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Monday, June 8we had a free day, so decided to drive up to College Station, Texas to visit Texas A&M University, and in particular, the President George H.W. Bush library and museum. It was a beautiful day, and as we got farther from the coast the country became more hilly. Ranches and beautiful grazing grasses made for a typically Texas kind of day. Somehow, cattle grazing in the field makes one think all is well in the world (not so!). Texas A&M used to be known for its agricultural programs and its military training for its students. NOW, it is one of the premier educational institutions in the state of Texas. While President Bush (#41, not #43) did NOT attend the school (He is a Yalie), he is a transplant from the east coast to Texas, ... read more
George H W Bush statue
The Day the Wall came down 03
The Day the Wall came down

North America » United States » Texas » College Station August 8th 2013

August 8th, 2013 9:30 pm CDT Day 30 Before leaving Austin this morning we did laundry at our motel. While Mae did the laundry I worked on the car. Adjusted the Watts clutch, low pedal, reverse pedal and tightened the exhaust pipe nut. Put the 4 hubcaps on I took off last night because of some suspicious looking guys. I need the hubcaps on to keep the dirt and water out of the axle and bearings. After breakfast we packed our things in the car. Then we did some riding around, seeing Clarence Wehmeyer and saying good-bye one more time, before heading for today's destination, College Station, Texas. It was a short drive today--96 miles. It was a hot ride, temperature when we got here at 3:00 pm was 106 degrees. We visited Ross Lilleker's restoration ... read more

So here we go... My first attempt at blogging. I leave for France in 4 days you guys... what??? I'm sure I'll get no sleep Thursday night just thinking about all the things I could possibly forget. I finally bought a quick phrases book for France, Germany, and Italy yesterday, and I successfully sang the German version of Happy Birthday to my roommate. So I'm basically fluent. But in all reality I'm scared to death of getting lost at the train station and not knowing how to talk to anyone. So for anyone who might actually decide to read this, I'll just give a quick summary of what you can expect over the next several weeks. For starters I'll be taking International Finance and International Business at the Universite de Strasbourg in none other than Strasbourg, ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » College Station July 30th 2010

George H. W. Bush My most vivid presidential memory was the first election that I was old enough to vote. George Bush was running against Michael Dukakis - in one of the ugliest political campaigns in history. The defeat by the Democrats was astounding and it really did feel like the country had signed up for another four years of Ronald Reagan. I have appreciated immensely the "suspension of judgement" and getting to know this particular president at a much more mature age. The two leaders couldn't have been more dissimilar: Reagan was the "great communicator" and Bush was self-admittedly missing "the vision thing". Reagan was fairly laissez faire when it came to the inner workings of government and Bush had a very hands-on approach to leadership. His inability to communicate a larger vision would plague ... read more
Bush Presidential Library
Bush Presidential Library
Bush Presidential Library

North America » United States » Texas » College Station September 10th 2009

I opened the door yesterday morning to a boiling brown and black sky. Mr. Bill was uninspired and thought we should stay another day. I convinced him that we had to go. He was still less than enthralled and I had to talk him out of hiding to get back on the bike As I headed north west towards Bryan Texas and Shelly’s home the rain started. I left and headed down a two lane road through rural, and there is a lot of rural, Texas towards the Trinity National Wildlife Refuge (though with out Rev. Bill I don’t know half of what I see) and San Jacinto forest. Soon bolts of lighting were cracking around me… and I thought.. Gee this isn’t good… so I kept on.. I did find a do-do shop on the ... read more
This place looks good!

North America » United States » Texas » College Station August 1st 2009

This blog is dedicated to Ms. Tamara Taylor, a wonderful teacher, mentor, friend and person. She asked me if I could write this blog for her students as soon as I told her about the trip. She wanted you guys to know that there is a world outside of the United States. She wanted to open you guys' eyes to all the possiblities that college can offer. I know she would love nothing more than to be on this journey with me -- to see all the pictures, to hear all the stories -- and I firmly believe she still is, just not physically. This trip is going to be an adventure. Not only for me, but for you guys as well. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can and to write at ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » College Station July 15th 2009

Imagine trying to pack everything you need for a year of travelling in all seasons and backcountry hiking into into a carry-on bag. Most hikers wind up with 40+ pounds for just a weekend trip. My pack weighs 28 lbs fully loaded and I feel like I'm packing way too light but I've got everything I really need. Most round-the-world travellers pack very light in effort to move fast and easy, and by their standards 28lbs might even be a little heavy. However I will be spending quite a bit of time travelling in the backcountry so I need to carry more than just clothes and a guidebook. Here's what I'm packing: Gear: 55L backpack 2/3 full Small but uncofortable sleeping pad Thin sleep sheet Headlamp Bowl, spoon, cooking stuff Water bottles Bleach, iodine, and ceramic ... read more
What I'm Packing

North America » United States » Texas » College Station April 29th 2009

Well, this is my first TravelBlog entry, and my trip is 18 days away! I have booked all of my hostels, some of my transportation (e.g. to Liverpool and Paris), but I still have some work to do! I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. For those of you who don't know already, I am leaving for London on May 17, and returning on June 19. Here's my basic intinerary: May 17- Fly to London that evening May 18- Arrive at Heathrow Airport early that morning May 24- Travel by bus to Liverpool May 27- Go back to London June 8- Travel by train to Paris June 11- Travel back to London June 19- Fly back to the U.S. from Heathrow I'm still trying to figure out the days that I'm going to Stonehenge (in ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » College Station April 11th 2009

Edit: Had to repost this cuz Travelblog screwed up the photos and deleted them all from the server... Check out this entry. It’s written by my friend Teddy (who’s mentioned all over this blog) and his style is a lot more refined than the in-your-fucking-face style I employ. The entry aptly describes my boring summer in Texas while also putting some closure on the Chiaki situation (the “Minami” character he alludes to is Chiaki). I’ve never mentioned this story because it was more his story to tell. Check out his entire blog while you’re at it…unlike 98% of the blogs on this site, it’s well written and it’s uproariously funny because it’s humorously self aware. Since most of my stories from Japan and Can... read more

North America » United States » Texas » College Station August 12th 2008

My life has been like a snowball rolling down a hill…as it rolls, it keeps getting bigger and bigger… It was Friday, the last day of the program for most people. I, and a few other people, who came a week later than everyone else finished not on Friday, but the Thursday afterwards. But like everyone else, we had to detail the findings of our summer research in an overblown poster session that the university sponsored. I wasn’t really feeling it. We had to be at this poster session location at the ungodly time of 8am (when you’ve been spending the whole summer waking at 10, it feels disgusting) and not only that, we had to trek a mile and a half through the steaming hot Texan weather in dress shoes and collared shirts. I know, ... read more
Overblown Dinner
Overblown Lunch

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