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March 10th – Myakka Park On Monday we visited Myakka River State Park, one of the oldest and largest parks in Florida. The river itself is designated a Wild and Scenic River. The park is a wildlife sanctuary, not a zoo or a botanical garden, so it is not outwardly beautiful, and animal sightings are not guaranteed. We took both the guided boat tour and the tram tour and we learned a lot about the native plants and animals as well as the history of the area. Originally, the 28,000-acre tract was a fertile prairie, ideal for cattle ranching. Today, due to various factors, most involving human intervention, the area is quite different. So now the State of Florida has several programs in place to either reverse the changes or at least maintain the status quo. ... read more
Gail with Black Vultures on Myakka Lake
Here's Looking At You
How Many Alligators Can You Count

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 4th 2014

We arrived here last week in Sarasota and were at first a bit disappointed. This is a huge park, very densely populated. However, the pools, hot tubs, and other amenities make up for the tight un-landscaped sites. The people are also very friendly: we were warmly welcomed into the shuffleboard games held each morning. Our first venture out and about was to Siesta Key Beach, named the #1 beach in the country. The sand is indeed white and soft. Yesterday we visited the John and Mable Ringling estate, a beautifully landscaped 66-acre complex. We first toured his extravagant Venetian style mansion overlooking Sarasota Bay. All the furnishings are originals as John and Mable were the only owners. After their deaths the house was gifted to the State of Florida, so every thing we saw was as ... read more
Site Photo
Gail at Siesta Beach
Ringling Mansion 1

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette October 17th 2013

We are here today at Cajun Palms RV Resort in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our “Plan A” was to be in Hot Springs (National Park) yesterday, but instead we diverted to San Antonio and then here. This place is huge – over 300 sites and, today, relatively empty. Apparently, every site will be occupied this weekend when the park sponsors a great Halloween gala. This park must be heaven for kids, as well as parents as there are multiple pools with water slides large and small, surrounded by Tiki bars and grills where the parents can sit and watch the kids play. We are hoping that the sun will come out this afternoon so we can take advantage of the amenities here. Adjacent to the park is “Crawfish Town USA,” a restaurant as well as a market featuring ... read more
Our Cajun RV Site
One of The Many Pools
Lindsay at Crawfish Town

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio October 15th 2013

A chain of five missions was established along the San Antonio River in the early 1700’s and became the largest concentration of Catholic missions in North America. By mutual agreement with the San Antonio diocese, these historic missions are now partially administered by (you guessed it) the National Park Service. So, when we went to visit the San Jose Mission, we found the gates shut. Despite being designated as a National Historic Park, four of these missions are active parishes of the Catholic Church. Thus, for a few hours this past Sunday, the gates were open and Masses were held as usual. According to local accounts, the priest presiding at the San Jose 10:30 Mass said, “Without people accusing me of politics, people who talk stupid should not be elected into office.” Parishioners applauded. San Jose ... read more
San Jose Mission
San Jose Mission
San Jose Mission

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio October 14th 2013

We arrived here in San Antonio yesterday in a rainstorm and soon learned that torrential rains due to a tropical storm in the Baja Peninsula were hitting Texas. Our sightseeing prospects did not look promising with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast, but this morning it stopped raining. We quickly hopped on a bus and were in the city by 10 A.M. Blue skies would have made our pictures brighter, but we feel lucky that we weren’t rained out. The Alamo is located right in downtown San Antonio. Originally built as a mission in the 1700’s, it became a Spanish fortress until 1835 when it was surrendered to the Texan Army. In 1836, Santa Anna’s Mexican forces laid siege to, and then overwhelmed the small Texan force inside the fortress. This battle has come to symbolize ... read more
Alamo Church
Alamo Plaza
San Fernando Cathedral

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson October 10th 2013

We took a really nice self-guided walking tour of Tucson today. Yesterday high winds blew in a cold front from California, so this morning it was quite chilly and cloudy. Therefore, the vivid colors of the architecture are somewhat muted in our pictures. The Spanish Colonial Revival style Pima County Courthouse with its bright cerulean mosaic dome is the centerpiece of the government buildings. In the 1770’s the Spanish built a walled fortress (presidio), marking the northwest edge of the Spanish frontier in Arizona. Parts of the 10 feet high adobe walls, as well as some adobe houses, still remain. Recent excavations under the wall uncovered remains of Hohokam Indians, circa 800 A. D. This provides evidence that Tucson is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in America. The St. Augustine Cathedral was begun in ... read more
Entrance to Pima County Courthouse
One of Tucson's Many Murals
Fancy Bus Stop

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson October 9th 2013

The first night we got here we went to Pinnacle Peak Patio, known for its 20 ounce Cowboy Steaks. The place is decorated with neckties that have been confiscated to adorn the walls and ceiling. A whole family sat beside us with ties on all the men and boys. The waiter explained that ties were not allowed and then cut them off of everyone that had them. Nowadays people wear them in on purpose for a joke, but in the past customers were caught by surprise. Today we visited the Sonoran Desert Museum, a 21-acre park that showcases and interprets the Sonoran Desert. With more that 230 animal species and 1200 types of plants, it is not surprising that this museum is highly rated worldwide. A volunteer guide gave us and one other couple a fascinating ... read more
No Ties Allowed
Lindsay at Sonoran Desert Museum

North America » United States » California » Palm Desert October 8th 2013

We’re enclosing these pictures of Emerald Desert RV Resort for our own records. This RV park, like all the residential areas here is a gated community. We’ve been to so many places that it’s beginning to feel like “If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium.” Lindsay has been booking us at 10/10/10 (out of 10) RV resorts, which usually have paved streets, nice landscaping and lots of amenities. It’s easy to get spoiled. We are definitely off-season as we were the only ones in either of the two pools or spas. It’s still too hot here (over 90 degrees) for the snowbirds, who will start arriving on November 1st.... read more
Clubhouse Pool
Pool Number Two
Sunrise in the Desert

Yes, we did manage to get a glimpse of Yosemite. After hearing conflicting reports of road closures around the park, we decided to drive the 90 miles to find out for ourselves. Apparently, the government cannot close state roads, and there are a couple of state highways that go into the park. We were met at the entrance and were told that the road was for “thru” traffic only, no stopping, etc. Of course, people pulled off and took pictures, and some even left their cars to walk along paths. What we saw was magnificent. After a short drive we were met by another ranger in a car with flashing lights and were instructed to turn back. So although we couldn’t have lunch on the patio of the famous Ahwahnee Lodge and we didn’t get to ... read more
No RVs Allowed Here
Granite Cliffs

North America » United States » Oregon » Canyonville October 1st 2013

We are here at Seven Feathers RV Park and Casino Resort, owned by the Umpqua Indians. It’s quite lovely, with paved streets, nice landscaping, plus an indoor pool with hot tub. Today we planned to visit Redwood National Park, but now with the government shutdown, that’s not going to happen. Lindsay has already written to Lindsey and Trey, but hasn’t heard back from them yet! We took advantage of a “sun break” this morning and drove to the Winchester Fish Ladder on the North Umpqua River. Windows allow visitors to see salmon swimming upstream. The station uses video cameras to record numbers and species passing through the structure. The salmon that we saw were about two feet long! We will leave tomorrow for Red Bluff, CA hoping to find some more sun and also to visit ... read more
Seven Feathers RV Park
Winchester Fish Ladder in Oregon

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