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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Hayward August 24th 2019

We are getting excited about heading off to Europe tomorrow. Cindy has done a great job making sure all of our last minute details are buttoned up. We are both taking only one carry on with a back pack for our 3 plus week trip.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin August 18th 2019

Travel home went well. Slow travels through Chicago airport. Immigration and customs were slow. We landed at 2:30. We stood in line to get the passport checked. Stood in line to get through immigration. Collected our bags and then stood in line with the bags to get out of the baggage area. We finally got out of the airport at 4:30. ... read more
Dog at 75 mph enjoying the Chicago highway
Back at home in Wisconsin

North America » United States » Wisconsin August 11th 2019

We are heading to France! Plans are to spend some time in Paris and then we will be going to Lyon to visit Clara and her family. We have not seen Clara since she came with the school exchange program in 2016. Sriracha went to France that same year and spent 2 weeks in France with Clara and her family. We had no issues with travels, check-in and security. Heading to France and boarding soon for our next adventure. ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oak Creek May 29th 2019

It's that time of year again!The snow has melted (for the most part) - and its time to starting clicking off miles on the road. After two consecutive years of International trips on the bike - I've decided to bring it down a notch or two and stay in the good Ol' USA. I've managed to visit all 50 states by car or plane, but there are nine in which I've not ridden a bike. This trip will help me check off 6 of them: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, and Georgia & (The District of Columbia). Leaving North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island, yet to conquer via the bike. (rode a bike to the top of Haleakala in Hawaii with some friends and my wife and kids a few years back). As length ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 31st 2019

I'm sure everyone is tired of the cold by now since it has really clobbered all of the Midwest. But, again it was -25 last night in Land O' Lakes. Have to pass on what the owner of Bauer's Dam, Donna, said yesterday; "Polar Vortex my butt. This is what we used to call winter." This is very true of the weather way up here. Sub zero temperatures are kind of the norm over the years here. It was going to be a little warmer today with a high of -5 forecast. We saddled up and headed down the trail around 10:30 with the temperature still -18. At least there was very little wind. We were dressed for it with thermal underwear, warm pants, 3 layers on top, super warm boots, very good snowmobile bib pants ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 30th 2019

The temperature got down to -25 last night with a wind chill of -54. Not as cold as Orland Park, IL, though. There it was -27! We were in no hurry to get on the trails this morning since it was forecast to be the coldest day this week with a high of -10. We decided we would take short rides to pit stops and warm up. We didn't leave until about noon. We rode from the Gateway to a very nice bar/restaurant on Big Twin Lake. It was a 16 mile ride there. We had a nice lunch there and then rode another 10 miles over to Bauer's Dam on Buckatabon Lake in Conover, WI. After relaxing there with some coffee, we rode back to the Gateway, a ride of 20 miles. All totaled, we ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Land O' Lakes January 29th 2019

Well, everyone knows the middle of the country is in a deep freeze and it's even colder here in the north woods of Wisconsin. It got down to -14 degrees last night about 8:00 PM when we went to dinner at Brew's Pub in Land O' Lakes. The forecast high for the day was right around zero, so we thought we would ride in Wisconsin instead of Michigan because the trails are in the woods and twisty, which keeps you warmer. The pit stops are closer together in Wisconsin also. We were going to ride with both Pat and Dawn Keefe and met them at a trail intersection about 7 miles southwest of town. The Frosty Club in Land O' Lakes groomed the trails again last night and they were nice and smooth. All of the ... read more
Sayner Pub
Burnt Bridge
Gateway Fireplace

North America » United States » Wisconsin December 9th 2018

We made it back home. We got in late Sunday night. Back to work and school on Monday! We had a wonderful trip! Refreshed and ready for the Christmas season! We enjoyed the Christmas lights of Florence and Rome. The nativity at the Vatican was very special.... read more
The snowman to welcome us home

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton December 4th 2018

Heading out on our family trip to Italy! It is 25 degrees and partly sunny. The roads are cleared off from the snow over the weekend. We had a calf sneak out last night. A lady stopped at the house last night when I was packing. She said she saw it running down the side of the highway and came to the house to let us know. We chased it back. Hopefully all goes well while we are gone. We are very thankful for the help with all the chores while we are gone! Our first flight out of Appleton is delayed. We have been rebooked to go through Madrid, Spain now instead of Philadelphia. Let the adventure begin!... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin October 29th 2018

I finally managed to finish two books that I bought while on the Great Lakes Rendezvous trip. The first was In the Hands of the Great Spirit, by Jake Page. The subtitle summarizes the broad sweep of the book: “The 20,000-Year History of American Indians”. I bought this book at the Grand Portage National Monument because I was looking for something to fill the gap on my knowledge of Native American history in the Great Lakes region. I was learning lots about European Americans and their advance through the area, but I kept reading about references to Indian groups but wasn’t getting the history from their perspective. The Page book was much bigger in scope than I had wanted, but I decided that it would certainly be worth reading. I have never seen a book that ... read more

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