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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs December 15th 2015

I’ll be honest and say that completing my blog in a timely fashion since arriving in Australia has not exactly been done in a timely fashion. The travel up to Alice Springs involved a luxury camper van for Aus $5 a day with 4 other people sharing the costs. Two welsh guys who were a little crazy along with one Czech and one Finish female.Although we had to be there from Adelaide by 4 days, we made a decision that we would drive as much as we could and as long as we could and stop off at interesting places. First night was just outside Port Augusta which I had been there before, I was able to show people where the supermarket was and to stock up on food, provisions and alcohol for the journey ahead ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 24th 2015

We stayed in Alice Springs twice; once upon arrival from the Ghan train on 23.11.15 and again on our return from the Red Centre on 28.11.15. Both were overnight stays and we stayed in the Chifley Resort Hotel on both occasions, booking the second night after being impressed with our stay on the first. It had a pool, restaurant and bar and was spacious and clean. Our second night's stay there was accompanied by loud music from a wedding party into the early hours of the morning so wasn't as good. Serves us right for breaking our own rules about not revisiting the same place! The heat we had travelled half way round the world for finally happened with the temperature reaching 38°C! Lovely. We were surprised that Alice Springs was much bigger than we expected, ... read more
Alice town
Aborigine gathering
Goodbye from Alice

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 23rd 2015

Now I just love trains, I do. You can walk about on them and stretch your legs, there's usually a nice big window for you to watch the world go by and enjoy the scenery and someone else does all the driving, so no stress there. In addition, they are usually fast, getting you from A to B in speedy fashion and, sometimes, your fellow travellers can be interesting and fun. We've had some memorable train journeys - I particularly recall the Andean Explorer across the Antiplano in Peru and the wonderful Shinkansen trains we used around Japan. Even the train journeys we did in India bring back vivid memories, if not always for the right reasons. So, when it looked as though we wouldn't be able to get seats on the Ghan train when we ... read more
The Ghan train station
Inside the train station
The Ghan cheap seats

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 11th 2015

Thursday 5 November continued We arrived at the b&b early afternoon and having rung the owner from the airport we were not expecting anyone there yet, but other guests greeted us on arrival. Lesley the owner arrived shortly after and made us feel very welcome. Pat was tired so lay down and had a rest for the afternoon. The owner was toing and froing and had more guests than rooms so stayed with a friend for the night. A big issue for the Australians at the moment is a volcano eruption which is cancelling flights to and from Bali, some people have been stranded for days. Hopefully we shouldn't have any problems with an internal flight tomorrow. Another early night in bed by 8.00 pm. Friday 6 November Breakfast of fruit, toast and croissants was available ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 30th 2015

Continued from Part 3... Day 11: We wake up early but decide to it’s too cloudy for sunrise so we sleep in. By 8:00 it’s starting to get warm again so it’s time to get up and get a move on. We have to head back to Yulara to get some gas. At $2.03 it’s the most expensive gas we have seen so far. I put $40 in and decide to fill up at Curtain Springs, where we waited for the sandstorm that never came. It’s not much cheaper there but if we can save a dollar here and there why not. We are heading to King’s Canyon today. It’s a lesser known, but still highly visited, park in the Red Centre. It’s sort of out of the way to Alice Springs but we decide it’s ... read more
2015-10-30 19.22.16

I should explain that is a long way to Alice Springs, the majority of the time we were driving! The first stop was Charlie from crocodile dundee again, it was also a fuel stop and quick loo break, after 20 min we were back on the road. The next stop was edith falls, where we hiked up a fairly long path to get there. It was really got and when we finally got to the pools it was reliving to get into the cool water. After a bit of a swim we trekked back to the bus to sort out lunch. We had sandwiches again. Then we went down to a smaller pool there were some fish who would bite if you stayed still so we kept moving. All of a sudden there was a snake ... read more

I got up at 8 for the free breakfast and then headed to coles for food for the next 2 days and snacks for the next tour. I also stopped into kmart and got some trousers and leggings as the temperature in the evenings and nights is about 3c and when in the swags I don't want to get to cold. At 3pm we all met up to go climb the macdonalds range, to watch the sun set. We ordered 2 taxis but only one turned up after 1.5hrs we finally all meet at the bottom of the climb. The climb was difficult but eventually we all make it up and this time I didn't need help to get up! We got some great pictures and then started the climb down. Half way down I slipped ... read more

On Sat 16 May we drove back to Alice Springs and booked into the Desert Palms Resort. We were told to keep our door locked at all times and had a nice view of a chain link fence with razor wire on the top which overlooked a piece of barren land. Bit unnerving! I got the impression there was a concern about possibility of hassle from indigenous people in the area. The room was a also a bit basic but there was a TV a Microwave! Tom went for a run and then went shopping for fuel and supplies. However, when trying to pay for fuel he was jostled by some Aborigines at the cash desk who clearly wanted some money. The garage employee had to escort him back to his car. Not a nice experience! ... read more
Ellery Creek
Ellery Creek
Standley Chasm

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs April 30th 2015

Well sadly it was a big non event today. So pretty small post. I ended up with a migraine over night. So the correlation between migraines and work is not completely true... :( So I have spent most of the day sleeping on the couch and chomping on nurofen and ice. I'm feeling mildly better but still very dopey (what's new I here you say!) Dissappointing as we were intending to go for a bike ride today. And we were going to the nocturnal show at the desert park tonight. So missed both things... Rob made the most of the day by sitting in the sun and reading. Her only bought the book yesterday and is halfway through. It wasn't as windy as yesterday so much easier to stay warm. The sun is lovely when you ... read more
The view
The view
The view

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs April 29th 2015

Well this was a pretty quiet day today. It was a really cold night last night. Apparently its pretty normal for this time of year bit I guess we weren't really expecting it. The caravan park manager said its nothing, it will get to -6 (overnight) in July! The day was about 20 degrees so compared to home its still good, but it was cold in the wind! None the less we still got out and about. Went for a long walk into the town centre. It wasn't so easy to figure out the 'centre' itself. Eventually we found the Todd Mall, which seemed to be where it was at. We went to the information centre to get some information about Uluru and Kings canyon. Took the opportunity to use the free wifi to update the ... read more
Todd river
Todd river
Todd river

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