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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Orange June 26th 2022

There we were in a taxi in Buenos Aires looking out the window as we do. Then I started screaming...well not quite screaming...but I was leaning forward begging the driver...louder than he was probably used to. It's not as if one of the front wheels was coming off like that time in Beijing...nor like the taxi overtaking around blind wet mud corners in Zigong. Nor the tone I screamed at the soldier who boarded our bus in Tanzania who demanded my camera at gunpoint, "You are not stealing my camera." This was unbridled our guide in Uzbekistan yelling "Luli..Luli" whenever a gypsy cart went by. "Turn it up please...more...more...more" pleas getting louder and louder as he turned the radio knob. Midnight Oil's "Beds Are Burning" belting out in a taxi in Buenos Aires...who'd have thought!!!! ... read more
Emily Wurramarra

Every Sunday morning he'd come in and I'd give him a Vincent's Powder and a glass of water to wash it down...marveling he could consume the pink powder...the foulest elixir known to man...the painkiller for housewives and rock stars...a muso seeking path to the latter...both then youths...ultimately attaining the pinnacle of rock stardom he did. Left his heart and sweat on stage the previous evening...needed 'a mother's little helper' to reenergise his at his request I helped him along. His name is Iva Davies...then of the band 'Flowers'...better known as the lead and inspiration of 'Icehouse' of our favourite bands. Their song "Great Southern Land" featured every Australia Day for decades now. Ride on. Jump to 2022...Covid had killed the live music scene for the last two years...our bums on seats to help musos survive ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill June 4th 2022

This year, the Oceania Area Aths Championships are in Mackay from June 7th-11th. We decided to see a bit more of Outback Australia so we set out on Friday to drive to Mackay. We had booked ahead on to ensure we had accommodation along the way. Our first aim was to get to Broken Hill. We left a grey Adelaide about 8-30 and drove via the North/South Expressway to Gawler, stopping at Roseworthy to top up the petrol tank and buy some unappetizing pastries for breakfast. There was very little traffic going our way so it was a relatively easy drive.Once we made the Barrier Highway and lost our radio station, it was on with the audio of Dr No which we had started on our trip to Canberra. The main hassles were road works, ... read more
Old Mining Equipment
View over Broken Hill
Miners Memorial

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 2nd 2022

Day 1: 2nd June, 2022 Sydney – Darwin: The Beginning of an adventure of a life time Day 1 of my 1-month adventure in Europe began at 11:30am when I arrived at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, 4 hours be my 3:45pm flight to Darwin on a Qantas 787 Dreamliner. The reason why I arrived at the airport so early because I was at advised by Qantas that there would be extensive delays due to staff shortages. However, when I got to the flight check-in area, I noticed that me and a few other people were the only ones in the terminal, so checking in, dropping my bags off, going through customs and a security was only a 10 min process. After I made my way past security, I thought to myself, “now what” as I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 30th 2022

Sunday Leaving Goulburn early it was cold – the phone said it was 4 degrees but it felt less. We had so many layers on that we both looked like Michelin Men – if we had fallen off we would have bounced all the way to our next destination! Heading South-West, firstly on the M31 which we soon got sick of, we turned off, leaving the motorway into a small town for a breakfast and to warm up. After our stop we took a convoluted route that headed us toward Queanbeyan (near Canberra) on narrow sealed roads. Eventually into Wagga Wagga a decent sized rural city for a McCafe lunch. Onwards on more sealed country roads we had an interesting, albeit cold ride to our destination of Oaklands. On our arrival we had done 470kms and ... read more
Drying room

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broulee May 30th 2022

Some of you who have been my regular subscribers through the years might be wondering why you haven’t seen any contributions from me for around 3 years. Yes, covid has been a significant factor (fortunately neither of us has succumbed to it yet), but there has been a more significant reason. My wife, Joan, suffers from Stargardt’s Disease (or AMD – age-related macular degeneration) which means she is rapidly losing her sight and sadly there is currently no cure or even part cure for it. It is not as though it has taken her by surprise, as it is hereditary and a number of her family members had/have it also, so she knew it was coming. I guess that ‘age-related’ is the key word as it was manageable up until about 5 years ago. The first ... read more
Who needs Sydney's roads when you can drive to the shops through this!
Charley, our 11 year old border collie/poodle cross
Rainbow lorikeet, typical of the birdlife that frequents our region

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 29th 2022

Saturday Leaving Wiseman’s Ferry an hour after Keith & Bryan who wanted to be in Melbourne a day earlier than Brenton & myself, we were soon recrossing the Hawkesbury on another free Ferry near Windsor. Photos from the ferry into Wiseman's. We crossed The Putty Rd and then turned off through Kurrajong, Clarence & Lithgow heading West towards our morning goal of Bathurst. Reaching this iconic motor racing town, we did a lap of the Mt Panorama race circuit which is now only used for car racing. I raced here three times in the 1970s and looking at the track, concrete walls, armco barriers and lack of run off areas, it is understandable that bikes are no longer racing here. Brenton hadn’t been here before and understandably was impressed with the circuit and facilities. Heading South ... read more
Ferry into Wiseman

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 28th 2022

Wednesday: Geoff Udy arrived last night into Glen Innes having ridden from Toowoomba to join us. Unfortunately his wallet had fallen out of his open pocket on the way. This morning Geoff and Bryan embarked on a needle in a haystack ride to Tenterfield to try & find the wallet while Keith, Brenton & I went 40kms up the New England Highway to Deepwater for coffee & gas to wait for them to complete their search Geoff & Bryan were unsuccessful in their wallet search and soon returned to meet us. We then retraced our route 17kms to Dundee (NSW not Scotland) & turned East into Bald knob Road which led to The Old Grafton Rd. This had around 100kms of everything an adventure rider could wish for. Fords, mud, slippery seal & gravel, fantastic scenery ... read more
Geoff Party Trick
Mike in the tunnel again.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 25th 2022

Monday: Left Tambo early after a café breakfast. Heading South East on a single lane sealed road our route took us off this after 5kms and onto an even narrower sealed road for a further 10kms before we were soon onto a gravel “road”. The road, as usual varied from hard-packed to slippery from all the rain. Red dirt/clay seems the worst when wet & is like riding on ice. Some pretty long straights on this road. We continued on this route seeing some interesting wildlife. Two flocks of Emus (or maybe Cassowaries) which generally run alongside the road & away from the noise of the bikes. Plenty of brightly coloured birds (Pink & Grey) not sure if they are Rosellas or Cockatoos. Once again plenty of Kangaroos ready to play chicken, but as long as ... read more
Keith & Mick Dundee (Keith on right)
Slippery Trail

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree May 13th 2022

Following our hikes in the Warrumbungles, our muscles were aching and we looked forward to the hot artesian springs of Moree to recuperate. Gwydir Caravan Park did not disappoint, with five thermal pools ranging from 28 degrees through to 39 degrees celsius, all with reputed healing qualities. The bore feeding the pools taps into the Great Artesian Basin, and reaches down some 953 metres. The water contains many key minerals good for the body, including sodium carbonate, magnesium, sulphate, calcium, iron, alumina, silica ammonias and nitrates. Although it was raining a good deal of the time we stayed in Moree, it did not affect us as we were happy just to relax and soak in the thermal pools. Moree is surrounded by endless flat plains of rich back soils, which grows cotton, pecans and olives in ... read more

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