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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek October 10th 2015

Muscle Car Masters : Motor Racing...the Carey McMahon story. There is something about the smell of high octane fuel...the screaming throaty sound of racing car engines pushed to the limit...the adrenalin rush that only phenomenal speed can versus machine...dicing with danger at every corner, every pass, every manoeuver. The difference between winning and losing usually comes down to the skill of the drivers and the maintenance of their racing machines. Many of the best have teams of mechanics, engineers, racing specialists that they cannot do without. Others race without teams because there is something inside saying that they must. Each have their story. And each successful racer has a story where the common thread is a mixture of determination, bravery, amazing skill, willingness to risk, a big dose of luck...and TMFM. Too Much F***ing Money! ... read more
That's Racing
Peter Brock...Legend
Touring Car Masters

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek January 13th 2015

We spent Christmas in our home town of Victoria Point QLD catching up with friends and attending to domestic chores ie. visiting dentist,doctors etc.We had a great time,time flew by and it's time time to hit the road again,we have about 6 weeks before we need to be in Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tassie.The coastal route will still be busy so we elect to go inland via the New England Highway taking time to stop off at some historic towns. First stop Tenterfieild for an overnight stop, enough driving for one day.Our caravan site is in the grounds of an old pub now being used for accommodation only, a lovely old building with a wrap around veranda. Around the corner is a railway museum a reminder of how important the railway was in opening ... read more
king arthurs replica

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek November 28th 2012

Well today started with a bang at about 4.00 am. As usual I had to get up to go to the toilet. I had just shut the window as I could hear it raining outside and didn't want it to come inside. I put my thongs on got the Ladies key and my torch and opened the door took one step and whoosh landed on my butt at the bottom of the stairs. It was like something you would see on funniest home videos. I can tell you though it wasn't very funny at the time. I have a masive bruise on my arm and back. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse than that. I went back to bed and woke up later feeling not too bad just a bit sore. We went for another lovely ... read more
Tenthill Ottery Mine
Arsenic mining
Thunderbolt Lookout

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek November 27th 2012

We started the day witha a hearty breakfast and then took off for the saleyards. They were selling sheep today. It is very interesting watching them bid. Well you can't really see them do it as they are so inconspicuous. We then took one of the recommended self drive tours. We came to this lagoon that we were going to walk around (4.8 km) but ended up only doing a bit of it as it was too boggy and we didn't want to get muddy shoes. We went through this little village that apparently has snow in winter. We were quite high up. Peter wanted me to point out that there were only Lady toilets at the Railway Station, no mens (see photo). We had a little break after the drive and then decided to walk ... read more
Looking professional
Ben Lommand Railway station

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek November 26th 2012

What a great relaxing day! We did a fair bit of walking though. We walked into the town centre. We then walked up this steep hill to see the Australian Standing Stones. They are granite stones placed there by the community in a circle representing the 24 hours of the clock. They include the Southern Cross and N, S, W & E points. There is a real Celtic heritage here. You see lots of info about the different clans and there is tartan everywhere. After that bit of exercise we went back down the hill (much easier) and had some lunch. We headed back to the campervan for some R&R, had a nanna nap and then walked back into the town centre for a coffee. We just had dinner at Harry's Snack Shack which is also ... read more
Australian Standing Stones
Rock table and chairs

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek June 19th 2012

We visited the Glasshouse Mountains and saw some of the spectacular scenery there. It is a very short drive from where Barbara and Rob live. After a nice time there we headed off back to Bribie stopping for a pie and coffee and I experienced a pie with mushy peas inside as well as the meat. Interesting. Once back a bribie we set about moving our possessions back into the van to head off the next morning followed by the serious task of getting our dinner ready. Our Crabs which had been in the freezer into the pot for entree, followed by Robbies fish and salad and strawberries, icecream and chocolate sauce for dessert! Graham had hamburgers. Rob assisted Graham setting up an account to pay the tolls on the chosen roads over the internet. We ... read more
1 Graham Glasshouse Mountains
1 Banksia Glasshouse Mountains
1 Low tide south end of Bribie

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek April 12th 2009

Grafton to Inverell via Glen Innes along the Gwydir Highway We were up, packed and ready for breakfast by about 8.00 a.m. Terry again provided us with a delicious breakfast - the same fare as the day before - and we again shared it with our cute green frog. We then chatted to the other guests and promised that we would be back to share this beautiful part of the country, and especially the fantastic B&B and all its many trimmings! There are three words we would use to describe Clarence River B&B: Quality, Generosity and Hospitality. We've stayed at a lot of wonderful B&Bs but this really was the classiest in all aspects. We were on the road again by 10:00 and headed off to the Gibraltar Ranges National Park along the Gwydir Highway. The ... read more
Timber Framed Mirror in Stairway
Our Wonderful Hosts - Terry & Greg
Mann River on Gwydir Highway

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek January 12th 2009

Day 66 Andy got up early and made a cup of tea for us both, of course bringing mine to me whilst I was still languishing in bed, well, it was so cosy and warm in there. Up in Glenn Innes the nights are cold and it does not get warm very early. Andy was sat reading his book and through the open flyscreen of the tent he saw two Kangaroos come bounding past the truck. He did not hear them, they were so silent, I can vouch for that as I never heard a thing until Andy called me to get out of bed (yuck!!) but for a great photo opportunity how could I resist. So I hurriedley dressed and grabbed my camera, slipping the 300mm lens on in the process. Andy pointed out the ... read more
Early Riser
I can see you

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek January 12th 2009

Day 65 With our lunch box packed we headed off to the Gwydir Highway and the Washpool and Gibralter Range National Parks. First stop was Boundary Creek, about 400metres walk down some steps there is a spectacular tropical looking lagoon with a waterfall. Something about it look perfect, even with the old deadwood that was lying in the lagoon as if it had been placed there deliberately. It may have been for all we know, however a common occurence here is that trees fall over and they are left on the landscape for its natural decomposition. Walking back up to the truck, this was a very short walk but very steep, we met a couple from Grafton who were just having a day trip in the Parks, they were photographing a Ground Orchid, a solitary Orchid ... read more
Lyrebird Walk

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eastern Creek January 11th 2009

Dear all, Just thought that we would let you know the statistics for the blog so far: In 16 days, i.e. since the last blog stats were posted we have had: Hits: 1096 Photos: 92 Words: 16448 Entries: 18 for the whole of December the blog had 1966 hits January so far: 893 hits We find it truly amazing that we have had so many hits, although hits does not mean that people are reading, but we really hope that you are reading the blog and enjoying it. The T's... read more

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