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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman November 3rd 2013

Geo: -33.844, 151.242Goodbye noisy room, hello tranquil room! Again, a good breakfast followed by the free bus. Another ferry ride, this time to Taronga zoo on a steep hill across the bay. The cable car ride to the main entrance looked appealing but the queue didn't, so we walked to the lower entrance instead. 33 degrees C and quite humid so we were quite hot by the time we reached the red Panda enclosure, the first exhibit. Spent 5 hours at the zoo, and still didn't see everything! Made sure we saw the koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, sun bears, kangaroos & wallabies, fennec foxes, fishing cats, binturongs (bear cats) and all the usual stuff like the big cats and monkeys. Unfortunately missed the emus and the platypus remained hidden. Boat back to C Quay and spent ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman January 3rd 2013

Day 1 Dan - So the journey begins. Getting the car together has been a long slog but it's finally at a point where we can hit the road. Major thanks to Luke Carrigan whose input in setting it up has been invaluable. For those interested in the technical specs it's a 1995, 80 series Landcruiser with a 4.2 litre, straight 6 diesel donk. It's non-turbo so it runs like a tractor but we're not in any sort of rush. Carries 250 litres of diesel in 2 tanks which will get us about 1700 km unless we're beach bashing. It has drawers in the back (one is full of tools and the other is our pantry), a 47 litre ARB fridge which apparently holds 72 cans (haven't tested that claim yet), 5 x 66 litre crates ... read more
Mickey Thompson Baja
Rear Tyre Carrier
Crates of Crap!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman December 11th 2011

I woke up this morning wondering why on earth it was raining when it was no longer monsoon season. I then wondered how my mattress made of foam and some form of twigs had become so cozy, squishy and lovely. Then I remembered I was back home! No one warned me about post-India depression, but its hit me like a brick! I managed to sleep quite soundly on the plane from Mumbai to Singapore, it was a mix of waking up drooling and constant head nods but still better than my usual sleep patterns on planes. But taking off from Singapore to Sydney I was overwhelmed with a huge amount of sadness, I can't explain it (I definitely couldn't explain it to the stewardess that was trying to comfort me hah!) but I couldn't stop wailing ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman June 17th 2011

A few people have asked me whether I'm going to write a blog while I'm away - I feel like I won't be gone very long so it's almost unnecessary but maybe it'll be a good record for me for when I come home! The lead up to this trip seems to have been for a life time-I remember the first day of uni they told us about the oppurtunity and from then on I was set on the idea. I've just had the first of 3 rabies shots - I remember Ricky Gervais saying he thinks it's a ridiculous idea to travel to countries where you have to get injections to make sure you don't catch diseases, maybe he was right...or maybe he'd researched injection prices and realised how expensive it was! The moral of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman May 31st 2011

We were really excited about getting to Sydney because we were staying with friends Luke and Liz. It was so lovely to see some friendly faces and enjoy the luxury of staying in an actual home as opposed to guesthouses. Luke and Liz have a lovely flat with amazing views of the opera house and Sydney harbour bridge. If I lived there I think I would just sit and gaze out of the window all day! We had such a great time in Sydney which was mainly due to our lovely hosts who spoilt us rotten with alcohol, coffees out and delicious home cooked food. It was also handy to have someone to show us around the best bits of Sydney. The timing of our visit worked out well because we had two weekends in Sydney ... read more
Sydney at sunset
Mardi Gras
Bondi beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman April 7th 2011

I got into Sydney on the evening of the 7th Aoril and was picked up by my mate Ginge who I would be staying with in Mosman with his wife Esse. I had an early start the next day so it was quite an early night.  Up bright and breezy at 7.15 to get the ferry from Mosman over to Circular Quay for the start of my one day Blue Mountain trip with Oz Trek.  As is the way with these tours, I do find I get to meet people much easier this way and that would become apparent later the following week. We headed out to the Blue mountians past the Sydney Olympic sight and some pretty hefty traffic.  Our guide was very informative and I think may have possibly been a war veteran as ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman March 1st 2011

As zoos go this is a pretty good one and has the best view of any zoo I have been to (I think this makes it 3?) but it is very expensive! $43 for an adult! I guess that isn’t too bad for Australia but compared to the Greater Vancouver Zoo ($17.85) it is crazy! The food in the park is ridiculously priced and REALLY bad! Not worth the money, we should have brought a picnic. We didn’t see any of the ‘shows’ but saw all the animals and got to pet a crazy looking turtle named Russel and a wallaby who’s name I didn’t get. We spent 5 hours at this zoo and saw it all, except for the Red Panda that seemed to be hiding someplace.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman August 6th 2010

9 Sleeps to go and and still plenty to do.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman April 12th 2010

10 04 2010 Another lovely day. We caught the ferry to Turonga zoo. The star of the show was Mr Shuffles the baby elephant and the snow leopards. The photos say it all. We caught a cable car to the top part of the zoo and were rewarded with a lovely view. In the evening we went to the IMAX cinema and watched avater in 3D. Great film which we loved. Highly recommended. Apparently biggest IMAX screen in the world.... read more
10 04 2010 012
10 04 2010 013
10 04 2010 014

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman March 13th 2010

The Old Home at Middle head, Mosman... read more
The shops
The view

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