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North America » United States » Idaho » Sandpoint July 12th 2015

Duration: 5 days. Kayakers: David and Sharon. Exploring this lake has been on David's and my "Top 3" list for a few years now. Yes, we really do have such a list. We've camped on it at various spots in the travel trailer and explored it by kayak on day trips. But this time, we were going to spend a week of our vacation time from work to kayak camp and really explore it. We weren't sure how many miles we could comfortably kayak in a day, so we were winging it. Of the camping spots on the map that we could see, we knew we could find a place to camp about every 5-15 miles or so. We figured there'd be some disperse camping options available, as there is a lot of public land on ... read more
Departure from Garfield Bay
Lunch break on Day 1- ominous clouds to the north
Panorama of Evans Landing

North America » United States » Oregon July 12th 2015

Hello from dreary Idanha Oregon! We have had lots of overcast days and rainy nights. Sort of a bummer because we haven't been able to see any stars which I was looking forward to (we don't see many in the big city). Day one we got a late start but made it to Grandpa Harry & Grandma Sue's house by 8:45. They, of course, had a fabulous dinner waiting for us and Grandpa Harry gave our rig a thorough going over including spraying silicone in all of the cabinet hinge doors (they were extremely squeaky). After a wonderful country breakfast we were sent off with yummy lemon cake & leftover potato salad. We drove through Klamath Falls where we got some groceries (half way up I-5 I realized I'd forgotten the food in the fridge) and ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Mat-Su Valley July 11th 2015

Day 4 Day 1 Riding: 9.7.15 Destination: PINNACLE MOUNTAINDistance: 119.8 Kms Road Condition: 99 % v good Weather: cold and overcast Av temp 14c. 8c on departure. Time in Saddle: 5.3 hours Speed: av 21.3 kph. Av Cadence 64 rpm Elevation: 800 m up; 500 m down Today was the first day on the road and everyone was keen to start. Cold morning, had all my clothes on, T shirt, then bike shirt, then winter jacket, then wind/rain jacket. Stayed in this gear all day. Mildly warm when climbing a few hills. Canadians/Americans/Germans all thought it was mild!! Decided I much prefer the warmer climes. The scenery, once out of Anchorage was cold river views, the water was whitish colour, carrying very fine powdery mountain silt. The cloud was grey, no sun or blue sky, the ... read more

Day 14, Mesa Verde National Park: Latitude 37.23, Longitude -108.45, 65-75 Degrees sunny, thunderstorms threatened again but passed by. Tracey, Luc, and Alec were troopers for indulging me this stop. However, learning of Ancestral Pueblo life was very cool. Yet again, the National Park Rangers provided a great rendition of early Pueblo life at Mesa Verde. From the park entrance to the first site we toured was an hour drive. We climbed thirty foot ladders, crawled on our hands and knees through tunnels, and walked ledges to tour the home of the Ancestral Pueblo people from over a thousand years ago. The pics below that do not show scale or people and appear as if a diorama. However, I assure you they are huge and well below the roof of the mesa. After touring all of ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska July 11th 2015

Thursday morning we still did not have much energy from this virus we have, so we took it easy around Seward. We walked along the harbor & watched boats come & go. Seward is a small seaside village, which has beautiful mountains all around. We went to the Alaska Sea Life Center where there are various sea life animals & birds to observe. It was fun watching the birds! We had a light lunch back at the RV before taking a nap. We felt a little better after resting, so we drove to Exit Glacier & went for a mile walk to the glacier for a better view. Last night was early to bed again, we were wore out! Today we are feeling better with just low grade fevers & coughs. We had a nice walk ... read more
The bay at Seward
The road to Exit Glaciier
Kenai Fjords National Park

North America » Canada July 11th 2015

June/July 2015 – East Canada Road Trip After travelling through west Canada, Ryan and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the east coast! Our friends Alicia and Tim were getting hitched and after the party we were heading on to Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Algonquin National Park and back to Toronto. Excited, yes we were! Throughout this trip we did so much that I better stick to the best bits otherwise you will be snoozing! Toronto: We arrived in Toronto around 13:00 local time. This was fine apart from needing to be ready for evening fun on board the HMS Alicia and Tim! Once on board the boat the party was ace! We were so pleased to be around old and new friends and have a great time. The weather was chilly ... read more
Toronto city
jelly fish spotting

North America » United States » Michigan July 11th 2015

An easy comfortable day and I'm grateful that there was no rain after all today. If you will remember back to my blog on the second day of my trip I complained bitterly about riding through the area south of Chicago where I counted over 100 stop lights, all of which were red. I decided I WAS NOT going to ride through that south suburban section of Chicago again and go through that torture so I instead picked up I-80 just to the east of that mess. Eezy-breezy all the way through. I can tell I'm back into civilization again because there is much more traffic. I got off I-80 at Elkhart and took Hwy 12 again into Coldwater. I will have a nice trip tomorrow for my last day on the road. I can leave ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta July 11th 2015

We spent two days driving through the Canadian Rockie Mountains. They are absolutely beautiful. At times we were reminded of our drives to Colorado, but at other times these were just awesome to see. We camped one night in Banff National Park, and then traveled all day on Thursday through the Rockies and the Iceland Parkway to Jasper. Lots of pictures, although some were taken through the front windshield of the moving motorhome. I am surprised at how well they turned out. (Just overlook a few "bug spots") We would still be driving if we had to stop for every mountain picture ..... and I just don't think Jim would have done that. We did pull off a couple of times to let the brakes cool down a bit. We are spending two days here in ... read more
Mountains & Blue Lakes
Banff National Park Campground

North America » United States » Texas » Austin July 11th 2015

Bonjour à tous. Petite journée en kilométrage au programme, Austin n'est qu'à 160 km. Que je suis content de quitter cette chambre sordide, à 7h le pdj est fini, une douche, et vite dehors. Le temps de prendre une photo, d'une boutique que j'ai remarquée, hier au soir, et finalement ne pourra se faire, il y a des grilles. A San Antonio il doit y une messe, ou je ne sais quoi, mais je vois beaucoup de Noirs habillés tout "endimanchés". Les femmes portent des robes hautes en couleurs vraiment une image que j'aurais beaucoup plus vue par exemple en Louisiane. Pas le boubou africain, mais comme dans les films, un peu historiques du sud des États-Unis. Je pourrais pas vraiment faire de photos comme je voudrais, car même si il y a très peu de ... read more
vue sur la ville
nocture à San Antonio
pas mal !!!!

Day on the Lake I got up early after a wonderful sleep in the quiet campground, packed up and headed out by 8:30 so I could be on time for my light house cruise in Lake Huron. I got to the campground in Mackinaw City by 11:15, took Oscar for a long walk, set up camp and was ready to head to the docks by 12:45. Mackinaw City is a bustling little town especially in tourist season when everybody wants a ride to Mackinaw Island. I'll see that tomorrow. Today it was find a place to park and get to the boat by 1:30. It's a hurry up and wait life in the visiting business so I hurried and waited. The scenery was beautiful so it wasn't a hardship. I took some pictures of the Mackinaw ... read more
Our boat
We went under the bridge
The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island

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