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North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie September 11th 2019

Today was filled with reminders of 9/11/01. Flags we flying, many at half mast. Social media and TV was filled with stories survivors and those that were taken from us. After breakfast we headed out to a big flea market near our house. Good thing we were loaded up or I’m afraid Ed and I would have made many more purchases!! We drove out to the Wyoming Visitors Center on I-8, the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln High was the first transcontinental highway running from New York to California. The highest peak on the road is near Laramie and is called Sherman Summit. Its elevation is 9,000 feet above sea level. In 1959, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, a giant bust of Lincoln was created. You can’t miss it if you are driving by. ... read more
Welcome Center on Lincoln Highway
Welcome Center on Lincoln Highway
Road to Curt Gowdy State Park

North America » United States » Wyoming » Ranchester September 10th 2019

Today was a moving day. We had breakfast, packed the car, and headed on to our next place....Laramie, Wyoming. We rented a place here so the guys could go fishing nearby. It was another short driving day. Typically we drive from 7-9 hours in a day, but today’s drive was only 4.5 hours. We have spent a lot of hours on the road, but it has been fascinating. Typically I fall asleep while riding in the car, but not on this trip. There’s too much to see while riding. Corn field, wheat fields, soybean fields, hay (in various forms), the lay of the land, trees (or the lack of them), rock formations, flowers, various animals... all there for us to watch! It is not boring! We were somewhat disappointed at Medicine Bow.... there was nothing there!!! ... read more
On the Road to Laramie, Wyoming
On the Road to Laramie, Wyoming
On the Road to Laramie, Wyoming

North America » United States » Wyoming » Ranchester September 8th 2019

Sunday, September 8 - Monday, September 9 We spent the night in Casper, WY at one of the nicest Super 8 Motel’s I’ve ever been in. In addition they were so kind and helpful. They helped us carry our luggage to our rooms and Offered tips on getting our tires fixed. They even had a coin operated washer and dryer do we could do laundry!! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to stay! We weren’t in any hurry since our next stop was only 2 hours away. We knew we had to address the tire situation (needed a rim and tire to continue on). We went to WalMart Tire and Lube. Our only other choice on Sunday was Sam’s club. We were able to get a new tire but no rim. None of us wanted ... read more
On the way to Ranchester, Wyoming
On the way to Ranchester, Wyoming
Bunkhouse on Horse farm near Ranchester, Wyoming

We did not wake up early, rarely do on these trips, but, figured we’d make it to everything in the two days we had in the area. We started at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because it was close by and we wanted to see what was offered. The kids had to visit the animals right away and we signed the kids up for the Bear food hiding for 3:30 on Thursday. The wolf pups were out so we were all happy to see them. We drove on to Yellowstone. The kids mainly wanted to see Old Faithful so that is where we headed. On the way to Old Faithful there are plenty of areas of fumaroles, kids went wild seeing them. The wildflowers with the fumaroles in the background were so beautiful. We ... read more
2nd cub
Fumaroles in the background, wildflowers in the foreground
Old Faithful

North America » United States » Wyoming » Gillette July 31st 2019

We were up at 5:30 AM today because we had a long drive to make. And I have to add, I really have little of note to write about. Moving days can be boring, because we are not touring anything and these days are usually chosen through uninspiring areas. We left the hotel before 7 AM and 56 degrees and said good-by to Shelby, MT. We spent two days in a town with no restaurants, two hotels and one casino. I was glad to be moving on. The drive took us through lots of flat farmland again today. And before we got the Wyoming, the topography did change somewhat, but not a whole lot. We made a pit stop in the middle of nowhere, at Eddie’s Corner in Montana, at the intersection of routes 87 & ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Casper July 22nd 2019

The theme for today is “no service”. When we are traveling, I use my phone to research the things we see, so that I can write intelligently about them, for my blog. But I was not able to do that today. For most of our drive to Casper, there was no service. In this day and age, with the technology we have available, how do these people survive without cell or internet on their phones? Or for that matter, do they even have cell phones? I guess they don’t. Well, we survived just fine for most of our lives without them, so if you don’t have one, you don’t miss it, I guess. So, we left Winter Park at 8:10 this morning and a chilly 53 degrees. But we dressed in shorts knowing that when we ... read more
Leaving Colorado
Leaving Colorado
Leaving Colorado

North America » United States » Wyoming July 12th 2019

Yellowstone, Wyoming. Toi da di den day vao nam 1986 , 11 nam sau khi toi den My 1975. Luc bay gio toi di bang xe lai tu California den Yellowstone nhung dit duing xe bi hu o salt lake city nen toi phai de xe o do sua va muon xe lai den Yellowstone nen o dy khong lau , sang di chieu ve ma da so la toi o vung Ild faithful Geyser noi tieng nhat o day. Lan nay toi di 1 tuan va du dinh o lai day it nhat la 2 ngay nen toi da san sang de xem nhieu thang canh noi tieng nhat the gioi o day. 6-12-2019 Las Vegas Toi khoi hanh luc 12:30Pm va den Las Vegas luc 6PM. Toi den Las Vegas nhieu lan nen toi ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 22nd 2019

June 21-22 Friday morning Ty and family arrived back in town just before noon. Shortly afterward Ty had the camper pulled in next door and the whole gang worked to get it set back up. It was windy and cool but dry at this point. Gene and Nan had invited the whole bunch of us, including Jerry and Karen to their house for a cookout, hamburgers and hotdogs. They also invite our nephew Jon and his family, who live in Wheatland Wyoming. It was so good to see everyone. Unfortunately, the weather was bad, rain and wind and really cold, but Gene’s garage, where the refrigerator is, was all set up with tables and the heater was running!! Red and Dottie were beside themselves. I think Dottie sat in every lap, and climbed across the table ... read more
Katelyn’s Birthday Day dinner at the library!
Birthday cake and song back at our trailer!
Dad and Colby give Katelyn her gift!

North America » United States » Wyoming June 18th 2019

Saturday at the Heart 6 Our plan was to take a 4 hour horse ride at the Heart 6. This is the same dude ranch we have been to in the past, that we really like. The horses are not just horses that walk trails all day - they can do other things too and that is what we have liked in the past. The day started out super cold, snowing, and windy - not ideal riding conditions for sure. But we layered up, put extra gloves in our pockets, and with our wet weather gear on we were off. There was one other couple on our ride - their only other riding experience had been a trail ride in Las Vegas, they did not have the right clothes on, the lady was intent on filing ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 16th 2019

June 14-16 Got up and fixed breakfast for the whole bunch, it was terrific! Silvia brought over pancake mix, you know the yellow bottle of mix and you add water and shake like crazy? This was so funny because when Ty and Silvia were first married and Katelyn was small we all lived in the Denver area. We would meet in a campground within a 100 miles or so from home and my parents would drive down from Laramie and meet us in their camper. This would go on all summer long from 1996-2000. It was a grand time every weekend playing cards, Hand & Foot, in the evening all crowded into to Ty’s tent camper or our pickup camper. The most fun was always Saturday mornings big breakfast, pancakes, bacon, lots of it, and eggs. ... read more
Rekindling old friendships!
The whole Pep gang outside the “Library”.
Watching the dogs at Father’s Day celebration.

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