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North America » United States » Washington » Spokane June 10th 2017

Travel Blog 4-29 to 5-25 All is packed and our belongings have been shipped to a location in Washington, some place secure but accessible whenever we need to get into it. Julie retired on a Friday and we set off on becoming full time RVers that Monday. The cats loaded up weeks earlier, had become accustom to the big downsizing and settled in to traveling. Sleeping in the back while I drove and perching on the dash when we stop for the night.We crossed into Canada without incident, having done it many times before we knew what we needed and what not to bring. Be sure to check the Canadian travel website for restrictions on pets, firearms, wood, etc. Traveling with cats, we knew all we needed was current rabies tags and we were good. Great ... read more
Wild country
Wild country1

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 8th 2017

Tuesday Fairbanks John made a quick dash for Fred Myers for a pair of 501's while Kate looked around the visitors centre. After a sandwich lunch and having exhausted Fairbanks, we headed back to the hotel for our shuttle to the airport. John met the pilot in the hotel lift!! Flight was good, but hotel in Seattle is disappointing!! Weds Seattle We spent a day in Seattle, impressed by their transport systems, cheap and efficient. Not a natural tourist destination, but we took in the major attractions - market, piers, parks and squares!! Didn't find the first ever Starbucks!! We've just checked on for tomorrow's flight back to Heathrow!! Scheduled to land Friday morning... read more

North America » United States » Washington » SeaTac June 1st 2017

Good morning everyone from SEATAC airport in Seattle. Plane takes off in an hour and a half. I am psyched. I love going first class, especially on Hawaiian Airlines. Had my own line for checking in and it took all of ten minutes. Then I got to go in the premier security line and there were all of eight people ahead of me. There is a big lounge in the Hawaiian hub with comfy chairs, Internet and charging stations and it is open to everyone. Most people do not seem to even see it right in front of them, theyprefer to sit in those crowded seats instead of stretching out. There is a guy sleeping on a sofa right behind me. Wonder if he is going to miss his plain, only thing he has done in ... read more

Finally a day not strapped in a seat. I was able to get up early with Hannah to exercise. We decided to run through the suburb of Seattle. She had developed her sister's plague and started whining about fever, sore throat, and horrible body aches. I am really proud of her though for sticking it out. We saw some interesting sites including a giant chicken statue and multiple coffee shops. After the run I stretched out with yoga. I did wish for exercise room though as I need to bike a lot while on vacation to get ready for my 1st triathlon of the season when we get back. Around breakfast time Tim received a text from his sister wanting to know if we were up yet. Unknowingly she was staying in the same hotel as ... read more
View of ships on way to park
View from Discovery Park
Discovery park

North America » United States » Washington » Bothell May 29th 2017

We embarked on our third day quite early 5 am. We were headed through Yellowstone to Seattlle. Unfortunately, the cabin we stayed in did not have fresh coffee. Without coffee, we zombies were headed into what felt like the apocalypse. We approached the park and the sun was starting to glimpse through the mountain tops. The sun rise made the mountain tops gleam. Even without coffee the sights seemed to awaken me, however I cannot say the same for Tim. Approaching the Yellowstone Lake Tim pointed out something he saw on a ridge. While he was looking at the ridge I yelled, “Tim look out!” A herd of 50 plus killer Elk began to cross right in front of the car. The funny thing is right before this happened I told Tim, “I bet we will ... read more
Sunrise over Yellowstone lake
Old faithful
Progression of eruption

We slept in and were in no rush to go down for breakfast. We took our time and did our Sudoku Challenge. After a number of “DNF’s” Sharon did manage to put one in the Win-Column yesterday; and, I didn’t think my 85% was going to hold up for the Intricate Weekday challenge, but it did! Each puzzle on our “Enjoy Sudoku” app grades your performance as a percentile against others who have done the same puzzle, and depending on the level, this is usually in the many thousands of other players. Today we had the vague notion that we were going to drive up and see Mount St. Helens. It’s sort of like when we were on Maui and had the notion to drive up Haleakala to see the sunrise and I joked with Sharon ... read more
Opening to the Ape Cave
First road closed by snow
First road closed by snow

North America » United States » Washington » Longview May 22nd 2017

As I slowly crept to the edge of this beautiful island, there was nowhere for my feet to be planted. I felt like I could see for eternity. Some people search for peace where their feet are planted, I find peace when I am lost. It is only then when I realize what I truly want. I remember thinking this to myself sitting on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. When I was younger, traveling was a luxury for the rich and famous, sometimes for the upper middle class and hardly ever for the lower middle class. I recall hearing teachers and classmates talking about how they’d love to travel the world, but they have never rewarded themselves with the experience. I had enlisted into the United States Army in 2008 and I ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill February 20th 2017

Its time to go again. I'm heading down to South America today. My first stop is Lima, Peru. Looking forward to some glorious food and some relaxing adventures. Thanks to my very good and great friend Hiromi for looking after dear sweet Elliot, she is the cutest snot kitty ever. I'll keep you posted. -Erica... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Spokane February 14th 2017

In February 2016, we made a decision to sell our 31 ft class C and upgrade to the class A, so we started shopping around. It did not take long to find a great deal on a new Vista LX 35f that was being shipped to Prescott Arizona. Affinity RV was exceptional in getting us the right price for the package we wanted. We started our first adventure in the RV, driving from Prescott to Laughlin Nevada. A nice little oasis on the boarder with RV parks, Casinos and shopping. Though we did not spend much time there, we loaded up with the necessities that we would need on our journey north. Our first night in the RV was a late roll in to Canyon Trail RV Park in Boulder City. It is not a huge ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square January 30th 2017

Justin's Christmas present this year was a trip to Seattle! We had always dreamed of visiting this rainy town. Justin and I are madly in love with rain! We arrived in Seattle at about 3pm and went to our hotel. The Red Lion in Renton. This is a nicely priced hotel about 16 miles from the city. It was an easy drive. We had a rental car so we did have to pay for parking everywhere. I would not recommend this. It would be cheaper to Uber everywhere. I booked the rental car because it was going to be just $83.00 after taxes. I thought it would be nice to have our own transportation incase we wanted to try to head to mount rainier. Big mistake. When we arrived to the rental car place I expected ... read more

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