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North America » United States » Washington June 19th 2022

It was 67 and sunny when we left Seattle today. How’s the weather in Missouri? That’s probably a mean question. It feels like autumn outside here. So… what happened today? I was awake before 4am Seattle time (which is before 6am MO time) so I took a shower and got ready while Kamie slept. I finally woke him at 8:45am while I walked across the street to Starbucks. I had already downed two iced coffees I made with the hotel supplies, so I don’t know what I was thinking. I was like a mouse on cocaine. We left our hotel in our jackets (Kamie has his full-on winter coat which he insisted on bringing and I am now questioning my choice of not doing so). We took a ferry from Bremerton, WA (a peninsula just west ... read more
Homes along the waterfront
Downtown Seattle
Coat and sweater folks!

North America » United States » Washington » Bremerton June 18th 2022

We were up at the crack of dawn to catch our 7am flight from LA to Seattle. It didn’t happen that way. We got to the airport, stood in line forever for Starbucks (I don’t regret it), finally boarded our plane… and sat there… for about 45 minutes… as Delta announced we were waiting for pilots, that they had no pilots and were searching for more pilots, and finally, our flight had been cancelled. But then, as half the plane was unloaded, we received texts that we would indeed be on this flight, but it is now delayed until 10:16am. We wasted money at the airport bar. You're not on vacation until you've had a drink before 10am, right?? Later, the same people started boarding the same plane around 9:45am… and around the corner walks two ... read more
My New Starbucks Cup
Cracked Me Up
Waiting on the plane

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 15th 2022

From Mashed (MSN) Shopping can be exhausting, and nothing recharges you faster than a buttery pastry with a heavenly cup of coffee. Le Panier serves authentic French pâtisserie, fresh bread, and offerings like sandwiches and feuilletés, which are puff pastries with savory fillings like cheese, chicken, vegetables, or mushrooms. Don't let long lines deter you — Le Panier is busy because it's one of the best bakeries in Seattle. Every offering at Le Panier is made using traditional French techniques, no surprise since their pastry chef and co-owner is French. Anything you try will be delicious, but url= read more
Le Panier
Ulis Is the Place!

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 12th 2022

When we think of Seattle, we think of coffee, Microsoft, Pike Place Market, maybe even Nordstrom. But I also love Seattle for its great public library and book culture. I think I have visited the Seattle Public Library more than any out-of-town library in the world!! Seattle is a UNESCO City of Literature, the second U.S. city to be given the honor. The Central Library is an institution that everyone—reader and non-reader—should have on their itinerary. It’s an 11-level glass-and-steel building that has the capacity to house over 1.5 million books. But that’s not the only reason Seattle is on this list. The city has a civic poet. The program appoints a poet who engages with the community and serves as an ambas... read more
Favorite bakery, Le Panier
Serious Pie Belltown

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District June 12th 2022

I can't think of a better city than Seattle as the very first UNESCO City of Literature. The unique and massive Seattle Public Library, itself an icon of literature, stands as a visible reminder of this city's great literary reputation. They say the long, wet, dreary winters, and the abundance of coffee shops make it perfect for readers. For starters, the four decades old Elliott Bay Bookstore attracts readers of all kinds. I love the name of their little cafe' in the back, the Oddfellows Cafe'. Maybe it is staffed by a guy named Longfellow? As you know, I love visiting libraries and bookstores around the world. My favorites are City Lights (San Francisco), Powell's (Portland), and The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles). For rare, and out of print cook books, head to the aptly named Book ... read more
Seattle Public Library
Love the books in the city

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Chinatown June 11th 2022

Walking from downtown or Belltown to the International District is both great exercise, and a treasure hunt. Our destination is the famous Asian supermarket, Uwajimaya. It is probably my favorite place to visit in Seattle, more so than EMP (now called MoPop), Pike Market, the flagship Nordstrom store, or our friends' Michael and Tanya's boutique. Written some time in the past: Before you turn away in disgust at the title of my email, please keep reading a little more. After all, wedgie could be a wedge of lettuce, or a great piece of pie. And "waji" is the cute nickname for the most famous Pacific northwest area super duper market, called Uwajimaya. Easy for you to say? The famous Uwajimaya is a high quality Asian supermarket with gift shop, and Japanese bookstore, all under one roof. ... read more
Kinokuniya book store
Uwaj storefront

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 10th 2022

Having been here so many times, we always look for something new and different. Okay, maybe you don’t consider dinner to be an “experience,” but this one definitely felt like it. Flintcreek Cattle Co uses pastured and grass-fed meat, from sustainable small-scale farms, and masterfully creates truly magnificent dishes. This is the restaurant for trying new dishes, particularly proteins like elk, venison, and others. While the restaurant certainly is an upscale experience, it’s still approachable for the average person, and the dining experience is relaxed and luxurious. Might be worth a try? If you love crafting or taking creative classes, you definitely need to check out Mosstangle, a Snohomish wood-burning studio. “You learn a new, creative skill that seems impossible, but Crystal is a great teacher and encour... read more
Infamous gum wall, Pike Market
Seattle coffee scene

Wednesday (June 7) marked 50 years since a mystery man known widely as D.B. Cooper ("Dan Cooper" was the name he used for his one-way ticket) leapt from a Boeing 727's rear stair door with $200,000 somewhere over Southwest Washington. It remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in U.S. history. It was 106 years ago Seattle got its very first professional hockey team, the Seattle Metropolitans, an expansion team formed by the owners of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The Mets would prove the first Seattle team to take home a national championship. “Yesler’s Cookhouse, built in 1853 at the foot of Mill Street, was really the first restaurant in the little village of Seattle,” begins the book “Restaurants of Seattle 1853-1960.” Written by Mrs. Hattie Graham Horrocks, the publicly avail... read more
DB Cooper?  Where??
Bruce Lee gravesite

We knew a few days ago that we would have to dodge snowstorms on the way home. We had planned to take I 84 to Pendleton on Monday and then drive home over Snoqualmie Pass on Tuesday. As we watched the weather, it became clear that all the higher passes in Oregon would require chains by Tuesday, so we rerouted through Burns, where we spent the night on Monday. The drive to Burns was a little too exciting...We woke up to snow on our car in Burley, but clear roads. After having some charging issues (the car wasn't pre-conditioned and the temperature sensor was misreading the outdoor temp at 17 degrees, so charging was very slow) we headed to Twin Falls to try charging there. The chargers were at a beautiful visitors' center overlooking the Snake ... read more
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River by Thomas Moran, c. 1900
Snake River at Twin Falls below Shoshone Falls
Snake River at Twin Falls bridge

After I took a last swim in Skagit Bay, we finished loading the Tesla, and started off on our EV road trip! (My plan is to swim every day on this trip....) The trip to Portland was uneventful. It's a generally boring drive, with often bad traffic, but this time at least the traffic wasn't too bad. This part of the trip gave us a chance to figure out more about the navigation system, and we were able to add multiple stops in the correct order! We stopped to charge up in Kelso and arrived at Bill's cousin John's place in the late afternoon. He lives in a beautiful Portland suburb, in a house full of Japanese artifacts he's collected over the years. He previously taught in Japan, in an English immersion program. We had a ... read more
Skagit Bay
On the road
Second state...Oregon!

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