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North America » United States » Washington » Skagit Valley October 3rd 2018

We are embarking on our third trip to Japan together. (Bill has been there several times earlier in his life). We will again be visiting my brother Matt and his family, and will meet his wife Dianne and his daughter Madelyn for the first time! For this trip, we are taking the train from the Valley to Vancouver BC, and then flying to Haneda airport in Tokyo. We woke up to a temperature of 38 degrees this morning, and in Tokyo, it's 78! It will be great to have some extra summer....... read more
Boarding the Amtrak in Mount Vernon
Taylor Shellfish farms from the train
Bridges as we arrive in Vancouver

North America » United States » Washington » Anacortes September 22nd 2018

La Conner is our first stop on our round-the-world trip, we arrived here about 30 hours after locking the front door at home. La Conner, where on Earth is that I can imagine you asking? Well, it’s in the US state of Washington, about half way between Seattle and the Canadian border and on the shores of Puget Sound. We’re so close to Canada that the weather app on my phone is giving me the forecast for Victoria on Vancouver Island. La Conner is not very big and according to Wikipedia has a population of around 900. A sign in town lists its various claims to fame, one of which is something like Washington’s Best Town for Romantic Weekends – consequently it has a large selection of eating establishments, galleries, museums and a craft brewery. The ... read more
La Conner
La Conner
La Conner

North America » United States » Washington September 12th 2018

Na początku chciałam wspomnieć, że jazda samochodem po USA to czysta przyjemność. Amerykanie "umieją w autostrady" - drogi są najczęściej 3 pasmowe, idealnie opisane, często w okolicach dużych miast z oddzielnym pasem dla busów + carpoolingu (samochód z co najmniej dwójką pasażerów), co znacznie przyspiesza i ułatwia podróż. Podróż po prowincji to z kolei widoczki jak z amerykańskich filmów - stojące przy drodze skrzynki pocztowe, a w tle rozległe farmy lub urocze domki z sidingiem. Są też małe miasteczka z niską zabudową wzdłuż głównej ulicy, na której można bez problemu wyobrazić sobie saloony, posterunki szeryfa, czy gospody z przełomu poprzednich wieków. Wróćmy jednak do naszego zwiedzania... Okolice Seattle w zamyśle naszej wyprawy miały być też bazą wypadową do Parku Narodowego Północnych Gór Kaskadowych (ang. North Cascades). ... read more
Ross Lake - zapora
Ross Lake - resort
Diablo Lake

North America » United States » Washington September 10th 2018

Ta podróż była zaplanowana właściwie na ubiegły rok, ale losy potoczyły się tak, że dopiero teraz udało nam się dotrzeć na północny zachód Stanów Zjednoczonych i odwiedzić wymarzone miejsca. Liniami KLM lecieliśmy z Krakowa, przez Amsterdam do Seattle-Tacoma. W stolicy Holandii długa, 6-godzinna, przesiadka nie pozostawiła nam innego wyjścia jak tylko wyskoczyć na miasto na poranny spacer i śniadanie. Z lotniska bilet w dwie strony to zaledwie 9.60 EUR i niecałe 20 min podróży koleją. Sebastian nie był wcześniej w Amsterdamie, a ja podczas krótkich podróży służbowych nie miałam nigdy okazji pospacerować i poobserwować miasta i mieszkańców. Na pewno wrócimy tu na weekend, nie tylko na śniadanie ;-) W samolocie całkiem smaczne posiłki, wino i dobra oferta filmów umiliły nam ponad 10-godzinny lot do Seattle. Jednak stolica stanu WA była ko... read more
Kawa i ciasto!
Witamy w Twin Peaks

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 8th 2018

Despite having been awake since 04:45, we were awoken at 7am by banging, hammering, drilling and sawing coming from next door. Or we would have been if we were asleep!! Today, I’m going to get my wish and see the Seattle skyline from atop a tower. The Smith Tower is a skyscraper (by UK standards, at least) in Pioneer Square. Completed in 1914, the neo-classical 38-story, 484 ft tower is the oldest skyscraper in the city, and was among the tallest skyscrapers outside New York City at the time of its completion. It was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River (why always West of the Mississippi?) until the completion of the Kansas City Power & Light Building in 1931. It was then relegated to the tallest building on the West ... read more
The Smith Tower - once the talest builing on the west coast
Pike Street - Rainbow crossing
Eying the needle in Seattle

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 7th 2018

I apologize for not posting the past two days of our Alaskan Cruise, but for some reason I have been having trouble logging in on this travel site and very slow internet speed. I think I have it figures out now so we shouldn't have any more issues. This first post will be covering the first three days of our trip. Currently we are on the Holland America Euradam on our way to Juneau, Alaska. We left for our trip on Friday evening flying from Oklahoma City to Seattle nonstop on Alaskan Airlines. I really do love that we have a nonstop flight to Seattle. The flight lasts about four hours and was a very smooth and pretty uneventful flight. Drury and I both had dinner on the plane and the flight attendant was very nice. ... read more
I'm a little anxious to board
View of our condo building (it's the round building in the middle)
Enjoying some dinner on the plane

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 7th 2018

‘Where are we off to this time?’ I asked Roisin. This is not as strange as it sounds as in the next twenty-four months we have at least thirteen trips booked to various corners of the Globe and also, I just wanted to get this blog started by using a few golden oldie puns! ‘Alaska’, Roisin replied rather surprisingly calm and not at all thinking it was strange that I didn’t know where our next trip was despite having just returned from Asda with a Fist full of Dollars (minus the cheroot, cowboy hat, poncho, a horse and designer stubble!!) ‘Juneau?’ ‘Yes, Alaska!’. Roisin repeated ‘Yes, but Juneau?’ This could have gone on all night but Roisin, not wantin... read more
The old meets the new of Seattle
The world famous Pike Place market
Pike Place Market

North America » United States » Washington » Tacoma September 3rd 2018

It was dark when we had arrived, so we had not seen the view from our hotel room. In the morning, we saw it in it’s full glory. Let’s just say that it was nothing like we had got used to in Vancouver. My wife and I went for a short walk to stretch our legs before our flight. Almost everywhere was closed, which (we found out later) was because it was Labor Day. It was only a very short drive to Seattle Tacoma Airport, obviously, since we were in an airport hotel. It involved some right turns and so it is a good, final opportunity to note that turning right at lights in America (and Canada) can be a surprisingly confusing experience. When you are on a red light, you can in fact still turn ... read more
Aircraft View

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 2nd 2018

I woke-up to see our fantastic view for the last time and what was shaping-up to be a stunning sunrise, so I jumped out of bed and went out to try and get a picture of it. My wife and I had also decided that we would have one last trip to Stanley Park so we got out early, whilst there were still some bikes available. It was again, a very peaceful and pleasant time, with just a few other riders and early morning runners out as well. We had thought about going to Victoria on Vancouver Island, however after looking into it, we decided that it would be too long a journey to do in one day, with an hour drive to the ferry terminal (there are no ferries from Vancouver itself), a two hour ... read more
Point Roberts Lighthouse
Peace Arch
Seattle Skyline

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square August 23rd 2018

I thought I would have another early start and try for another photo of the Seattle skyline, this time from a bridge to the south east of the city. The walk there was straight forward but I had not realised what kind of area it would take me through. At five in the morning, the area south of Downtown was absolutely awful - full of rough sleepers, rubbish everywhere and a number of people wandering around for no apparent reason. With the possible exception of the Blue Line in Los Angeles (see ) and one time in Bangkok (see ), I had never felt more at risk. It was one of those times when you wonder if it is better to carry on in hope that it gets better or turn around and walk back through ... read more
Underground Tour
The Smith Tower
Smith Tower View

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