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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver April 2nd 2015

Ten awesome days in Vancouver! As we are coming up to the three week mark of long-term travel, we're finding our groove. We have been spoiled in Vancouver. We're staying right in downtown in a hotel we got for a bargain. Our first day we treated ourselves to a much needed sleep in. 29 hours or so on a bus seriously does things to one's sanity status. I think next time we will just fly lol. We walked around and discovered to our delight that we are literally surrounded by food. YES. After a little exploring we settled on a scrumptious Belgian brekky. And this is how the last week or so has gone. Wake up, get ready, EAT something delicious, explore, eat again, settle in for the night in our hotel room. We've spent lots ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 1st 2015

Not doing birthdays anymore .... We've had enough. So just forget Cory's Birthday........that is just how it is to be! No more singing, no more candles, no more cake....nothing! APRIL FOOL..... Did I get you? Probably not but I tried. Happy, Happy Birthday, Cory: your Special Day is here (or was): March 30th. this is bad. I didn't even get Cory's special day....his birthday, published on the correct day. So, as I try to catch up, if all of you can pick up your pace and just keep up with me....that will be good. Needless to say, our routine has become busier now that our families have joined us. Not a lot of free time to just sit down and compose my blogs. It makes me nauseous if I try to do it in the ... read more
Cory, Sam & Sandy
Cory receives his Cannon from Sam
Cory's special cannon

Sounds like a rip off of a famous comical movie title but in some cases it is quite relevant. Two different cultural experiences, one Canadian and one Asian but both were interesting none the less. Speaking of Cultural experiences I first must explain a couple of my own, one that involves the sport of Curling and the other giving the Canadian students I teach a taste of the great game of Australian Rules Football. CURLING I had seen it on the television, even played it on the Wii but never it imagined it to be as big a sport as it is over in this part of the world. The Brier is one of the biggest Curling tournaments of the year and some of the best were on show on the ice and even as faces ... read more
Semi Final -Brier Championships
Teaching Aussie Rules at Fairview
Teaching how to bounce an Aussie Rules Footy

(door Tine) Het gastappartement van de universiteit bevindt zich op een uithoek van de campus. Gelukkig waren Sander en ik hier ook welkom. Echt een 'gezellige thuis' is het hier niet, maar alles wat we nodig hebben is hier wel voorhanden. Voor een impressie van de omgeving -> zie foto's Speciaal voor de KULlega's: het plaatselijke corelab en bijhorende stikstoftank.... read more
Supersize stikstoftank
SOS paal

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa » Ybor City April 1st 2015

After a rather restless night, being thankful I bought my Irish “blanket”, I had a great ride with the sun shining and the landscape interesting yet unremarkable. I read-started Detroit, napped, ate and took nips from my bottle of cognac. Arriving at Penn Station about 7:30pm, it took about 45 minutes to present our luggage-a curtain opened, luggage was spread out on the floor of a large space and people had to find their own stuff. I had no trouble finding the very colorful case Kay had recently purchased and let me use. I was the envy of the crowd.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper April 1st 2015

I had decided to plan my Spring Break exploring two of the most beautiful natural creations that Canada is renowned for and two of the big reasons why I had wanted to visit this great country. This first was a drive through the Rocky Mountains, which included a visit to the very place that was responsible for luring me to apply for a teaching exchange. The other is the amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which is an experience I will elaborate on in a future blog. Firstly, I will tell you about how beauty managed to tame the wild beast from Australia, and how this lonesome journey was both was soul building and soul destroying. I couldn’t wait to jump into my car and start the long five-hour journey to Jasper where I would spend ... read more
Peyto Lake
Pyramid Lake Resort
View on the Pyramid Lake hike

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu March 31st 2015

On March 15th2015, the Hayes, Peterson and Powell families set out in the early morning hours for the Sacramento Airport for a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. In spite of an auspicious start to the day – our alarm clock did not sound at 4:40am as planned. I just happened to wake up at 5:12am and we managed to shower, feed the dogs and get our car over to my mom’s house in time to meet Dana, Ryler and Michaela at 5:30am – everything went smoothly. We arrived on time in Honolulu and got our luggage and rental cars without delay. Dick and I rented a small SUV and the kids rented a monster Suburban equipped 3 rows of seats and a navigation system. The 8 of us fit nicely in the Suburban and we probably could ... read more

North America » United States » California March 31st 2015

Our bags are packed. Our itinerary is set: only a few places and lots of time to explore new and old friends/musuems/churches/architecture. Our “new” home will be lived in and well taken care of with neighbors and friends coming to stay. Family and friends will meet us in Rome and Florence. We have made a few arrangements for fun, food and festivities. And we have pored over travel books and online to find the museums and palazzos we want to visit newly. We are ready to go!... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Yuma March 31st 2015

JACK SWILLING Jack passed away on August 12, 1878. He died in his cell at Yuma Territorial Prison from complications arising from morphine addiction. He was buried the same day in an unmarked grave in the prison cemetery and quickly forgotten. He wasn’t even convicted of a crime. He was just being held on charges of robbing a stagecoach up near Wickenburg. Local authorities there wanted to charge him under the federal jurisdiction to avoid the expense of prosecution, and Yuma was what passed for a federal jail. As it turned out the real stagecoach robbers were apprehended a few days later. It was a tough break for Jack though. He deserved better. John W Swilling was born on April Fools’ Day in 1830 at the Red House Plantation near Anderson, SC. Somewhere along the line ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec » Portneuf March 31st 2015

It's 20.08 on the 30th March. We've had a very relaxed couple of days here at The Old Stone House. Sunday is our day off so, after breakfast, we headed back up to our room to read and chill out until our lunch of fried eggs, toast and sausages. In the afternoon we took the sledges down to the oil pipeline in the forest, and spent a good hour and a half sliding down the steep hill and, usually tumbling, into the snow banks at the bottom. Once we were drenched and frozen we headed back to the House to dry off before dinner. We ate meat pie and potatoes, then afterwards Rosie, Matt and I played scrabble and drank tea round the kitchen table. It was a very pleasant way to end our day off. ... read more

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