alice Springs, where they appeared to be a minority. It was a Sunday when we went through, so that may not be an accurate ... read more
Advertising genius.
Interior - Daly Waters Roadhouse
Ladies Toilet

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters September 3rd 2011

DANES BIRTHDAY -Travel Tennant Creek(TC) to Daly Waters Lounge(????Pub)(DWL) (4473 km to 4864 km). Refuse to call it a Pub after being told to be quiet at least twice by retired brigade whilst sitting at a table catching up with camping neighbours from Port Douglas 1994. Only 4 beers and I would be quieter than 70 % of people I know, so don t go there expecting the pub atmosphere(I've been to a lot of pubs all over OZ in my time.) but food is good and lots of stuff on walls,roof etc. Dane had a good day and dinner even with fair bit of driving. CADES DIARY It was my brothers 5th Birthday and he got a Razor Pro Scooter, Hot Wheels watch and a DSi. For dinner we went to the Daly Waters Pub ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly Waters August 23rd 2011

Sunday 21st August 2011 An early rise (for a Sunday), saw us on the road before 9am, after saying our goodbyes to Michael and Sharon before getting John and Rosemary out of bed for the same. First stop, Camooweal the place we almost got to 4 days ago. We refuelled there and continued a short distance up the road to the billabong or Mary's Lake. This is a popular free camping spot and we had planned stop there. There was plenty of bird-life there and it would have been a great spot to stay, except we were now ready to move on after our 4 day delay. We had morning tea there, took some photos of the birds there, and we were off. Lunch was in the Northern Territory at a truck stop, we continuing on, ... read more
Camooweal Billiabong or Mary's Lake
Bird on the Billabong
Zebra finches near water at a rest stop

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