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Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island January 25th 2020

A day at sea. I know folks who say they would be bored cruising. I never seem to have that problem. Today I awoke at 5:30 and that seems to be my routine so far. Checked my email and the news then had breakfast in my cabin; juice, cereal and coffee. It was then time to visit Australian immigration officials as we will hit an Aussie port tomorrow. Headed to the Lido for my smoked salmon and sat in the sun to enjoy. Next I went to a lecture on bio-diversity in the South Pacific. It was excellent. Checked out the casino to see if we would have a tournament but only three signed up. Took a little time on my deck chair chatting with my next cabin neighbor and reading and before I knew it ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston May 3rd 2018

Just as well we had come for a relaxing holiday as, next morning, we were up at 5am for our 3.5km “bushwalk” which was really a hike, whichever way you wanted to look at it! :) Larry Quintal was our guide – 6th generation “Bounty” mutineer descendant. With tongue-in-cheek and a twinkle in his eye, he said, “you Australians are descendants of convicts but, there is no convict blood in Norfolk Islanders, as they never caught them (the mutineers). He said, “we only stole ships!” :) We had two groups on our morning tour – those of us who were going to do the whole morning bushwalk, a walk of about 3.5 kms through the National Park (that wasn’t here when we were here last – like a lot of other things. :)) and then those ... read more
Norfolk Is Terminal - 1969
Norfolk Is Terminal - 2016
Fairy Tern

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island March 19th 2018

1969: is where it all began … but, for now, fast-forward 47 years, to 2016! We were up early this particular morning – 5am – as Jen was picking us up at 6-30am to, very kindly, take us to the airport. Our flight wasn’t leaving until 9-50am but, we wanted to beat the traffic and to also give Jen a chance to get back to work without getting caught in the morning peak-hour. We got a good run into the airport with Ted employing some of his famous short long-cuts (no – it’s not a mis-print – he’s good at these :) ) to avoid traffic along King George’s Road and also the M5 tunnel which, can be like a car park in peak times. Easily navigating Jen through the back streets of Greenacre, Wiley Park ... read more
Our flash All Blacks Livery
Our flight path today
Familiar landscape

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island March 13th 2014

Captain Byron When you're a pirate, the choice of party is easy. Invite a few sea-dogs and damsels, and the rest is easy. Of course, a bit of treasure is appreciated, as well as the occasional duel. Turning FIVE years old was a long time coming for Byron. He has seemed to think of himself as older, more capable and more autonomous than his tender years have suggested. But now that he is officially five, all that has changed. Byron is his own chap - he rarely holds the handrails, he rides his scooter as fast as it will go, and to let off steam he challenges his father to a sword fight, which is usually preceded by a sneak attack! To mark his entry to the mature ranks of those in their fifth transit orbit ... read more
The treasure
The treasure
birthdays aren't about sharing ...

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island June 7th 2012

The day was another rainy day in Goonellbah! We were inside all day with the children which makes the day seem to go a little slower, but it was still a good day! I must admit, one of the highlights of my day was the lunch served. We had pizza with fresh veggies on it from our wonderful chef. Our kitchen chef used to work at cafes with his mother, so, when I brag about how good of a chef/barrista he is, I truly mean it. This man's experienced. We're gourment style and spoiled at Netle In when it comes to the grub! I've noticed that a chunk of the children's songs here are sung in differnt variations, and today I was really happy to hear that over here in the land down unda, they believe ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island August 22nd 2011

Appearing as an emerald speck on the vast sapphire waters between Australia and New Zealand, Norfolk Island is largely unknown to the outside world. Originally visited by Polynesians as early as 1150, the Island’s most famous inhabitants are the Pitcairners (descendants of the Bounty mutineers from their 1789 escapade) who relocated here in 1856. Nowadays Norfolk Island is said to be a travel destination for “newly-weds and nearly-deads” and judging by the demographics of the fellow passengers on the plane, this could well be true. The exception was a number of conference attendees, but I met no other solo travellers during my five days on the island. The plane soared over the white capped waves and we swept over pines and palms before skidding along the runway and halting in front of an unpretentious terminal. Stepping ... read more
Tombstones at The Graveyard at Kingston, Norfolk Island
The trees of Norfolk Island at Puppy's Point
The beautiful Norfolk Pine on Norfolk Island

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island June 24th 2010

We went to Douglas Hot Springs. We went to Darwin markets which were huge. We are staying at Kate and Michael's house doing helpx. We work for 3 hours and they let us stay there. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Burnt Pine September 2nd 2008

Keefy here, my first blog. You would think that I would have done this before considering how far I've flown but technology is not my forte. Steve and Kerri can take care of that stuff. Sometimes though I need a bit of me time and I have to unload and let's face it. My experiences are different from theirs. I would like to be on the road again as that's where I am truly happy but Norfolk is interesting for now. Kerri and Steve are working most days managing their resort and this gives me some time to look about and learn a bit about the place. I'll tell you something for nothing it's got its pluses but it also has its minuses. The pluses are the natural beauty and progressive cosmopolitan people. The minuses are ... read more
Foundation Day
Kerri with Hibiscus
Some convict guests of ours

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Burnt Pine March 8th 2008

HI All, Well here we go again..... we came to book in for the first flight and its delayed 2 hours, and won't make our connection to Melbourne.... This then means we don't get a great deal of time to meet with you Ellen, I am sorry. At least they have us on a flight an hour later which means we still make the connection to Launceston....*sigh* For a holiday that was supposed to relieve my stress level....let me tell you it hasn't! Charlie is a little niggly, I think its upset him a but we will manage. I think I will need to go on a holiday to get over this one! Oh Well..... Lets see how we go.... Ruthie & Charlie lost in paradise somewhere..... ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Norfolk Island » Kingston March 8th 2008

Hi All! Well today was just wonderful with a very over cast day, it seemed cooler even though I doubt it is. The day started with a 7 am swim at Emily Bay again, last day today for Rhonda she was off on the 2 o’clock plane today. Even MrC came and even though he said it was cold I know he enjoyed it. Also the last day for us too as we will be on a plane at 8 am tomorrow. After breakfast we started out with only two things in mind….one to go back and look in all the shops that we hadn’t been in, and two was to go and look over the Cemetery. We went into all the shops that took our fancy and yes I bought some stuff to bring home… ... read more
Whaler Boat.
Old Kingston.

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