23rd day out, and in the rain

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September 10th 2009
Published: September 10th 2009
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I opened the door yesterday morning to a boiling brown and black sky.

Mr. Bill was uninspired and thought we should stay another day. I convinced him that we had to go. He was still less than enthralled and I had to talk him out of hiding to get back on the bike

As I headed north west towards Bryan Texas and Shelly’s home the rain started. I left and headed down a two lane road through rural, and there is a lot of rural, Texas towards the Trinity National Wildlife Refuge (though with out Rev. Bill I don’t know half of what I see) and San Jacinto forest. Soon bolts of lighting were cracking around me… and I thought.. Gee this isn’t good… so I kept on..

I did find a do-do shop on the side of the road during the early part of the ride where there was a bit of a brake in the weather pattern.. Breakfast!

The rain came in waves, and I just tried to blast through. I spotted a Starbucks on the edge of Lake Conroe and stopped for a decent cup..

There I met several people who were surprised at a soaking wet rider with a smile on my face. When asked how I was I responded “Damm Fine!”. As I was starting to get ready to head out the local trooper was as well. I pleaded, “try not to pull me over OK?” several folks chortled.. But he responded… “Hey, not me… in this weather you might get the stern finger as I go by” SO life is good.

I pulled into a gas station when I got to Bryan and was detained by several folks wanting to chat, the last was Shane, who’s Seattle girlfriend had taken him to the Comet Tavern… Poor soul. I passed a card along and promised that if they got back to the Northwest I could show him a .. different environment than a capitol hill landmark dive.

After getting into Bryan I met up with Shelly Swesey... I have not seen this wonderful and beautiful young woman in way to many years. We had a nice dinner and talked late into the night. I decided that I wanted to stay another day, as there is far to much to cover in one evening.

Now if the weather in Texas could act more like Texas weather I would be happy.

Thanks for tagging along another day


10th September 2009

Thanks for keeping us posted. While I will be happy for your safe return, I will be sad to see the blogs end. Possibly you could keep posting after your return, about your trips to QFC, to Starbucks, Lowes, Texaco...... and provide those of us out here who's biggest social event is the internet, with a continued raison d'etre.... Keep 'em coming! (btw, can you pick up some new duds for Bill... his fashion is a little outdated)
10th September 2009

Lucky Bastard
23rd day out?!! Christ, I'd have to be retired to take a trip that long- oh wait a second, you ARE retired. Lucky bastard (not jealous, not jelaous, not jelaous). BTW, when they have that kind of weather in Texas, isn't it somehow related to a hurricane? There was a freaking tornado in Enumclaw the other day. Must be a sign of the apolcolype. Did you see a big ship in the Trinity Wildlife refuge, animals parading two by two? Glad to see you keeping Mr. Bill in line. -Reverend Bill

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