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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 7th 2015

We made it to Sydney!!! Our flight was smooth almost the entire way and we were both able to sleep some. We landed at 7am local time after 14 hours and 45 minutes of flying! The Sydney airport was a madhouse this morning, and Aaron got stuck in passport control when the automated system couldn't match the photo it took with what was on file for his passport. A long assistance line and 30 minutes later and he cleared. In the meantime I got the bags. I met him when he was cleared and we headed to customs where we had to go through special inspection because we have been hanging around a freshwater lake all summer. Turns out that ended up being no big deal, but my backpack was attacked three times by an exceptionally ... read more
Australia Day One
Australia Day One
Australia Day One

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales August 7th 2015

It's been a while, a long while. Where to start? I've left New Zealand behind, ending my trip surrounded by the love of new friends and the golden kiss of sunset off the Christchurch shore. I remember the chill warmth on my face and the sweet taste of wine on my tongue and knew, way down deep where all true knowing lingers, that despite the hardships and the disappointments I'd faced during my stay, this country would forever be a part of me, both of who I am now and the woman I hope to become. They say the sword remembers the heat of the fire and the pounding of the hammer and in the same way I see New Zealand as the forge that broke me and reassembled the pieces. It stripped me down whilst ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales July 26th 2015

Well I am sitting in Bait Reef, an inner reef of the Great Barrier Reef northeast of the Whitsundays, with a setting sun after a great day’s snorkelling and fish watching. I have made it here and this is the story of that trip. Firstly here is the Capt’n’s log. Hakura and I (with Fred in the latter half) travelled 1 314 nautical miles (nmiles) over 66 days from June 16th till August 21. No average speed because Hakura and I were stationary for many days waiting for weather or repairs, more details later. Well back to Bermagui and the cool of June in southern NSW. Digga and Soph had gone on the early (and only) bus to Sydney and I was back to solo sailing heading north. This time I had ... read more
Wasp Island, southern end of Beagle Bay
The New Crew - Fred from France
See he is really on Hakura.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Jindabyne July 25th 2015

I've gone through some travelling blogs and read some of them for inspiration. Until I came upon this one question that brought up five more, and I couldn't get it out of my head. I need to write about it. The question is: What do you travel for? That is the main question of my existence. It is not only one question, but five questions in one. We have all studied the five "Ws" in school. Here's how it goes. Who : Myself and whoever wants to join. I have always told myself that I would never depend on anyone for my travels, or wait for anyone. It has happened to me many times while planning a trip; friends telling you that they are all in, that they will join you on a trip to Greece, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains July 23rd 2015

July 12th2015 Lawson, NSW, Australia ….the presence of anguish is an opportunity for understanding..... the presence of craving is an opportunity for letting go..... But no sooner is it glimpsed than it is gone. Cessation of craving is like a momentary gap in the clouds. The sun shines brilliantly for a few minutes, only to be covered over again. We find ourselves back in the humbling fog of anguish, craving, habit, restlessness, distraction. But with a difference: now we know where this track goes. We have set foot in the territory for which these words are just a map. Stephen Batchelor: Buddhism without Beliefs All my life's a circle.... It seems like I've been here before.. Harry Chapin I arrive at the front door of my friend's Sydney ... read more
Eucalyptus magic
Blue Mountains
Autralian national flower - Wattle

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Orange July 18th 2015

Orange workaway stay 6th July-15th July. Digging, baby kangaroo and snow! We had an amazing first volunteering experience helping develop a farm property to accommodate visitors who will eventually sleep in the vintage train carriage that mysteriously founds its way onto the site from its origin in Sydney over 100km away! We were fortunate to meet a brilliant group of people from France, England and Scotland who were also staying with our host family and we had many interesting nights around the table eating a variety of meals cooked by all those staying. The family were very kind to us and we also were very lucky to be sharing the house with a rescue kangaroo whose mother had sadly been run over, sadly a common occurrence on Australian roads. Fortunately Baxter was thriving by the time ... read more
Baby Baxter the rescued roo

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lightning Ridge July 18th 2015

In the great rush to get the last blog into print we forgot to mention the bird life at Charlotte Plains. As with most things in the bush, there was a distinct lack of avian life, but as we were departing we counted ourselves lucky to have a couple of magnificent tits flash before us from the only other campers around the bore! Female of course. Now that we have your attention... Feeling somewhat invigorated after taking the waters and sights at the bore, we pointed the Pajero South towards Bourke. We have seen a lot of barren country, and this was to be no exception. Real rain has not fallen here for a long time and the rain that we have encountered has been erratic in its placement. Some areas show weak patches of greenery ... read more
Advertisement in Brewarrina cafe
First Shaft lookout - Lightening Ridge
Black Opal Tour - Fred Bodel's Camp

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales July 14th 2015

We are off and heading north to the sun, warm water and coral. That at least was the plan. Distance covered – 538 nmiles – over 16 days (30 May to 14 June) from Prince of Wales Bay Tasmania to Bermagui, NSW. The crossing of Bass Strait involved 363 nmiles taking 73.5 hours at an average of 5 knots. After the crew arrived, one of the first jobs was to get Spoh and Digga some warm clothing so we visited the Salvo shop in Newtown. They were able to get several good pieces of clothing and warm woollen hats. Now we were ready. Who are the crew? Digga and Soph, both young professionals from southwest England (Bristol was where they last lived) on a yearlong travel adventure. They found me on a website called “Find-A-Crew” which ... read more
Sophie in a calm sea

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Randwick July 13th 2015

Well the big adventure starts in 19 days. I hope it will be as good, in real life, as it is in my imagination. All we need now is for the AUD to move in the RIGHT direction instead of the downward spiral it is curently enjoying and to pack. I added my special friends (that's you) to my TravelBlog account so that you can read my posts while I'm away. Send me a quick reply or a message on Facebook if you see this post so I know that I have linked you up to this account properly. Thanks. Love Marg... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Hunter Valley July 3rd 2015

We should have taken more notice, when our first purchases “on the road” were a new set of wiper blades and a tarp, but off we headed oblivious and full of excitement about our adventure back to the centre of oz. Waving goodbye to Windella and our good mates Kate & Mick & little Colby (thanks for minding Boris for us guys!!) and shedding an inner tear leaving our beloved cats behind for a month (thanks also to Kate & Mark Simpson & team of Sugarloaf Animal Hospital for ranga-sitting!!) our first stop was Dubbo where we arrived after dark, promptly found the nearest pub for a feed and set up the tent for the first chilly night of about zero degrees! Waking to a sunny morning we continued west camping in road side stops the ... read more
Alligator Gorge SA
Bakers Falls near Armidale
Birthday girl waiting for the spa to heat up

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