Canyonlands National Park

Published: September 14th 2013
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Canyonlands National Park has some of the most remote and difficult-to-reach sections of all the national parks, accessible only to hikers, boaters, bikers, and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Luckily for us, there is a paved road to Grand View Point, with several lookout points along the way.

We left our campground under grey skies, but when we got to the top of the mesa, we had a lot of sun. The vista is 360 degrees and reaches 100 miles, so it was fascinating to see blue skies mixed in with ominous thunderclouds. This afternoon as I write this, we are having a thunderstorm. I thought we were in a desert! Maybe this is normal, but I think not, judging from the devastation this weather system has brought to Colorado as well as to New Mexico, and to a lesser extent, here in Utah. We saw only a small portion of this park, but we were awed by the landscape.

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15th September 2013

This area offers so much. For the short time we were in Moab we had decisions to make and ran out of time and did not see this part because of distance and had much to see short distances from where we were. Your pictures are incredible and so exciting. Really impressed and so glad you saw this. Looking forward to seeing your next series of pictures. This is so much fun!!!! Thanks always!!
15th September 2013
Cliffs and Canyons

Our Favorite
Love the angle of this view and the contrast between the cliffs and canyons. I would love a print out of this one. You could decorate one wall (tastefully) of many of your most memorable travel pictures .

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