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Grand Canyon Der Colorado River hat den Canyon geformt und ihn zu einem der neuen sieben Weltwunder oder Naturwunder gemacht (je nachdem in welchen Medien man das nachliest).... read more
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Colorado River

North America » United States » California » Barstow May 2nd 2015

We made it! Almost... No AC and 104 degrees did not mix well so we stopped early at a campground with a pool. Jeremy was a trooper and drove 4 hours while I supplied him with ice bags. Quite an experience..... read more

North America » United States May 2nd 2015

We were sad to leave Canada but excited to fly into Vegas! Our flight was pretty intense leaving Calgary as a snow storm blew in and the plane had to be de-iced before take off. And then as we were flying into Vegas we had to land in a sand storm. That was probably the bumpiest flight I've ever been on. We arrived late at night and caught a cab to our accommodation at Polo Towers on the strip, then collapsed! We spent five days in Vegas which was mostly a rush of Arbonne, but we also got to see the famous Vegas sign and check out a few of the hotels along the strip. It's crazy that everyone can smoke indoors in Vegas. We went shopping and got some awesome bargains for clothes. We had ... read more

North America » United States May 2nd 2015

Well hi ya'll, hope this finds you folks fine n dandy ! We've had a great couple of weeks since visiting Harry, going from Florida through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, across Texas (dodging tornados) to Albuquerque, New Mexico and finally to 'The Four Corners. From Florida, we visited Fairhope, Alabama, where we went on an airboat through the Delta, spotting "gators" varying in length from 1- 13 feet long. We also tasted the best firecracker oysters. Our next stop was Natchez, along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, with the largest bridge in the state, with a grand 'ol paddleboat next to it. Quite a surreal experience, complimented by poppies lining the banks, just in time for ANZAC Day. That night, for the first time, we also saw lightning bugs (fireflys) in a mesmerising! Shreveport, Louisiana ... read more
we bought a kite !
a great attitude
Fairhope, Alabama

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Elk City May 2nd 2015

Days on the Road: 3.5. Turtles Saved: 4. Doubled down today, pulling two stragglers from the middle of the road within the first 2 hours. Kennedy keeps asking me how I know they wanted to get to the side of the road I place them on. My theory is it's a fucking turtle. He gets deposited in the direction his head (or head-hole) is facing, since turning around would involve a lot of time and - quite honestly - a fair chance of becoming a Road Stromboli. If I'm wrong, they can write in. Truth be told, though I should only claim one of the two turtles saved, as the second was penance for the unfortunate bird I hit with a 65mph Mustang and had to peel off of the grill in Stroud, OK. Nobody worry...I ... read more
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We have now collected our car, a standard saloon, and the road trip has begun! We collected the car from Ronald Reagan airport which is out near Arlington cemetery. The journey out of Washington was a little exciting but Bill had researched it well and we managed to leave the city without any problems. On our exit we drove past The Pentagon which is ENORMOUS - boring to look at, but definitely impressive in size!! Driving overseas has never bothered me but I have to admit the need for an automatic gear box. Although I am right handed my one experience in a car with a manual gear box left me totally unable to coordinate the gear stick. Thankfully in the States this is not an issue! The Virginia countryside is lush and heavily wooded. We ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 2nd 2015

Every once in a while….a travel blog is going to contain a tale of a unique event. Just a glimpse of a life really , more even a blink perhaps, but nonetheless just plain smiles and fun. In pursuit of something uniquely small town America, but really an example of that fine local flavor that you get to enjoy…by just looking around. We present to you the town of El Reno, Oklahoma…….a proud community and home to the world’s largest onion burger. Yes you read that correctly. We’d never heard of El Reno, Oklahoma but someone at worked mentioned to Dave that they were having their annual Burger Festival…..and being fans of local fests, we had to go check it out. El Reno is a town of 15,000 people about 40 miles west of Oklahoma City. ... read more
350 pound bun
Hit the Road
Mr. Burger

Roadtrip SW USA...of Goblins and Castles. When planning our South West USA Roadtrip from Oz...our plans were simple. Fly into St George, Utah as its near Zion, hire a car and drive to stay with Home & Away in Colorado. On the way we would wing it, see what we can...with only two musts...The Wave (which we didn't know was in Arizona)...and Goblin Valley State Park in Utah ('cause we like the name) real idea how to get there. That was the plan. As we avoided the LHT to Goblin from Mexican Hat...flew instead with the ravens over Canyonlands and Arches...we were as usual short of time. But where there is a will there is a way. And knowing the Durango with Denise driving could really fly...we hit the road...heading into Tolkien country...and Tubular Bells ****** ... read more
Entering Goblin Valley
The Goblin's Castle
'Tis Cowboy Country

I was Googling a steamboat excursion on the Mississippi River, perhaps Memphis to Saint Louis and back, when I happened upon a steamboat race. Now, this is the kind of unique event that finds its way right onto Uncle Larry’s “A List!” Further examination revealed the Belle of Louisville annually races the Belle of Cincinnati on the Ohio River. It’s not an excursion but an evening trip of a few hours. That works for me! Further research revealed there is a horse race the Saturday following the steamboat race – the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) began, believe it or not, on January 15, 2015 with the Norton Sports Health Training Program. The program was a 14-week conditioning program to ready contestants for the KDF Marathon and miniMarathon. Whew! What a relief to learn ... read more
The Local TV Stations Did Several Live Broadcasts During Their Morning News Programs
The Launch Site Is Very Spacious
There Was A Small Crowd On A Workday Afternoon

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