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Day 7 began early with Maggie waking Mike up so she could walk him. She knows he needs to get up NLT make sure he gets his walk. Maggie is so good about managing Mike's time she even managed to get him to brush her. After that we set up the grill to cook bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes, yum! After we cleaned up our breakfast dishes it was off to Canyonlands NP, Mike listened to MiHyon this time and we left Maggie in the rig for a nap. Canyonlands is amazing! The views far exceeded all our expectations and can't be described in words or pictures...although we still took over 300 pictures just to record our memories. Lucky for us, it was much cooler today, about 84 in Canyonlands and 92 in Moab. After ... read more
Day 7 Canyon Lands 011
Day 7 Canyon Lands 016
Day 7 Canyon Lands 022

After a brekki of a short stack of pancakes ( that was actually the smallest portion I could get and it was massive) - we set off to Canyonands Nat Park which is not far from Moab. We entered by the northern entrance - this really is like a wilderness - as far as the eye can see mesas, and canyons for 100 miles and more. The Green River and the Colorado have carved out these canyons and rocky plateaus. Water and gravity have cut into the flat layers of sedimentary rocks forming mesas, buttes, fins arches and spires. The 2 main canyons of these rivers meet and form what is called " Island in the Sky" so you are driving on top of this looking down into the plateaus and canyons...oh and there are a ... read more
Canyonlands phone pics (3)
Canyonlands phone pics (1)
Canyonlands Nat Park Mesa Arch (3)

What began as a long awaited visit to the Monument Valley soon evolved into 2 of the most memorable days in our 9,000-mile road trip. We left Jim and Ila's on March 25th. In Las Cruces we caught I-25 North to Albuquerque and from there we swung west on I-40 to Gallup. From Gallup you take a series of small two-lane roads until you get on 163 which is the way into Monument Valley. These small two-lane roads pass through large Indian reservations where you will find tiny towns centered around Laundromat/ Convenience store operations. The homes are small and pre-fab. The people are small and quiet and impoverished. Monument Valley is instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen any of John Ford's Westerns like Stagecoach, The Searchers, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, Rio ... read more
KJ at the south end of Monument Valley
John Ford Movie Crew
San Juan River Crossing

Obwohl ich in Canyonlands National Park schon gewesen bin, war es diesmal erneut super beeindruckend. Im noerdlichen Distrikt namens "Island in the Sky" steht man an einer Klippe, 300m ueber einer riesen Ebene in die dann wiederum der Colorado und der Green River Schluchten gefressen haben. Tags zuvor haben wir verschiedene Felsboegen im Arches National Park bewundern koennen. Der groesste, Landscape Arch, schmueckt das Wappen von Utah. Praktischerweise hat Frieder eine Nationalpark-Karte von seinem Onkel abgestaubt, so dass wir in alle Nationalparks umsonst kommen. In Boulder haben wir uns noch mit allerlei Nuetzlichem eingedeckt, wie Camping-Geschirr und -stuehlen, einem Gaskocher, sechs grosse Kisten um unser Zeug im Auto zu sortieren und fuer jeden ein Kissen. Die Kisten kann man unter das im Baumarkt gebastelte Brett im Kofferraum schieben. Oben drauf liegen die Crashpads und Is... read more
Satellite Boulders, 2nd Flat Iron, Boulder
unser Lager in Colins Wohnzimmer
Unsere License Plates haben wir im DMV in Longmont bekommen

Monday, May 21, 2012 We were up early and on our way to Canyonlands National Park and camping at Dead Horse Point State Park. We left the trailer at the campsite and hiked and drove the park until afternoon. There were beautiful vistas at the convergence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. We returned to the Dead Horse Point and realized that this park offered the best views of the Colorado River. It looked so tranquil and calm with many turns and twists. We plan on getting up before sunrise and walking a 5 mile rim trail of the East and West sides of the park. Tonight we watched a beautiful sunset as we made our bean soup. This is one of the few times that we have a little down time and I read Stegner ... read more
Canyonlands Campsite
Canyonlands Sunrise
Canyonlands Colorado River

Tuesday, May 8th It is 66 degrees this morning at 10:30 with mostly blue skies. Starting mileage is 25205 from Wind Whistle BLM campground. I am going to cover this huge area briefly as my verbal descriptions of these lands, created by upheavals of multiple layers of sandstone, once a gigantic seabed, and then carved and shaped by wind, water, and gravity, cannot do them justice. These flat of layers of sedimentary rock have been cut into hundreds and hundreds of canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches, and spires. Five National Parks can be found in Southern Utah, an additional 6 parks are National Monuments, 9 million acres are National Forests, and lastly, 23 million acres are managed by the Bureau of Land Management . Obviously we had a lot to see and do in this region ... read more
512-62 Monitor and Merrimac formations at Canyonlands NP
512-63 Green River overlook at Canyonlands NP
512-64 Sharon overlooking Green River

I drove out of Moab heading south. The road shows the La Sal Mountains off to the east, and a long red cliff to the west, the slip fault. Houses last along the road for quite a ways; Moab is big by Utah standards. They finally fade away and the highway enters a canyon. Various side canyons branch away. This lasts until the highway passes a big red slickrock dome on the left and manmade sight as surreal as the surrounding landscape. Hole N" The Rock The dome holds southeastern Utah’s unmissable piece of tourist kitsch, the Hole N’’ The Rock. It’s literally unmissable, because the name is painted directly onto the rock dome. Immediately afterward sits a parking lot surrounded by the rock, two gift shops, a petting zoo, and a huge outdoor museum of ... read more
Southeast Utah's surreal house
Double decker outhouse
Newspaper Rock

Sept 2 - Canyonlands National Park, Utah to Rifle, Colorado Beautiful morning here. I drove from Cortez , Colorado to Moab, Utah yesterday. It was relatively cool in Colorado and I was much surprised to find out when I got to Moab that it was very hot. I had expected that at this higher altitude it would be cooler. Still it was tolerable once I got to Willow Flat campground in the “Island in the Sky” which is a high Mesa at 6000ft surrounded by canyons on each side except for a narrow neck of land not much wider than the road connecting it to the “mainland”. I got lucky and got a campground here as there are only 12 spaces. I used my National parks pass to get in and the campsite only cost $10.00. ... read more
View from the neck of Island in the sky
Arches National Park
Photo 5

September 1 Cortez , Colorado to Canyonlands National Park. Checked out of the motel in Cortez and headed up Hwy491 towards Utah. In Utah it connects with Hwy191 at Monticello going North towards Canyonlands and Arches National Park. At the Montecello Library I connected with their WIFI and did some homework on the two National parks as to campgrounds there. The Willow Flat campground on the “Island in the Sky” seemed to be the best campground so I decided to try for that one. I drove out of Monticello an headed north Moab. The further north I got the hotter it was. It was roasting hot in Moab. I soldiered on to Canyonlands and used my Park Pass to get in and when I got to Willow Flat Campground I was surprised that there were open ... read more
Outside of Moab
Green River Overlook
Photo 4

Yesterday morning we pulled the drapes of our luxurious room at the Durango Super 8 motel to the sight of steadily falling rain - the first of our trip so far. We were planning to head to a place called Silverton, which was further into the mountains of Colorado, and set off with hopes that the rain might stop soon. It did stop raining as we gained altitude, but only because the rain drops turned into soft white floaty things - more commonly known as snow. Very pretty at first, but when we realised that it was settling on the road rather than melting away, we decided that the sensible thing to do was to abandon our plan to visit Silverton and turn around to head for our next destination - Canyonlands National Park in Utah. ... read more
Newspaper rock-The Needles
On the slick rock trail
The distant needles

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