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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs February 27th 2015

Hi Bloggers and Followers, Today we had a free day in Alice Springs. So we obviously had a lie in. There were 3 other people in the room last night but they all left on 5am tours, so we had the room to ourselves finally ;) we re-packed our bags, hung everything up because most of it was damp and we put on a big load of washing in the machines at the hostel ($4). About 10am we wondered into town, there are so many aboriginal arts and crafts shops, I want to buy everything! We didn’t (but maybe tomorrow), we picked up a cinema timetable sheet as we may go to see Fifty Shades of Grey tomorrow. On the way back we stopped off at the huge Woolworths supermarket to get lunch, tea and tomorrow’s ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs February 6th 2015

We arrived in Alice Springs, the geographical centre of Australia, in the late afternoon and stepping off the plane was like being placed into a fan-assisted oven - the heat was so intense!! We walked into town over a bridge across the dry Todd River bed. Numerous Red River Gum trees lined the river with surrounding sand channels - the river only flows a couple of times a year after heavy rain storms and then dries up again after several days or weeks. The town was fairly small, compact and dusty with groups of Aborigines sitting in the shade of eucalyptus trees - a typical outback scene. Next day we went on informative visits to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the School of the Air - both supply amazing services to the people living in ... read more
Uluru at dawn
The 'Red Centre' from 30,000ft
Flying into Alice Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs December 9th 2014

Our final big treat of the holiday was The Rock Tour. We spotted it advertised on the YHA site and it looked like a really great way to finish off, well almost. The 6 day tour was organised by Groovy Grape and it would take us nearly 1500km up to Uluru, then another 300km to Kings Canyon, finishing with nearly 500km up to Alice Springs. As the tour name says, the tour focuses on great landscape features. When Caragh picked us up from Adelaide YHA, she was stopping around the city gathering the 18 people who made up the tour group. We were not the oldest, quite, but most were much younger, average age being early 20's. It turned out to be a really good group of people. First stop off, after a couple of hours ... read more
A beautiful sunset over the rock

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 5th 2014

Hello! Sorry I've been lazy, by the time we get to our hotel and wifi I'm tired! Yesterday we flew fr Adelaide to Alice springs, went to a bar and watched a horse race, then visited the royal flying doctor service, and an old telegraph station. Then we went to the hotel. The royal flying doctor service flies people from all over the interior to hospitals free for medical treatment. And the telegraph station connected the outback to England back in the settlement days via an underwater cable to java. Much quicker communication than 4 months round trip via ship! Today we went to a desert park and had a demo of birds, saw a display of nocturnal critters, visited a school and shopped. Now I'm going to attempt to attach pix of koalas, kangaroos, penguins. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 28th 2014

We decided not to move on today as Barry is feeling a bit tired after the long drive yesterday. This gives me a chance to do more of the blog and for us just to relax. We did have an outing, though, to the Alice Springs Sunday Market in Todd Mall. We found parking not too far away along the Todd River and walked into the Mall in the middle. It wasn’t a large market but there were quite a few stalls spread along both sides. They included the usual food outlets, photographers selling their prints; crafts; Aboriginal paintings, some nice jewellery (no I didn’t buy any) and some home-made lollies and cakes. I treated Barry to a horrible greasy Kransky sausage in a roll (he loves them – they turn my stomach) and bought us ... read more
Music from Gas Bottles
G'Day Mate Caravan Park View
White-plumed Honeyeaters

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2014

The day started badly with a very expensive visit to the doctor - $80 and I only got $37 back. They don’t bulk bill out here. The doctor determined that the pain in my ribs was not a hernia or pleurisy (which I had feared) but he noticed some bruising around the area. He checked I hadn’t had a fall or accident and said he thought I’d torn one of the lower level muscles with all the violent coughing and the bleeding was just now permeating through the other two layers. He prescribed a cough medicine and some special strong throat lozenges and then sent me to get a chest X-ray as I’d been coughing so long. That was the second shock – the X-ray place was in the Alice Springs Hospital but was a private ... read more
A Big Bottle Tree
Gidgee Skink
Rosie the Goanna

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 25th 2014

I was coughing a lot during the night and the pain is still sharp every time so Barry bullied me into making an appointment for the doctor. Unfortunately, there are none for today and I can’t make one for tomorrow until 8.15 am tomorrow. Odd system. Barry booked us in for a couple more nights and I noticed the “Ghan” timetable on the counter. The receptionist told me that it was in the station this morning and was due to pull out at 12.45pm. We jumped in the car and headed down to the Alice Springs Station, which is tucked away in the industrial area as if they are ashamed of it. Once we got there, we saw that it doesn’t have a raised platform – just a long bitumen area with yellow lines saying keep ... read more
Dining in Luxury Aboard the Ghan
Women in Aviation Tapestry
Alice Springs Gaol Mural

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 24th 2014

I packed the picnic bag and we set off for Desert Park, just out of Alice. We had expected to do it in the morning and then see some other things in the afternoon as it is quite small on the map. Didn’t happen! It took us all day, admittedly at a leisurely pace. Size isn’t everything, it seems. It was a lovely day, 25oC with a light breeze and sunny so everything gleamed. We’d missed the first Ranger talk but were there in time for the Free Flying Bird Show, which went for about 25 minutes. We all sat in covered seats around a small arena and waited to begin. I noticed a Tawny Frogmouth sitting up on one of the posts holding up the awning. He looked a bit grumpy at having all these ... read more
Witchetty Grubs - Raw or Cooked
A Lizard Stack
One Confused Tawny Frogmouth

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 22nd 2014

We slept in a bit today and didn’t get moving until about 10am. We then went to look around the CBD of Alice Springs and get Barry’s hair cut. While he did that I started looking around the galleries and tourist shops in Todd Mall. I didn’t get very far before he returned but he put up with the rest of them, under sufferance. There were several places showing Aboriginal art and crafts, much of it similar to other places we’ve seen it and some that were cheaper than usual and looked as if they had been churned out on a conveyor belt as they were almost identical. A few, though, were innovative and colourful and I would have liked a couple but, as with all good works of art, they are hundreds or thousands of ... read more
The Todd River, Alice Springs
A Central Netted Dragon
Yet Another Race of Asutralian Ringneck Parrot

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 21st 2014

The wind was back with a vengeance this morning and it seems to be a crosswind. This caravan park is pretty basic and not the sort of place you want to hang about for long so Barry decided to chance it and head towards the next town – Aileron. It has a caravan park where we could stay if he was finding it too difficult to drive, otherwise we planned to continue on to Alice Springs. We packed up and headed south, with the ute struggling to stay at the optimum revs when in top gear, as the crosswind was hitting us on a front corner – not as bad as a headwind but not good. It didn’t sound really happy. At least we weren’t having any trouble staying on the road. We saw a couple ... read more
Aileron's Outback Camels
Wonderful Wattles
The Desert Blooms ...

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