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North America » United States » Washington » Vancouver August 5th 2020

Today seemed like a great day to revive my old blog. Not a special day by any means, but a good day for reflection and to edit a lot of my former posts (HOLY DRAMA, BATMAN. Those entries had to change). Four days ago, I completed something that I never thought that I could: I hiked 30 miles in ONE day. Well 30.2 plus maybe another quarter mile to check out a viewpoint. But I'll get to that. First, an update. What a year it has been with COVID-19. Who knew that I would be sent home from work in March and told to telework until further notice. Who knew that "social distancing" would become the norm, and facial coverings would be mandatory whenever leaving the house. Who knew that life would change on a global ... read more
The Wildwood
The Wildwood
The Wildwood

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 25th 2020

Now, many of us have our favorite sign in America. It could be the famous Las Vegas sign on the Strip, or the big Hollywood sign in the hills above LA. It might be Nathan's on Coney Island, or Randy's Donuts in LA. Some of you like Wrigley Field in Chicago or Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Any of the Route 66 signs evoke childhood memories of cruising down the highway until reaching the famous Santa Monica Pier. One of my favorites in the Pike Place Market sign in Seattle. Each of you probably have a favorite. And I may have missed a few, like Disneyland, Times Square, Gaslamp San Diego, Cafe du Monde in Nawlins, or Acme Oyster House in Boston. So, if I had to pick one sign that means the ... read more
Wrigley Field
Famous Vegas sign

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle February 29th 2020

My spouse Jeff was invited to referee a diving meet in Federal Way, south of Seattle. As airfares were reasonable, I decided to tag along and enjoy a long weekend in the area. Incidentally, this was the same meet I followed Jeff to two years ago. Jeff arrived a few days before I did. Revisiting a One-of-a-Kind Museum I arrived in Federal Way mid-morning on Friday, February 28th. I decided to remain in the Federal Way vicinity that day as I wanted to revisit the amazing Pacific Bonsai Museumnearby. After checking in at the hotel, I consulted my Apple Maps app for directions for the three mile walk to the museum. When I did this walk two years ago, I walked through a slightly iffy area, and so I felt relieved when the app suggested a ... read more
Pacific Bonsai Museum
Underground City Tour
Underground City Tour

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle January 13th 2020

What a day!! We started off by accidentally sleeping in. Not surprising considering we got to bed so late after watching the golden globes. At about 9am I decided I had to get up otherwise I never would, so while Adam slept I figured out how to use the filtered coffee machine. Rather, I tried and failed to figure out how to use the coffee machine. I even looked up YouTube tutorials and everything, it’s now 12 hours later and I still don’t know how to do it. But no matter. We finally headed out for the day around 10:30am and headed straight to a place called (ahem, excuse my language please grandparents) Biscuit Bitch. It is the coolest breakfast chain I have ever been to. There was a long line, but I had put this ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle January 12th 2020

This morning we aimed to wake up at 7am, buuut we may have accidentally fallen back asleep until about 8am when we heard a knock at the door with our breakfast! We had filled out an order form the night before, and the basket outside was full of bagels, fruit, condiments, coffee for me, and hot chocolate for Adam. We had breakfast in bed and then slowwwwwly got ready to leave. We only booked the one night in San Francisco due to the price, so today we travelled all the way back to the airport, and hopped on yet another flight, this time to Seattle. Don’t get me wrong, I did like San Fran. It had a strong Melbourne vibe except more snazzy, and it’s one of the least cold places we’ll go. But I can’t ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Buckley September 15th 2019

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post (more than an year :-o). I moved to the US as part of my work and it took me time to get settled here. I also had my wedding bells ringing a few months back and it took this long for everything to calm down so that I could motivate myself again to continue writing about my adventures. I shall start with the latest and then start filling the ones I have missed since July 2018. On September 7, 2019, Reddy, Yashwanth (KP) and I decided to head to the Tolmie Peak hike at the Rainier National Park. We took KP's car and started out at around 10 AM in the morning. I sat in the front seat beside KP not knowing his stringent ... read more
Bridge to Chenuis Falls
Chenuis Falls
Water Strider

North America » United States » Washington September 9th 2019

Our trip has begun. The train left Edmonds just a couple minutes late. There were no empty pairs of seats together, but the attendant helped and we are happily seated together now. The overhead storage was a bit too short for my pack, but it makes a fine ottoman for Natalie. We rode right along Puget Sound all the way to Everett, then headed east with a stop at the Everett station. We'll pull into Leavenworth about 8:00. The scenery has been fantastic, though with rain and overcast. We did check out the view through the back window along the water, and it was something special. A picture would have been a good idea, but we didn't really have a good view for a photo. The eastbound leg parallels highway 2, and has some really nice ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 9th 2019

A relatively early start because there is a lot we'd like to squeeze in to the day. Our initial stop is the Pike Place Market. This is very touristy but it has been done very well. There are fresh flowers, arts, crafts and numerous other retail outlets including a number of magic shops. There is also fresh produce including meat and fish. One of the fish mongers makes a big deal when someone buys a salmon by hurling the fish from the display area to the wrapper about 10 feet back. It draws a big crowd and everyone has their cameras ready to roll in anticipation. We also got breakfast here at a great little shop that had amazing food. The selection was so good I changed my mind 3 times while I was waiting in ... read more
Pike Place - Fish Monger
Pike Place
Building Art

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 8th 2019

We all slept in a little with nothing planned for the morning. Tom didn't feel like breakfast (!!!) so stayed at the hotel while Jeff, Graeme and I went in search of food. Not much was open Sunday morning but we eventually found a nice bakery that was open and grabbed a bite to eat. We had seen people arriving early for the Football game and setting up cabanas in the carparks, getting BBQs out, and setting up TVs. We dropped in a on one to ask what they were doing and were immediately offered a beer (before 10am) and some BBQ chicken - well it would have rude to say No, wouldn't it? It's called "Tail Gating." Groups of friends turn up together, everyone brings food and drinks to share, they set up Tvs, BBQ ... read more
Some fans go all the way
Seattle is the home of Starbucks
Our new mate John

North America » United States » Washington » Lynnwood September 7th 2019

Many of our awesome friends have asked us to keep them informed about our trip, so we've added them to our subscriber list. Now it's time for another update, just to learn how everything on this blog works. It certainly looks to be an outstanding way to keep a journal about our trip. The excitement and trepidation have really been building, for weeks. One minute, we can hardly wait, but the next minute we worry about all kinds of things. We've never taken a trip like this before, or at least since our Navy days. Friends will take us to the train station tomorrow, where our journey begins. Probably the most comprehensive source of information about what to expect, what we'll need, and answers to many of the little questions that crop up has been a ... read more

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