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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 11th 2021

Remember a time, long, long ago, in far, far away lands when we were allowed to do a thing called "travel"? When state/territory borders were merely a welcome-sign photo opp and quarantine was something we only heard of watching Border Patrol on the TV? To be honest, it's a little creepy to re-read the final words of our last blog in July 2019..... "I know, this blog is a long one, thanks for reading it, and at the very least we hope the pics inspire you to explore your own back yard and beyond - it's a magical country out there." It's like some weird prediction of things to come..... Guess what bloggers - HOLIDAY HERE THIS YEAR IS ON!! (well, unless you live in Vic or NSW, that is). Sending our love to all those ... read more
14 years in the making....
Beautiful boabs
Barlangi Rock summit WA

With Australia's International travel ban still in place, my recovery from foot surgery now almost complete, I needed to get out and about again. So I headed off to a place, which I have visited on many occassions, lived there for a short time and always seems to draw me back, the Red Centre of Australia and Alice Springs. Having flown into Alice Springs, I headed into town and was greeted by their great town sign, the red dust and Northern Territory flag, just sets it up for me. Next morning, I headed off and picked up my home for the next week, a Britz High Top camper van. I had never driven one of these before and after stocking up on food at a local supermarket, I headed off on the open road to Yulara, ... read more
Home Sweet Home for 8 days

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs April 23rd 2021

The Kimberley region in the far north of Western Australia is rugged, beautiful, and stunningly remote. The population is sparse and the distances are vast, but there is an option to explore the East Kimberley region from a gorgeous little base, and that is the town of Kununurra. For most of my adult life I have been intrigued by this remote town close to the border of Northern Territory, and it's great to have the chance to revisit after a long absence of 20 years. Travellers in Katherine are able to reach the town of 5,000 residents by jumping on the greyhound west across the border on the Savannah Highway, a three thousand kilometrre adventure journey across the top of Australia from Cairns in North Queensland to Broome in Northwest WA. The bus trip is under ... read more
Leke Kununurra
Ormiston Gorge
Alice Springs walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs March 28th 2020

When I lived and worked in Alice Springs, my wife and I would most evenings head off to the Telegraph Station and hike the trails there. I would also to the Telegraph Station on my own and many times set off on the first leg of the Larapinta Trail to Simpsons Gap. Having loved living in the Alice, I decided to go back and finally go on with the trail all the way to its end at the top of Mount Sonder, a distance of 234kms. So having booked my trip with World Expeditions, in August 2017, I set off for a 14 day trek through the glorious Red Centre of the Northern Territory. The first two days to Simpson Gap and on to Jay Creek were quite long days at 23 and 24 kms respectively. ... read more
Troop Carrier, kitchen and everything in between
Day 3 - To Stanley Chasm
Setting up the Camp

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs August 17th 2019

We arrived in Alice Springs today. An interesting drive down from the Mount Doreen ruins, which appeared to be an old mining operation. First stop was at Yuandemu (incorrect spelling no doubt) for some fuel. $2.15 a litre. Ooooof. It was a funny setup in this community - prepay in the store and when there were enough people wanting fuel a fella came out (Swiss backpacker) who tried to organise the chaos. There was one set of pumps that only went to one side (locked in a cage) and cars coming in from both directions. Took ages to get to us but gave me a chance to chat to the people in line. The carnival that we found out about yesterday had been held here and it was a massive event. Home team won the footy ... read more

We arrived into Alice Springs under the cover of darkness and through the 'Gap' I later learnt the gap was the southern entry into Alice springs via a gap between the Western and Eastern MacDonnell Ranges. The Todd River along with the railway and main road run through this gap. There's not a lot of room and I'm looking forward to travelling along it via the Ghan in a few weeks. Our first day in Alice started with brunch in a lovely cafe downtown ... shockingly this was the first chance we've had to do Eggs Beni. After brunch we decided to check out the Alice Springs Reptile Centre. We were just in time for the talk and got to hold a couple of lizards and a Python. They have a huge range of reptiles including ... read more

We set out from Uluru about 8-30am, and headed back to the Stuart Highway so we could proceed to Alice Springs. We checked our predicted petrol range on the car dashboard and decided we could make it to Erldunda, or if not, there was the Mount Ebenezeer Roadhouse marked on our map. It was a beautiful sunny day and listening to You only Live Twice, we sped along, finding the going easy. We passed the Curtin Springs roadhouse, still confident, but as we neared Mt Ebenezeer, we noticed that the fuel consumption was more than we had expected. We decided we would need to fill up there. However, when we reached this spot we found a derelict roadhouse and no fuel pumps.We stopped and looked around. Fletcher spoke to a fellow traveller in a motor home ... read more
The old Telegraph Station
Fletcher, Ken, Edna and me at Alice Spring
Ken and Fletcher at Simpson's Gap

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 15th 2018

So, we got up and went to the aquarium. It was very nice. It had a long tunnel that was made of polycarbonate that you could look at the fish thru as you walked thru it. We then hopped on the free tram and headed toward downtown. We found the tour boat dock and got our tickets. We boarded the boat and took a 1 hour tour of Melbourne from the Yarra River. We booked back to our hotel for the 3:00 pm meet and greet with our tour director and the other tour guests. We met them again later for dinner and drinks. The next morning we boarded our bus and headed out for a tour of Melbourne. We stopped and took a 1 hour walk thru some of old Melbourne's side streets and alleys. ... read more
St. Patrick's church
Us in the church garden
Downtown Melbourne

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2018

Southbound to Telegraph station - Alice Springs Started my first day heading South around 9:00 A.M. (since I left Townsville for my Westward Ho 3 days ago). My first goal for the day was to find a suitable place to dress up an Ant Hill with my Rideabout Oz 2018 official tee shirt. Because the road is so narrow I had to find a spot where I could safely pull over off the road. Another car had pulled over at one spot so I decided to go for it. I pulled up next to an Ant hill with enough girth to display my logo. One of the occupants of the car next to me came over and introduced himself. His name was Marcus, Marcus was from Stuttgart Germany. He saw what I was doing and asked ... read more
Marcus assist
Jim and the Ant hill
Down Under area 51

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2018

HOT !!!!!! A couple of people have asked for the donation sight so "For the avoidance of doubt" . Here is the address to donate to Cureduchenne Muscular Dystrophy Please pass it on so we can get closer to our goal. Thanks Jim... read more

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