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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill February 5th 2020

I’ve been coming to this particular remote corner of New South Wales for over ten years, and I don’t think I’ve ever really given it the blog-space it deserves. And so, please meet Fowler’s Gap, the Arid Zone Research Station run by Sydney’s University of New South Wales. 100,000 acres of not very much at all, and I love it. To someone living most of the year on a cosy overcrowded little island, the prospect of flying for almost three hours and still not leaving the state in which you started is a little mind-blowing. Such is the flight from Sydney to Broken Hill, the self-proclaimed gateway to the Australian Outback. From there, the station is another 110 km up the road. I joke back home that running out of milk here necessitates a three-hour round ... read more
even the drought has a rugged beauty
a dry creek bed becomes a torrent
galahs enjoying the 'roo food

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill August 19th 2018

Left Mildura Saturday morning for our next destination, Bindara Station on the Darling River between Pooncarie and Menindee, didn't get far out of Mildura and we hit the red dusty and sandy road to Pooncarie. Stopped in Pooncarie for our breaky/brunch.....went to a lovely little cafe down in the Wharf Area....beautiful guy running the place....his wife had taken the morning off to trek down to Mildura for a bit of shopping...he was flat out since 7am...had not stopped, running short on eggs...someone flew into the cafe and says I rustled up a couple of doz for you $6...all just never ceases to amaze me how these guys are in the back of nowhere can rustle up such a great was delicious! The drought is so bad....not a skerrick of grass was so noticable....lots ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill July 4th 2018

While having breakfast, we were visited by Billy, the goat. He was very friendly and shared some raisin toast with us. We spent the day visiting Broken Hill. First stop was the information centre, where we joined a 2 hour tour of the city. The whole town is heritage listed and after viewing some of the buildings in the main street, one could understand why. We were informed that there are no free camp sites near Broken Hill as its a 'national park'. After having a chat with a few locals, we were discouraged to camp in the rest areas or the roadside. So, we bit the bullet and dropped T.J off at the Broken Hill Caravan Park for safety reasons. We visited Silverton and checked out a 40 acre cemetery. It had a nice monument ... read more
Billy the Goat
Broken Hill
Broken Hill

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill June 19th 2017

I have three lives. Not consecutively like a two-thirds-lived cat, my lives are sliced and spliced together like one long kebab. There’s my Real Life, based in London, occasionally accessorised with work, happily decorated with culture and a wide range of friends, both fellow Londoners and visitors from overseas. Then there’s Edinburgh, back to my roots, a tranquil, easy existence, with lots of fresh air and friends who knew my parents, my childhood home, my past. There’s a timelessness to this life, and it’s a welcome blast of sanity after the hurly-burly of London. Then there’s Australia, my escape from the northern hemisphere’s winter and the mundane responsibilities of Real Life, where I can pretend that I too may lay claim to the big skies, the wilderness, the endless vistas, the hopping wildlife. Australia isn’t a ... read more
The Broken Hill Miners' Memorial
a rare blast of colour, Sturt desert peas

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill May 20th 2017

Hi everyone, today we played tourists. We started off on a Mine tour at the Daydream mine which is located just outside of Silverton township. OMG. This mine was old school. Lets just say safety and OH&S were a little behind the times but we enjoyed our two hours there. We found ourselves walking down 100 feet below the ground and in spots we needed to crouch to get into the shafts. The shafts are being kept together by timber posts and there were no lights underground. We were relying on the quivering lights of our unstable safety hats. I got a little claustraphobic in one spot but very little you can do when you are 100feet below ground and you don't know the way up. My son Paul was saved a number of times as ... read more
Day Dream Mine shop
Mine sculpture
The mine shop

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill May 19th 2017

Hi all, this was day 1 of our trip to the Red Centre. A big day by any measure. We finished our packing last night and we started our journey at 5.30am from Sunbury. It was not a very cold morning but on our way we encountered rain, rain and more rain. It was even still spitting in Mildura and that was 500km from Melbourne. The total trip was 800km and with two stops, one for morning tea and the second for lunch we took exactly 10hours to get to Broken Hill. Morning tea was at a town called Sea Lake. Now we could not be further from the sea if you tried. Sea lake is in the heart of the Mallee wheat belt and about 300 km inland from our start. It was called this ... read more
Coffee and biscuits
Paul's new Toyota
Homework time

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill September 21st 2016

Broken Hill to Peterborough Wednesday 21 September The Warrawong Caravan Park was a good stop for the night. The next morning, I went for a walk around the lagoon and saw the river as well as many birds, including tiny, brilliant green birds which were too fast for me to photograph. After breakfast we were off to Broken Hill. By the time we left there was only a few vans left. Some people get up very early!!! The road to “The Hill” was another straight, long 200km road. We also had a head wind so it was difficult to get above 90 KPH and get below 2,300 revs. Our fuel consumption went from 21L/100km to 27L!!! We arrived around lunch time, went to the Visitors Information Centre and came out loaded with info, including a good ... read more
23 Broken Hill (18)
23 Broken Hill (20)
23 Broken Hill (23)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill May 13th 2016

Broken Hill NSW Australia In Australia, I didn't have to travel far beyond the coast to see that the continent was much more than beaches and desert. Broken Hill is just one example of the rich culture and history that is prevalent there. Located, along the western border of New South Wales, this "Oasis of the West" was incorporated as a mining community, known for producing one of the world's largest zinc, lead, and silver deposits. It is also well-known for its prevailing sunshine and illustrious green areas that contrast the surrounding desert. In addition to the artistic explosion that has strengthened the city's culture since the 1900s, Broken Hill enjoys a moderate indigenous population. Mining and Art ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill September 20th 2015

Sunday morning started with our traditional omelette breakfast. As we sipped our coffee Joan announced that her throat was still feeling really sore and probably it was time to seek medical attention. What better place than Broken Hill, the last city we would see for quite a while. An internet search found two medical centres but showed that in Broken Hill you can not be sick on a Sunday, as this was the day they both were closed. We were heading through Wilcannia, but that did not inspire confidence. Bourke was the next major town and they had a number of medical centres, so that will have to do in a couple of day’s time. Stopping for mid-morning coffee we spotted an old 4WD connected to a very old Kombi van on a trailer. It looked ... read more
This is not what you see every day.  Also our third overtaking manoeuvre.
North of Broken Hill we spotted these two large satellite dishes.
A freight train heading into Broken Hill

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill March 6th 2015

1500ks, 3 States, 2 Camels, 3 VW Beetles, and a swarm of locusts From Hahndorf, we headed north east to Murray Bridge and then followed the river northwards to Waikerie and Moorook where we camped overnight by the river, then through Loxton and to complete the Murray River run, to Wentworth. Interestingly, in two days we travelled through three states, starting in South Australia, crossing into Victoria and then into New South Wales. But where this gets confusing is that the fruit fly exclusion zone does not follow the state borders, so it is very easy to have banned fruit and vegies on board that require dumping in the quarantine bins. (or pay a $600.00 fine) As they don't check stomach content, we ate up our contraband and should we have been stopped, all offending fruit ... read more
Sandstone Sculpture
Destination Lightning Ridge
Stanley - The worlds Tallest Emu

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