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Le temps est encore légèrement couvert ce matin. Il fait encore chaud, mais pour la première fois depuis une semaine la température est en dessous de trente.Après nôtre désormais traditionnel petit déjeuner fait de café, donuts et jus d’orange, on prend la direction du parc de Canyonlands. C’est l’autre grand parc proche de Moab. Il est à environ cinquante kilomètres. il faut emprunter la highway 191, puis prendre sur la gauche, et l'entrée du parc est à environ trente kilomètres. On n'est pas encore arrivé à l'entrée que je commence à m'inquiéter du niveau d'essence. Je n'ai pas refait le plein et je crains d'en manquer avec le programme de la journée. Il faut donc ... read more
Mesa Arch

Canyonlands National Park 2021 6 Canyonlands National Park, Utah Sang nay toi di den Canyonlands National Park gan do . Canyonlands national Park va Arches national Park la 2 Park nam trong county Moab, Utah. Canyonland thi giong nhu mot grand Caynon thau nho lai, giong nhu Grand Canyon vi co vach da xung xung va valley sau tham. O day dac biet la co Mesa Arch va du khach sap hang chup hinh voi Arch nay. Ngoai ra khong co gi dac biet nen toi o day khoang 2 tieng roi ve tro lai Arches National Park xem.... read more

Despite the consistent rain last night, the sun is shining this morning and Moab looks again as though it has never seen a drop of precipitation. Everything has dried and the bare red rock cliffs look as parched as ever. It’s as if this area is somehow water repellent. We have an excellent breakfast at the Jailhouse Café which is just a block down from our hotel. They have outdoor seating in specially constructed huts without walls. Custom canvas sides can be deployed for inclement weather, but this morning is in the high 70s and very pleasant. AJ takes the first meltdown as he wanted to drive to the restaurant and I enjoy a time out with him in the sun. Canyonlands National Park is split into four distinct and quite separate areas, none of which ... read more
Gemini Bridges Road
Grand Vista Point
Rocky Road

Monday, October 17 - Today I woke up and my eye was almost swollen shut. It's obviously some sort of allergic reaction, but I have no idea to what. No obvious bites, but my hands/arms are also swollen in several places. Not sure if it required medical attention, so we started the day at the pharmacy when they opened at 9am. They were closed yesterday, because God. They didn't know either, so I bought some Benedryl, which made me want to sleep immediately, and some hydrocortisone cream, which didn't do anything. Over the course of the day, the swelling in my eye got better, but not around my arms and hands. We still spent the day sightseeing, starting first in Dead Horse State Park and then in the Islands in the Sky district of Canyonlands National ... read more
Dead Horse State Park
Dead Horse State Park
Dead Horse State Park

Greetings All This is a blog from my latest trip to Utah. We spend 8 days hiking, biking and Camping through the national parks. Canyonlands NP was amazing, incredible views of the canyons with over a kilometer drop off down to the rivers below. It is also home of the Mesa Arch one of the most beautiful and photographed arches in the world. One of he highlights was the wild camping site that we found at Big Bend down on the banks of the Colorado River. Watching the sun set over they canyons and due to its remoteness the night sky was breathtaking (although I need to work on my star photography). Waking up on the banks of the Colorado river under bright blue skies was a highlight of the trip... read more

This area of rocky wilderness was made a National Park in 1964. Before that the rugged area was know only by American Indians, cowboys, river explorers and uranium prospectors. The Colorado and Green rivers have carved two huge canyons through the Colorado Plateau. The 527 square mile park is a wild area with dirt roads for four wheeler vehicles, hiking trails for the adventurer, rivers for boating adventures and home to Bighorn sheep, coyotes and other native animals. Standing on the top of the plateau you can see for miles over deep ravines that have been carved out by water erosion over the centuries. Very different from the Arches National Park we were in the day before. However, this is where you will find Mesa Arch, which happens to be Dwain's favorite. It is also known ... read more
           Mesa Arch
View through Mesa Arch

Roadtrip SW USA...Flying with ravens through Canyonlands and Arches. It's that raven again...the one that surfed the updraughts at Monument Valley...he's following us North...squarking we've seen nothing yet...mocking the best views are from up here...cawing you know I'm right fella. So we tried to book a helicopter...but no joy flights in off-season around here. So we continued North yelling leave us alone...we're off to Goblin...gotta be at Home & Away's in Colorado in three days...just leave us alone. But the raven followed us. Reminded me of the Albatross in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner...un-nerved me...didn't have the courage to take that steep dirt climb through snow to Goblin. So we took the long way but on tarmac...might be able to reach Moab by nightfall. Yet I couldn't get the raven's caw out of my mind. ... read more
Bluff, Utah
Canyonlands N.P.
The Island in the Sky

Canyonlands Part 1: Needles Part 2: Island in the Sky ... read more
Hole in the Rock :-)
Hole in the Rock :-)
Hole in the Rock

Geo: 38.2574, -109.963Aaaaaah the bliss of waking up in a bed with clean linen. A hot shower without a dash across the pebbles to the shower block was a welcome refreshing change. Not that camping has been an unpleasant experience, in fact it has inspired us to change our travel plans for next summer and camp our way around Canada. We grabbed our backpacks and went back to the camp to join the hardcore campers for breakfast. It was a stunning setting with the sun rising on red hills in the foreground with mountains in the background. We ate a leisurely breakfast, as for the next few days, the pace has decreased and we have a more relaxed schedule. We didn't even need to strike the tents today because we had two nights in Moab. So, ... read more

Geo: 38.2574, -109.963This is our second day in Moab, Utah and the plan for this day was to visit Canyonlands National Park. We left the hotel at 8:30 and 72 degrees. The park is about a half hour away, so we were there around 9 AM. The drive to the park was absolutely incredible, through canyons surrounded by high-rising walls of orange and red stone. The early morning sun shined a warm light on the east-facing facades, casting shadows on the ripples and caves in the walls. It makes you feel small and insignificant, but also privileged to have the opportunity to see and enjoy what nature has provided. We drove up about 3,000 feet into the park, which is large, but access to the canyon is limited. Most of the park lies thousands of feet ... read more
The road to Canyonlands National Park
THe road to Canyonlands National Park
The road to Canyonlands National Park

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